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Was looking for around 14 keys, doesn't have to be all pure, hmu with some item offers too :)
Wanting to trade some CS:GO skins for tf2 items! (I also have a few trading cards for sale ) :)
Would like to upgrade my unusual for another Soldier unusual! Willing to sell for 13 keys pure.
Looking for item offers for my key(s).
Killstreaks have no value to me.
Paint does have value.
Keys are being priced at 37.44.
1 key at the moment, will be getting more.
Leave an offer in the comments or send offer, would prefer you didn't add me unless it is special. :)
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Backpack.tf low end prices, or an offer. Feel free to add me to negotiate or leave an offer https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=102752725&token=zWYzeBbz
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7 keys or an offer! :B1:
2 keys for a CAPPER+4 refined
Looking for 10 keys, or an offer. Not interested in killstreaks, parts, or painted items.
Taking offers
C/O: None
B/O: 15 keys
I am not accepting Killstreaks,or weapon skins, unless there is a 50% overpay. Sorry.
Looking for offers :)
Offers :)
2 refined for FAN
5 refined for Anger
Taking offers or prices below;
Gold H.Crone's Dome: 1 key and 1 refined
Festivized Nutcracker Wrench: 4 refined
Gold S. Blood Banker: 1 key
Citizen Pain: 1 reclaimed and 2 scrap
S. Amputator: 2 refined and a reclaimed
Festive Shotgun: 2 refined
Spec. Killstreak Festive ubersaw: 1 key
Currently not counting parts,paint, or killstreaks as extras if you offer.
If you don't have mobile auth, overpay 20% (sorry)
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5 keys or 85 refined :)
A key and 6 ref or an item offer
Trading E.A for unpainted version+2 ref
Seling hurdler for 2 ref
I got mobile auth. Overpay 50% if you you dont.
Straight up
1 key and 1 ref for a gargoyle key :)
Hey guys selling some oddities!
Lumbricus: 3.66 refined
Phobos w/ paint: 2 refined (backpack.tf suggest 2.66)
Carbonado Botkiller w/ part: 5.66 refined (backpack.tf suggest 6.55)
Axtinguisher w/ part: 5.33 refined (backpack.tf suggest 6.33)
Will trade all 4 for a key.
Buy both pyro weapons and save a refined.(10 ref)
If paying with items leave an offer.
Have a good one :)
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Looking for offers would trade the bullet rain 1:1 with any of the sides!
Trading instantly for any key except sticker keys. Leave an offer if its not a key
Offers please, I especially want one of those guns
offers the 2 restricteds are tradeable in a few days :)
Got like 3.33 and this sword I want csgo skins and those stat trak things :D pleas add me to discuss or leave comment here
Offer on this expired thingy.
2 keys which means free paint
Selling for backpack.tf bottom prices. Keys are worth 8.77
3 refined or a nice offer please
Selling these items for pure (preferred) or some decent items!
1. Sold
2. Sold
3. Sold
4. 1.66 refined
5. Sold
6. Sold
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Dark Age: 4.22
Dark Falkirk: 1.55
Runner's: 1.33
I do take offer and I can do a key for the first 4 items together
Offers on this nice demoknight set please
Robro: 1 key or 7.33
Flare: 3 refined
Together: 1 key, 2.33 or 9.66
Selling my small little Pyro set for pure metal, a key or offers! Not selling individual unless a bit of overpay. In case anyone cares the Cosmetics are collector levels.
1 key or pass me an offer! Please no new stranges unless you value them around the same as a typical strange (1.33) !
Selling Air Strike for 5.77 :D Selling it cheap to be nice :P Add me and we can do business