Offers please, I especially want one of those guns
offers the 2 restricteds are tradeable in a few days :)
Got like 3.33 and this sword I want csgo skins and those stat trak things :D pleas add me to discuss or leave comment here
Offer on this expired thingy.
2 keys which means free paint
Selling for backpack.tf bottom prices. Keys are worth 8.77
3 refined or a nice offer please
Selling these items for pure (preferred) or some decent items!
1. Sold
2. Sold
3. Sold
4. 1.66 refined
5. Sold
6. Sold
Dark Age: 4.22
Dark Falkirk: 1.55
Runner's: 1.33
I do take offer and I can do a key for the first 4 items together
Offers on this nice demoknight set please
Robro: 1 key or 7.33
Flare: 3 refined
Together: 1 key, 2.33 or 9.66
Selling my small little Pyro set for pure metal, a key or offers! Not selling individual unless a bit of overpay. In case anyone cares the Cosmetics are collector levels.
1 key or pass me an offer! Please no new stranges unless you value them around the same as a typical strange (1.33) !
Selling Air Strike for 5.77 :D Selling it cheap to be nice :P Add me and we can do business
Hello! I recently received this from a friend thinking "Nice! A demoman weapon!" Then I realized: I am only a good demoknight other than that I suck at the class, so I wanna trade it for a item from a class I AM good at! I was hoping to get a Strange Axtinguisher. Nothing fancy just flat-on 1 for 1. I would however take a Rocket Launcher that is strange but I don't have much so I won't add extra I apologize even though there is .66 refined difference. Thank you and have yourself a good one.
Strangifier for the outback 1 key 3 ref
Selling Pre wrapped strange speks for this price
3 keys and 3 ref for this fine hat with a fine level painted a fine colour
My backpack for a soldier set along the lines of this.http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198063018453 . Hat is now a key and 4 ref,Minigun is now vintage level 99 team spirit baker boy
No more no less. Items must be worth this +1 ref
4 for this fine hat. Slightly less than bp.tf suggests, offers welcome too
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Wasn't thinking when I closed out last one. Looking for a medic set OR 5 keys
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1:7 This is priced at 5.41 keys or offer me other medic sets
Priced at 2.66
Selling my backpack for Pure only! :D
My prices:
S.Scatter : 1 key OR 6 ref
Merc Muffle:1 key and 2.33 OR 8.33
Cold Killer:4 ref
Fast Learner:4.66
Aust. Exec: 3.66
Rocket:2 keys or 12.33
GIBUS:Being held for someone
Please leave a comment then Add for trade
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1.33 each
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My backpack for ANY UNUSUAL please I want my first one and I will give everything I own for TF2 for one (MMy backpack changes very often )
1:1 or 1 key and 2 ref
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2 reclaimed each