Strangifier for the outback 1 key 3 ref
Selling Pre wrapped strange speks for this price
3 keys and 3 ref for this fine hat with a fine level painted a fine colour
My backpack for a soldier set along the lines of this.http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198063018453 . Hat is now a key and 4 ref,Minigun is now vintage level 99 team spirit baker boy
No more no less. Items must be worth this +1 ref
4 for this fine hat. Slightly less than bp.tf suggests, offers welcome too
Wasn't thinking when I closed out last one. Looking for a medic set OR 5 keys
1:7 This is priced at 5.41 keys or offer me other medic sets
Selling my backpack for Pure only! :D
My prices:
S.Scatter : 1 key OR 6 ref
Merc Muffle:1 key and 2.33 OR 8.33
Cold Killer:4 ref
Fast Learner:4.66
Aust. Exec: 3.66
Rocket:2 keys or 12.33
GIBUS:Being held for someone
Please leave a comment then Add for trade
My backpack for ANY UNUSUAL please I want my first one and I will give everything I own for TF2 for one (MMy backpack changes very often )
1:1 or 1 key and 2 ref
3:1 Sniper has part and FDU has expensive paint
3:1 Clean or dirty
Bounty hat 1:1
Pre-wrapped bounty hat for 4 keys
Selling this for 4 ref as suggested by backpack.tf
Welcome I am here to sell these great items for backpack.tf low range:
Item #1=Sold
Item #2=Sold
Item #3=Sold
Item #4=Sold
Item #5=3.77 (New lowered price! :D)
Item #6=Sold
Item #7=Sold
Item #8=Sold
Buying Chops for 2.77
Buying Liberty for 1.33
Price is firm
I will report spam
Add if you agree
1 scrap and 1 weapon each
Selling every weapon in my backpack except uncrafts and stranges for 1 scrap or 2 weapons each! Do not bother saying added just add me
1 ref 1 rec and 1 scrap
Firm add meh :D
We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!
We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!