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I'm going by backpack.tf prices.

add me for a quick trade.
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Black painted vintage Fancy Fedora. - 4 keys no less
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I'm using backpack.tf prices.

add me for a quick trade

(please note that the cloak and dagger is level 89 so I'm looking for .55 ref for it.)
The Borscht Belt #70 - 6 keys
The Federal Casemaker #55 - 4 keys

add me for quick trade. (I'm not going any less than this since this is already a great deal.)
.44 each

add me for a quick trade
1.5 keys or 9 ref
I am going by backpack.tf prices

(I do not have the festive bat nor do I have the festive knife for trade)

add me for a quick trade.
Officer's Ushanka - 1 key
Tyrant's helm - 1.5 keys (9 ref)
Genuine Righteous Bison - 9 ref

add me for quick trade
I'm using backpack.tf prices.

add me for a quick trade
I'm using backpack.tf prices.

add me for a quick trade
3.44 no less

add me
I'm going by backpack.tf for prices

add me for a quick trade
I'm going by backpack.tf prices

add me for quick trade
I am going by backpack.tf for my prices. I am willing to haggle on some degree.

The Borscht Belt #70 - 9 keys
The Federal Casemaker #55 - 6 keys
Archimedes - 4.66 ref
Genuine Robot Chicken Hat - 1.33 ref

If you can match the prices I have listed send me a friend request otherwise leave all offers here.
2 keys for tinge
1.33 for fruit shoot
21 keys for 1 bud. add me
bid accordingly.
Craft number 42's

Post your offer(s): I'll contact you if I like you and your offer.
1.8 buds or an unusual fedora
Buying keys for 2.5 each

I'm not going any higher. Just looking to make room in my backpack.
Going off the prices listed here


the strange pistol has buildings destroyed attached to it so expect to pay a little more.
last breath - 10 ref

Texas Half Pants - 5 ref

Pocket Purrer - 1.77 ref

Security shades - 1.99 ref

Sober Stuntman - 1.55 ref

Surgeon's Stahlhelm - 3.33 ref

Swagman's Swatter - 1.99 ref

Infernal Orchestrina - 1.88 ref
I want 1.9 buds for this baby.

Add me if you can do this, otherwise leave all offers below.
Looking for approximately 1.5 buds for this smoking baby.
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forever and always
Looking for about 1.4 buds. ;) overpay in unusuals

c/o - 1 bud
Pocket Purrer - 1.77 ref

Texas Half Pants - 5.33 ref
last breath - 10 ref

Cosa Nostra Cap - 1.66

add me
This is a craftable something special for someone special.

Not only is it craftable, it is a 100% unique object - Sit your ass down and read this.

As you may or may not know, every item in TF2 has its own ID number. Normally a S.S.F.S.S.'s ID is 5074 and can be seen here http://www...a/5074 - In the case of my ring however, it has an ID of 699 which is the ID that was given to it when it was first announced back in December of 2011. The 699 ID can be seen here - http://www...ma/699 What does that mean Mr. Sauce? It means that the ring I have is a completely different item than the normal ring. It is the only one of its kind making it approximately 532 times rarer than a H.O.U.W.A.R. (That's pretty rare!)

Also according to this site it is the only 699 in existence.

...and there is about 75 of the normal ring in existence

Look at this http://sta.../other - See that? See that number fucking one next to it? Yeah, this is that fucking one.

This is one of the rarest items in the game and thus I am not selling it cheap.

c/o - 5.1 buds

b/o - 10 buds

p.s. I'm not a fan of unusuals but that doesn't mean you shouldn't offer them; I'll consider every offer that isn't dumb.

Also note: This item may or may not even work like a normal s.s.f.s.s.
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seems fair
Still have these, anyone want them?
My strange festive bat for 18 of your shiny keys.

Take it or leave it.
buying all keys for 2.44 each
Quadwrangler - offer - c/o = 2 keys + 1 ref
Atomic Accolade - offer
Ellis Cap - 1.33
Camera Beard - 2.33
Soldier Stash - .99

do not even bother adding me unless you are giving me exactly what I asked.
2.66 each

in stock: 5
Business Casual - 4 ref
Strange Escape Plan - Offer
Festive Wrench - 2 ref
Festive Knife - 2 ref
Strange Shortstop - .66
Strange Persian Persuader - .33
Strange Pistol - .66
Vintage Camera Beard - 2.33

Add me if you agree to these prices - Otherwise overpay in other items.
Almost always buying keys for 2.5 each - add me for quick trade.
Selling 130+ crates

add me and name your price and how many you want.
3 normal or 3 scorched keys - no less
2.66 each, no less.

In stock - 4
1:1 easy
Looking for offers that aren't dumb
Odd leveled vintages

I am selling them for what this website says http://backpack.tf/id/76561197995098305

so yeah.

cloak - 1.11
razorback 1.11
dead ringer 1.22
looking for these items -
looking for these items.
1:1 - anyone? <3
7 keys or best offer