Selling ==> Specialized Killstreak Kit: Shotgun
Sheen: Hot Rod ==> 1key

Accepting offers.

Add me for fast trade.
Selling Heat of Winter for 1 key, only pure.
Uncraft Professional's Panama: Sell for 0.66 ref.(2 rec)
Uncraft Demoman's Fro: Sell to 1 ref.
Uncraft professional's panama: Selling it for 0.66 ref.
Uncraft Demoman's fro: Selling it for 1 ref.
  • Expired due to inactivity
S>Party trick for 1.66 ref
Fresh brewed victory for 2.66 ref

pure only, can overpay in items.
Buying Sneaky Spats of Sneaking for 2.66 pure.

Free to add or to make trade offer.
Buying breakneck baggies for 2 ref pure.

Free to add or to make trade offer.
Trading the Endothermic Exowear for 2 tour of duty tickets, (7.33 ref).
Trading a Endothermic exowear for 2 tod tickets and 1 refined.
trading this for 2 tod tickets, trade me if interested
  • Expired due to inactivity
S> Robro 3000 for:

-1.4 keys (value based on trade.tf.)
S>Robro 3000 for:

- 1.3 keys or 9 refined, add me for fast trade.
S> Festive Eyelander for Raw metal:

-1 refined each.
S>Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys for Raw Metal:

-6.77 refined (value based of backpack.tf) each.
  • Expired due to inactivity
Selling Select Reserve Mann Co. Crate #60 for:

-//6 Mann co. Supply Crate Key.


-//Bill's Hat.

Be sure to patch me if you have any offer.
  • Closed by staff
Selling for offers or 1 key.
Selling Festive Frontier Justice for 2 ref, or free to offer.
Trading the Strange Festive Ambassador for A strange festive holly mackerel or a strange festive sandwich.
Selling this naughty crate key for:

-1 nice crate key
-2 mann co keys
-2 treasue keys
Selling Silver Botkiller Sniper MkI for 2.33 ref, another botkiller or free to offer.
Selling Unusual Circle Peace Sign Batter's Helm for 26 keys/1 buds and sweets or free to offer but NOT less than the actual value.
Ok, so...
I'm willing to sell this diamond one for any offers arround 6-6.5 keys but NOT less.
Selling S. Diamond Botkiller Medigun for 7.25 keys or free to offer, also looking for 14 tour of duty's tickets.
  • Closed by staff
Selling a pyro strange set:

S.Flamethrower for 0.33 ref.
S.Homewrecker for 0.33 ref.
S.Detonator for 0.22 ref.

Value for all: 0.88 ref.

Or free to offer.
Selling Strange Diamond Botkiller Knife W/Strange Part: Engineer Killed for 7 keys or free to offer.
Selling Gold Australium Paints for 1.66 each, or free to offer.
Selling each strange pieces:" Scout killed" for 1 refined or free to offer.
Selling Your worst Nightmare for 2 refined or free to offer.

Stuff i'm looking for:
-Good scout misc.
So, here's my deal

Selling that new thingy for 2.25 keys, you're also free to make an offer.
Selling Strange Tomislav for 0.66 .

Unusual L'inspecteur
Effect: Nuts 'N' Bolts

A very unlikely effect for a unusual but if you're still interested i'm selling it for arround 14-16 keys or 44 refined.
You can also make offers so we can make a good deal.
Selling Strange Silver Botkiller Rocket launcher W/ Airblast strange part for 1.53 .
Selling Bearded Bombarder for 2.33.
Searching for a good offer.

Unusual estimated to 17 keys and 2.22 refined.
One Dota 2 copy worth at least 1 keys, free to trade something with the same value.
<<---====Selling for Metal or Offers====--->>

S.Force-A-Nature: 1.22 ref each.
S.Market Gardener: 0.33 ref each.
S.Equalizer: 0.22 ref each.
don't accept normal weapons.
<<---====Selling for Metal or Offers====--->>

SP. Scout Killed: 1.66 ref.
SP. Low Health Kills: 1 ref.
<<---====Selling for Keys or Metals.====--->>

H.Voodoo Cursed Scout's Soul: 1 key or 2.33 ref.
H.Voodoo Cursed Pyro's Soul: 1 key or 2.33 ref.

Keys can be replaced with eerie keys.
<<---====Selling for metal or offers====--->>

S.Scotsman's Skullcutter: 0.22 ref each.
S.Sticky Bomb Launcher: 1 ref each.
S.Persian Persuader: 0.33 ref.
S.Flamethrower: 0.66 ref.

don't accept normal weapons.
Searching offer.

Unusual L'inspecteur
Nuts 'N' Bolts
Worth at least 16 keys and 2.22 refined.
Accepting offer who worth minimum 15 keys.
Trading Vood Cursed Scout's Soul for one of these souls.
-S.Force-A-Nature x3 (1.33 each)
-S.Rocket Launcher x3 (1 each)
-S.Sticky Bomb Launcher x2 (1 each)

Possibility to trade in keys.
Unusual L'inspecteur.
Effect:Nuts n' Bolts.
Painted:An air of Debonair.
Value:18 key.
Trading clean Genuine Killer Exclusive x3 keys!
Selling these genuines for 4 keys the 2 and 2 keys each.
selling those buds for 26 keys cash.