H2O lean same thing
User #198566
Looking for Offers on this cool set
Flamethrower looking for around 30~ Keys
33 keys for set
Willing to negotiate
I'd like unusuals
(Cute suit OR Apparitions aspect)


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Looking for offers on this Professional KS FN Strange Flash fryer
22 keys
  • Completed
Can add for an upgrade
  • Completed
Looking for offers on this clean max head (Only like 5 owners, super rare!)
Leave them below please
Super super clean max head 3 buds 8 keys
  • Completed
Looking for a pyro unusual
Leave offers here please
  • Completed
7.3 Buds
Looking for unusual offers,
Prefer All class, soldier or medic.

Dont add me
Need to cash out my unusuals . Want to save for a car.


TC : Sold
Conquistador : 185 Dollars, you pay fees if any, We use a Middleman.
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  • Completed
Haunted Ghosts Team Captain

-God tier hat
-Rare, Old Effect

24 Pure
25 Unusuals

Mixed Offers Highly Preferred
So are Trade offers

19 pure 2x (Stoyan47 He bought something else, Round 1 the experience)
Harvest Flamenco + 1 pure
Fetti Pullover (all class misc)
Disco TC
Disco TC plus gold Tomislav
Logo Noh mercy
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  • Completed

B/O: 19 keys
Selling this Nice 1st gen Hearts El jefe

Highest scout hat
Good old effect

B/O 9 Buds
10 in unusuals

Do not be afraid to offer
Mainly interested in Medic And Soldier Hats
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past offers : 19 Pure for tc (Stoyan2047)
Looking for the above games.
The unusuals are for trade.
  • Completed
Offers in unusuals lower than 9 will instantly be hidden.
bp.tf prices
  • Completed
  • Completed
C/o 22 keys
  • Completed
Super clean
Dont add me
id like to break it down into smaller unusuals
Looking for offers on this taunt.

1.5 keys pure

Or offers with the following items included
  • Completed
looking for offers
really want conga
Selling these hats for really pure only, or for $$$.

Please offer below.

I will not accept private profiles
Chances of me looking at a cash offer are very low, so trade for keys.
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  • Completed
1:2 for those 2 taunts or 2 keys

add me
  • Completed
add me
Pure offers only

pure only

pure only

pls read

pure only
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Trading tf2 items from my bp for compendium points!
I have many craft hats!
Look at my bp and offer below or add me
10 keys
Add me
Looking to trade my HOUWAR for an unusual modest!

Looking to possibly upgrade my tc.
Hit me with those offers
No other hats except upgrades please

ONLY Team Captains!
Buying an uncraftable summer hat.11 keys .
20 keys
or a summer hat and 10
  • Completed
1 pure for an aussie flamer
19 each.
Add me
Dont add me
Have 12 pure
Looking for a HOUWAR No more than 10 pure.
Looking for a hive minder.
Not really looking for anything else, but it must be a quicksell.

Dont add me
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Burning beak.

B/o :14 pure/
Best c/os:
DP Team Captain
12 pure
C. moon buto (2x)
11 pure

Dont add me
Pure preffered
want a hive minder / houwar
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TC No lower than 24


Don't add me
This is Why: http://img...3d6B2m
Don't come to me with backpack.tf prices
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Looking for some of these cosmetics
Preferably painted*

Have what is up for trade.
Send me a trade offer or add me
Selling these nice hats, Looking for a nice TC or Brotherhood
Mainly looking for one of those! it will be highly unlikely that i trade for a different hat!
Stahl is extremely clean
TC is extremely clean
No Robo Effects, no summer effects. Unless at extreme overpay
Glove and buds are there for sweets

Mainly looking for a team captain
Effects i prefer: Ghosts, Hearts, GE, Peace sign, But please offer any, i will not take lower effects (i.e Smoking, steaming, flies, etc)
Brotherhood i really dont care.
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Need to get rid of an unusual?
Buying discounted or quicksell unusuals. ROBO and NEW EFFECTS ONLY
i have 2 buds, a bills, and a key.
offer below.

New halloween effects take greatest priority.
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Looking for a nicer tc/ or another tc or an unusual BOA
All are very clean. Buds are for upgrading only.
No other hats
Looking for an unusual Team captain
Team captain only.
Prefer older effects

Stahl is super clean, as is the killers.
Looking for other offers on these unusuals.
They are all EXTREMELY clean
I am mainly looking for a nicer all class, or a different effect on one of these hats. id rather 1:1 or 2:1.
TC is my favorite, and i also like medic hats. and ABSOLUTELY no new effects, and the only halloween effects i will consider are: Knifestorm, Secret moon, C.bubbles, harvest moon.

I am in no way whatsoever quickselling or trying to get rid of these, simply looking at other hats, possibly upgrading or vice versa.
I am going to be picky about the hats and effects.
Please do not add me unless i am online.

Favorite offers: Vivid TC
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Taking offers on this stahlhelm.
I am in NO RUSH to sell this, simply putting it up to look at other medic hats.
I am only interested in non-new effects except for secret moon.

I hold this hat very dear to me, and i will not hesitate to keep it.
Please do not add me.
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Trading these items for a pro medigun kit or one already applied.
Add me or offer
Cow mangler kit
Looking to swap for something else
Mean green sheen

fabricators for

Looking to swap for other fabricators or trading multiples for a professional one!
Leave offers or add me!
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Looking for pure only:
Bills: 7 keys
Das gutten: 19 keys
kit:7 keys