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Becomes tradeable on the 7th, Offers please.
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Looking to buy Super Motherload, have a variety of items, check my bp. Open to offers
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Looking for offers on these items gifted by Robin Walker.

Flare gun sold for a bud and 30 TF2 trading cards
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4 keys each or 7 for both. Add me or offer.
looking for this, offer for stuff in my backpack
Looking for key offers on this craft number. I don't mind offer of items or anything else though. <3 Happy trading.
Level 42 Earbuds with very clean history would like key offers
Not going for a normal price, don't offer 20 keys.

B/O: 24 keys
Looking for any of these australium stranges in level 42 ONLY
Will pay with my level 42 buds but you can look through my backpack if you would like something else.
I put offers for a reason, don't ask me how much.
Also have Guns of Icarus Online now
Killstreaker: Cerebral Discharge
Sheen: Team Shine

Also on the market for £18.74
Specialized Killstreak Flare Gun Kit
Specialized Killstreak Scorch Shot Kit Fabricator
Specialized Killstreak L'Etranger Kit Fabricator
Specialized Killstreak Amputator Kit Fabricator

Looking for offers
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mutton chops and pipe strangifier
Offer Away for this L'Etranger fabricator , I don'y mind adds
Looking for offers on this austrlium Grenade launcher

Backpack----> http://steamcommunity.com/id/eggasm/inventory/#440_2_2114427450
(Currently on the market for £86.25)
Screenshot--> http://steamcommunity.com/id/eggasm/screenshot/720870441771739866
1.22 for clean dropped Dead cones of levels i don't have.
Old trade: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/11530188
Dropped to 1.22 because of Scrap.tf selling craft hats for 1.22
just check the last two pages of my backpack.
need as many as possible
Looking for flare guns in anticipation for a flare gun collector's chemistry set.
I understand that doing this trade you won't really earn anything unless you specifically want a weapon in my backpack so I will add more weapons than 1:1 if it's a bulk sell.
I will not pay a scrap for one.
I really hate seeing people trade a scrap away for a wep, so if you wanna LOOK IN MY BACKPACK for a wep you want and then trade it for a wep you don't need, just add me :P
I have a few rules on this trade:
1.Do not add me if you intend to make a profit out of this trade so i you have a wep for scrap trade open then no.
2. No scrapbankers
3. I do not trade with people who are just going to craft them.
4. I will not trade you if you have over 1000 hours on TF2, you should have gotten all the weps by then and if you haven't it's your own fault.
5. Add me and message me saying DFTBA so i know you understand these rules.

P.S. i don't trade my gifted weapons

(Btw if you happen to have a sandvich to swap for the weapon you want then i'll be amazingly happy :P )

Weapon Trades done: 400(ish, i don't update it every time i trade so i lose track :P )

Thank you and enjoy your weapons :)

link to old trade with almost 3000 views and 49 bookmarks: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/4021593

Ending this trade, I had fun but too many people not reading and impoliteness. Have fun guys <3
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Looking for a normal or Painted Bird, prefer dropped over crafted. Leave your offers down below <3
Want to buy 50% off DLC quest, leave me a message saying how much you want for it.
Looking for copys of DLC Quest and DLC Quest Trading Cards

Will not pay 1 keys for the game, went down to something like 69p in the sale
Would like offers on these, coming out of craft number trading, just sticking with my #42 dead cone.
Have different ideas of what i want for each of them, offer away! :)
Looking for copys of DLC quest. offer away.

Not paying a key, it went down to something like 69p during the sale.
1.33 for clean dropped Dead cones of levels i don't have.

just check the last two pages of my backpack.

Link to new trade: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/13370498
1 of these for 1 summer card
1 Garry's mod card : 1 steam summer card
Tried starting a collection but meh, looking for metal or card offers
Apart from the 1 lvl ten, these are odd levels, do not offer me 0.33 for them
1 ftl card :1 steam summer card
Looking for key/metal or just offer anything
Would like a mixture of Key and metal if possible, like 80% keys 20% metal
Thinking of selling these, Good for anyone starting a 90 collection of just generally likes them, don't mind splitting them up, offer away <3
4:1 Level 42 Earbuds
Looking for dropped dead cones of levels i don't have (check the last pages of my bp) for 1.22
looking for offers or other craft number dead cones, would like to add to my collection
Looking for offers of at least 2 keys.
Would like offers on all of this, I like any emoticons, backgrounds, metal, whatever, tf2 cards aswell
I tried starting a collection once but yeah, nothing come of it so looking for metal or card offers
1:1 looking for all 4
Just got these beauties, offers up :P
1 wep for 1 crate, or i can do it in metal if you have mutipules of two
Already bought 4