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2 cans for 3 ref or 1 can if you can do change :)

add me
  • Completed
2.66 ref

add me
  • Completed
Cauldron Bubbles - HAUNTED SPELL Hallmark

Or unusual offers mainly looking for demo unusuals though :)

B/O 7 Buds

  • Completed
Taking offers on 99 Cold Killer

>>>> http://backpack.tf/id/76561198003878151 <<<

Justifys price

B/O is 2.2 buds

  • Completed
Just want your junk for these, Mainly want some strange festives + some keys + items so I can mess around.

Unusuals are too annoying to do and waste my time over them

Offer me if you want to get rid of alot of your stuff and want some awesome stuff instead :)
  • Completed
Offers for my Sexy Skull Attendant!!

1 of 3 on market
1 of 5 in world

B/O is about 8.5 buds, overpay in unusuals


  • Completed
Offer me your demo unusuals :D

Looking for 2:1 or 2:1 + pure
  • Completed
20 keys

add me
  • Completed
FIRST UNUSUAL TEAM CAPTAIN, my favourite Hat in the game, and a pretty decent effect!
Love it and won't really let it go cheaply

Very good history for a TC,

B/O 8.5 buds pure, more in unusuals

Cauldron Bubbles Detective Noir + Peace Phantom
Steaming TC + Vintage Bills
Knifestorm Tyrolean + 10 keys + Bills
Steaming TC + Nuts Anger + 15 keys

  • Completed
Bud or unusual offers for my orbiting fire geisha

  • Completed
top backpack.tf prices + half paint price :)
  • Completed
Looking for HIGH TIER POT offers, This is probably my favourite unusual, haven't had one and want a nice one.

Have a Clean Blizzardy Storm TC Which should interest you and sweets like an Orb Fire Geisha and about 15 keys, can add more if needed :)

Just offer below.
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Selling for top backpack.tf prices.

Tossle is key + offer on the level 69

Add me
  • Completed
Offer on my skull(s)

Your giftwrap :)
  • Completed
Selilng for top end backpack.tf prices

base price + offer for name tag or strange parts for some items
  • Completed
6 and 1 ref for Shades, plus your wrap

Bouffant is 1 key 2 ref :)
  • Completed
Top backpack.tf prices

Hazmat is 2 keys
Offer on paint : )
  • Completed
Top Backpack.tf prices on these goods

Balloonicorn 2 ref + .5 for paint

Add me
  • Completed
Offers on my sunbeams themed cowl,

This is a wanted hat, only been up for a day or so and has this many offers
Please offer accordingly

Screenshots and set here >> http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/9160863
Botkiller Sticky Launcher complete set here >> http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/9163489/

Stormy Shaman
Green Energy Bircorne
Cauldron Bubbles Armored Authority
Vivid Demo Fro + Blizzardy Storm Brainiac Hairpiece
/Vivid Demo Fro + Sunbeams Coupe Disaster
Green Energy Cowl + Bubbles Topi + few keys in sweets
Eerie Merryweather + Craft #111 Brock's Locks
Blizzardy Samureye + 2 clean voodoo jujus + 12 keys + crate #40 + SF grenade launcher

Maybe the best demo hat, with best matching effect!
  • Completed
Offers on my Sick Festive Sunbeams Demo Set

Themed Unusual, Trine :)

Only interested in unusual, sure see here >> http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/9163489/
If you want I can add this to the set, complete Bot Killer Sticky Launcher Set, see here >> http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/9163489/

Loadout -
Close up -
Peace -
Suck it -

Steaming Private Eye + Sunbeams Sultan's Ceremonial + Stormy Storm Dragonborn Helmet + Bill's Hat (White) - looking for more + a lot of resell
Eerie Merryweather - Low
Stormy 13th Hour Crown
Blizzardy Storm Team Captain + sweets
  • Completed
Offers on my complete Botkiller Sticky Launcher Set?
Steaming Chieftans - retracted
  • Completed
5 keys

add me
  • Completed
Offer up on my Demoknight set!

Awesome Burning Glen Bonnet with double smoke or ts birdman fits perfectly with bonnet

Strange Demoknight weapons : )

Offer up

Beauty - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=131575210

DEMOMAN >> http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/9146065
  • Completed
Looking for offers on my Burning Glen Bonnet, one of the best Demo Hats in the game

Offer up :)

Scorching Berliner's + Vintage Lugermorph
  • Completed
Offer up for this Pink As Hell, King of Hearts set

Stock > Everything

Offer up : )

DEMOKNIGHT >>> http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/9150801
  • Completed
Taking offers on this awesome, kinda themed hearts demo hat

For those who can't see a clear theme I'll spell it out for y'all... King of Hearts..

B/O 4 buds


  • Completed
Offer up,

Buyout 8 buds

very few on market,


Burning Batter's + 14 keys + ref + hats - Nice but low
AWESOME effect
  • Completed
Buying pink paint, a pink bird man

Grenade launcher
Sticky launcher

Add me to offer your prices or offer below
buying for max of minimum backpack.tf price <<READ
  • Completed
Harvest Moon Sack,

Buyout 4 Buds

Only one on market

Awesome Effect!!
  • Completed
Looking for beak offers for my Sunbeams Conquistador + Sweets
  • Completed
Just looking for a Team Captain
  • Completed
Selling my Vintage Medal!

One of few a very rare item.

DUPEEDDD, meh it's a vintage medal brah.

Like Unusual offers especially Modest/Team Captain/All Class.

B/O is cheaper than most at 15.5 buds, if I like the unusual or unusuals there would be no need for overpay on this baby :).

  • Completed
Any offers on my Awesome Burning Pyro Set

Burning Birdcage - 1 of 2 on market, 1 of 5 in world, Themed effect, Themed hat 'Phoenix'.
Awesome Pyro Misc
Strange Festive Flamethrower - Best Strange Flamethrower, Named - Allies Extinguished, Projectiles Reflected, Posthumous Kills.
Genuine Scrap Pack - Awesome non face Pyro/Medic Misc - Painted White, Team Spirit, Orange, Mint, Purple.
Can add some more of my Pyro Jazz if you're seriously interested, but this is my Birdcage Loadout.

B/O is 14.5 Buds, Overpay in Unusuals.

  • Completed
imo one of best hats in game
imo deffo best effect
I am a community admin at {9 Lives} me and {9 Lives}'s founder have 2/5 Burning Birdcages :3

probs never going to be sold but offer up

1 of 2 on market!



just offer
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Offer me your genuine painted scrap packs manly looking for these colours. Mainly white!!

Add me
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Buying these sexy paints add me :)
  • Completed
1 of 4,

Only 2 on market, this one is the only clean one. The other is gifted. Apparently one is duped therefore I think this is the only clean one in the world!

Only interested in Old and Cloudy Moon effects
Love burning and would love a nice all class burning.
All class/pyro - soldier - scout - medic/demo - anything else

-Looks awesome!!!
-God Tier
-Wanted God Tier Effect!!
-Painted God Tier Paint ;)

B/O is 11 Buds pure, more in unusuals

Cloudy Moon Berliner's Bucket Helm + about a bud in sweets (bit low)
Orbiting Fire Hazmat + Bubbling Conn Cap (looking for more)

Kitten :D
  • Completed
Trading for a Team Captain :DDD

Team Captain + pure / sweets
Team Captain + Medal
Team Captain + Beak

Medic / Soldier / Maybe Heavy Set but mainly first two!!

Offer me :D

I Love TC
  • Completed
Mainly looking for these but a few other unusuals,

I have my 1 of 1 (clean) on the market Cloudy Moon Hottie's Hoodie (http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/9025493)
Strange festive Flamethrower
The new Brutal Legend Stuff
Sweets like a Strange Mackerel
about 10 keys

Offer below your price :D
  • Completed
Buying White and Black Paint, send me your offers :)
  • Completed
selling for top end backpack.tf prices

add me
  • Completed
Buying tail for .77

add me!!
  • Completed
2.33 ref for this battle bob,


Add me
  • Completed
Selling these items for top end backpack.tf prices

say that you'd buy below, I'm never online, I will only come online to check this :)

NEWWW PROMO ITEM - http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/8744453
  • Completed
8.5 keys ( 8 keys and 2 ref)

Overpay in items

add me
  • Completed
2.66, add me :)

This is level 13 as well :)
  • Completed
Offer up!

Balloonicorn - 2 ref + offer on the name tag and paint

Crate 40 is 6 keys or overpay in items

Add me
  • Completed
Offers on this sexy hot Scorching Flames Sluggie!!

B/O is 9 pure, more in unusuals


  • Completed
1 of 3 in world, 1 of 2 on the market :)

Looking for about 3.5 pure, more in unusuals


  • Completed
Check my backpack, see what you like

offer me your hazmat :D