Captain Zibbles
User #213462
I am buying one of each of these cards for .22 each.

Comment on this trade before adding me or I'll ignore the request (or you can just send a Trade offer and avoid all the hassle).
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I'm buying Blockland for 2 keys to be used personally. Add me!
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Lord Cockswain Strangifier for 1 key

Add me!!
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Lord Cockswain Strangifier Chem Set

Holy Mackerel
Loose Cannon

Selling for 6 ref

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Paying 1 ref for ALL of these weapons as a SET
I am NOT buying each weapon INDIVIDUALLY
I am also NOT buying any OTHER WEAPONS
Add me if interested
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Selling Lord Cockswain's Strangifier Chem Set

Accepting offers!

Holy Mackerel x 3
Loose Cannon x 1
Pain Train x 1
Persian Persuader x 1
Sottish Resistance x 1
Manmelter x 2
Strange Boston Basher x 1
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Trading Terraria for 1 key 2 refined.
I might trade for items, but you must overpay.
Price is firm!!

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Selling Terraria for 1 key 3 ref
Price is firm.

Add me if interested.
Buying and selling strange weapons


I am buying unwanted stranges for 0.22 ref each, and selling for 0.33.

Add me if interested.

List of Strange Weapons in stock:
Strange Tribalman's Shiv x 1
Strange SMG x 1
Strange Market Gardener x 2
Strange Equalizer x 2
Strange Shovel x 1
Strange Stickybomb Launcher x 1
Strange Persian Persuader x 2
Strange Scotsman's Scullcutter x 2
Strange Bottle x 2
Strange Detonator x 1
Strange Overdose x 1

Prices are non-negotiable.
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Selling one weapon per scrap:
The Wrangler x 1
The Scottish Handshake x 1
The Fan 'O War x 2
The Equalizer x 1
The Chargin' Targe x 1
Natascha x 1
The Widowmaker x 1
The Hitman's Heatmaker x 1
The Diamondback x 1
The Southern Hospitality x 1
The Amputator x 1
The Ullapool Caber x 1
The Ambassador x 1
The Machina x 1
Jarate x 1
The Battalion's Backup x 1
The Scottish Resistance x 1
The Splendid Screen x 1
The Shahanshah x 1
The Axtinguisher x 1
The Degreaser x 1
The Quick-Fix x 1
The Ubersaw x 1
The Manmelter x 1
The Eyelander x 1
The Solemn Vow x 1
The Flare Gun x 1
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I am selling souls for 2 scrap each

Soldier: 2
Spy: 2
Sniper: 1
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