Hail Hydrumphf
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Amby, Knife, Fez and Banker wont be tradable until wed around 12.
Offer individually or on the set, Scout/Demo offers take preference as well as those class unusuals.
Edit: Everything But invis watch tradable now.
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Ohh man Level one Festive SMG and level 69 Festive Shotgun
offer up.
I would like offers from those more inclined to offer as a collector due to level and them being new.
EDIT: anyone can offer on the SMG normally, didnt realize they are all level one.
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Fedora- 1.5 keys
G. doublecross- 4 keys
note both are painted black
Fedora - 2 keys
Doublecross 4 keys 6 ref.
Add me.
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Hey. I'm looking to trade this Kill-a-watt Black Watch for primaraly other demo/spy hat offers. Looking for 2 in pure/3.5 in unusual offers, unless I really like the offer. Note it is level 42.
I have no B/o set as I really Like this hat and would be fine keeping it.
I am also up for Soldier or scout offers, but those are secondary.
I am also taking Dota 2 offers now and offers of high tier effect low tier hat heavy hats.
C/o TW black watch +10k
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Offer up some keys for new taunts. One of the solly taunts is lvl 69 ooooooooohhh (lol). Add or send trade offers and I will get back to you.
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I'd like 7 keys b/o, Sheen: Mean Green Killstreak: Flames
Offer or add. Offer in pure/overpay in item offers.
Beware of ThE SeX MaChiNE if that is his current name. Linked me a fake steam community page and tried to scam my account (I'm assuming from prior knowledge)
be wary of links like this http://steamcornmuhity.com/id ive gotten three they look like community sites and are trying to account steal If you send me a link like that you will be reported.
I AM NOT endorsing these links, this is not a full link, I cut off the end and I have handed out 4 reports and will continue to report.
Killstreaker: Flames
Sheen: Mean Green
Offers in Pure or Unusuals please, soldier unusuals valued higher.
C/o :
Please only add if You think your offer is amazing or you are paying my b/o
I realize My B/o is high its just becasue I do not know how much I want.
EDIT: B/O Changing to S.F Mini./ decent amount of pure.
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Looking for good offers. Waxy is level 100, yet sadly crafted. G. Cowl is painted white, and I'm looking for a burning bongos. Thanks for stopping by!
Bad offers will be hidden. (I don't report!) <3.
EDIT: I'm no longer looking for a burning bongos.
Waxy is Level 100, offers on all =D lowballs will be HIDDEN BUT NOT REPORTED!

Waxy c/o

Waxy B/o= not set, still thinking.
Looking for Demo Sets/ Demo hats. I'm happy keeping this hat and all of my solly stuff. There is more to the set, plz Bp me http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198018950826/inventory/
Marvin the Spartian.
Have more http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198018950826/inventory/ MY BP
for all items I want offers
Thanks for your time.
Maul traded Thanks Gus