Looking to buy APB items, for TF2 Items. Yes, the unusual is up for grabs as well as almost anything in my backpack!

MUST be on the Joker (NA-EAST) Server. Looking to buy G1C items, (You'll have to gift them in the Armas Marketplace) Or tradable items such as Legendaries, or higher tier cars such as 4 slot ones. Add me to discuss!

Yes I do still have the hat, it's just on market atm.
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Offers on these games.
Lookin' for offers. Please don't add me unless you have to.
6 Refined.

Lowered to 5 Refined! Add me.
Just takin' offers.

Buying Name Tags at: 1.88 Each.

Buying Description Tags at: 1.11 Each.
Looking for Professional Killstreak weapons! Not kits, and DEFINITELY not fabricators!
I am only looking for strange ones.
I am also not going to pay what you think it's "worth."
Mainly looking for scout weapons, although all others are considered.
DO NOT add me unless you have an offer I can't refuse!
Once again, not gonna pay 10+ keys for your bat, sorry!

Tell me what weapons you have, and I'll make an offer. Or tell me how much you want and we can go from there.
1 Ref each. Add me quick! Time is almost up for crafting!
1 Ref each! Time for crafting is almost up, better hurry!
1 Ref each. Add me.
1 Ref each. Add me!
1 Ref each, add me or send me a trade offer.
1.11 Each. Add me or send me an offer.
Buying each of the following stranges for the following prices.

Fists of Steel: 1.5 Scrap

Fists: 0.66

Eviction Notice: 1 Scrap

KGB: 0.44
Buying ANY strange weapons, for 1 scrap each! Please do not post here, just add me!

Or send me a trade offer. ANY Strange for one scrap.

More trades here: http://dispenser.tf/limeshop
Buying the following Stranges for the following prices:

Fan o'War: 2 Ref
1.66 Each. Add me!
1 Key + 5 Ref. Add me or send me a trade offer!
2 Keys 4 Ref. Still open to other offers! Add me.
2 Keys. Cheapest Strange Professional Killstreak you can get. Add me quick!
Just want to see what kind of offers I can get on it.

1.11 Each. Add me or send me a trade offer.
1 Ref + 1 Scrap Each.

#8m and #10 are sold.

2 Keys. Add me quick!
2.11 Each. Add me.
2 Refined. Super Cheap.
1 Refined each. Add me or send me a trade offer!
Buying Ellis' Caps at 1.22! Currently need like 3.
Buying Summer Adventure Cards for 1 Ref Each. Add me!
3.22! Cheap Paint. Add me or send me a trade offer!
Selling a bunch of craft hats for 1.33 Each.

Add me.

More trades here: http://dispenser.tf/limeshop
Looking to buy "The Forest." NOT These cards/backgrounds!

Its a 15 dollar game that JUST came out on Early access. Please add me and we can work out a price! Thank you.
1 Ref! Add me or send me a trade offer.
1 Key or 8.44 Ref. Add me!

Cheapest on OP!
3.33. Cheap paint! Add me or send me a trade offer.
Selling a key for 8.33.

Send me a trade offer, if that doesn't work add me.
Looking to buy a bunch of DLC for Painkiller: Hell and Damnation. It is currently 80% Off.

Please state your price and what you have below, I'll only need 1 of each. Would prefer to pay in Refined.
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7.55 Ref Or 1 Key. Add me or send me a trade offer!
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Buying ALL Haunted Voodoo Cursed souls for 2 scrap each! Add me!


More trades: http://dispenser.tf/limeshop
Looking for replacement random levels, + sweets.

If you didn't notice already, they're all level 100.

More trades here: http://dispenser.tf/limeshop
2.33. Add me quick! (Or send me a trade offer!)
1 Key + 5.66 Ref! BIG Discount, painted white! Add me or send me a trade offer. :)
Looking for Contagion. Need it TONIGHT. Please do not post your price here, just add me! Thank you.
Selling these cards and the Corruption background for 1 rec each!

Selling more 2 scrap backgrounds here: http://dispenser.tf/trade/87545/

More trades on dispenser.tf: http://dispenser.tf/limeshop
Looking to buy A Realm Reborn, fast if possible. Add me.

I'm offering 6 Keys + 2 games, maybe more.

MUST be the North American version.
1 Key. Add me.

More trades: http://dispenser.tf/limeshop
4.66. Add me or send me a trade offer.

More trades: http://dispenser.tf/limeshop
Buying Gmod for 1 key. Add me. (Or send a trade offer)