G fetti SNS
1of1 on outpost

1bud+8 keys pure [Cheapest p fetti one wants 1.7buds]
2 buds in 1st gen unusuals

G fetti snaggle
1 of 2 on outpost,
Cleanest and shortest history in existence

Absolutly firm pure price = 1bud+10 keys more then fair
2 buds in 1st gens
Clean Cloudy Moon large luchador
This is my actual heavy hat and im not gonna sell it unless you pay
10 pure
12 mixed
13 in 1st gens

Circling Heart Raincatcher
2buds+2 keys pure 2.5 mixed 3 in unusuals

Searing Guttenhaar
Tf logo sold for 3.5 and the actual owner wants 4
discounted price in pure = 3 buds
Mixed = 3.5 buds
Unusuals = 4.5 buds

Searing scotch bonnet
1of1 on outpost
1bud+14 keys pure
2.33 in 1st/2nd gens

Vivid Plasma Mongolian
1bud pure
1.5 in unusuals

Memory Leak capo
1of1 on the market
B/O =
2buds pure
2.33 mixed
2.5 first gens

Lantern elfin 2buds+8 keys
Quickselling for 1bud+10 keys each .______________.
Selling cheap games - YOU NEED TO BUY THEM OFF MY BOT HERE http://dispenser.tf/id/76561198068553284

Defy Gravity -1.33 ref
Roogoo - 2.00 ref
Rush - 3.00 ref
Future Wars - 3,33 ref
Super clean / 2nd owner
LVL 42

8 buds pure - not negotiable
There is one as clean as this one,random level, wants 13 purez..

PS: The next one comming around the corner and asking me to reserve an item for a couple of MONTHS will just get a cookie and a block....
Quickselling (potential) miscs

Nuts = 2 buds

KAW = 3 buds (brainiac once priced at 7 - 1of2 on outpost)
Planets = 2 buds

KAW festivizer 1bud+10 keys!
Time 2 say goodbye. had these hats since 10 - 4 months.
Time to get some new het ^.^

Unusual Team Captain [Effect: Green Confetti]
Lol remember when these sold for 3.5-4 buds a year ago? x)
Pure price = 5 buds
Mixed = 5,8 buds
Unusuals = 6.5 in 1st gens

Unusual Madame Dixie [Effect: It's a Secret to Everybody]
= 3.5 pure
=4.25 mixed
= 5 buds in 1st gen unusuals

Unusual Hetman's Headpiece [Effect: Cloud9]
Short history
Other sellers :2.6 buds (69 keys/35 keys

Pure price: 1bud + 5 keys
Mixed = 1bud +10 keeys
Offers = 1.8 in 1st gens
Quickselling these pyro unusuals...
3 buds + 8 keys each ...
pure only...
trade offers only ...
Quickselling for 5 buds each - pure only + trade offers only
Scorching/beams TC 38 pure each (bought so far 1 each)
Burning TC 100 pure
KE 44 pure
Brotherhood 38 pure
Scorching cone 28 pure
beams cone 20 pure (Baught 1)
Wrap 20 each

can buy multiple at once since i always have around 200 buds ,right now 208


Update #1
Higherd Price of Burn TC +10 buds
Higherd Price of Scorchinbg KE + 6 buds
Quickselling for 1bud+9 keys pue only + trade offers only
Crafted by myself except black box
1of1 Frenchmans B/O 6 pure
1of7 Bat outta hell B/O 4 pure
1 of 25 Blackbox B/O 2 pure
Update: Another spy misc - rogue - just got priced @ 7 buds
Quickselling for 3 buds each!
Pure only!
Trade offers only!

QSing for 1bud+3 keys each
All crafted by me =3!
1.33 ref each or


Pls buy them from my bot in order to save time.

-not marking any as done as i always craft new ones
- previous trade here http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/10841240
Quickselling burning hats

Nappers - 11 buds -> no one taking under 14 buds pure on outpost -shortest history,only history without scammers
Phantom 8buds+9 keys
Billy 4buds+9 keys

Stop offering unusuals,whats up today..

Best deal here is imo the guad. hurry up befor that one b4 i decide to keep it lol

Update: decide that when the nappers is sold b4 the guad ill raise the Guads price to 6.5 and keep it as my main pyro hat :X
Selling crates series 31 0.55 ref each pure only you need to buy them off my bot they are all located there:
QSing for 1bud6+5 keys pure only+trade offers only
Quickselling for 2buds+8 keys or 3 buds in 1st gen unusuals
Buying these for a rec each, can buy more then 1
Fastest method = sell them to my bot here http://dispenser.tf/id/76561198068553284

->all adds are ignored automatically
Dem misc updates

Rack: 1st outpost owner +lvl 1
6 buds pure

Eerrie Pencil
1of2 inexistence
1of1 on outpost

-> errie -> good misc effect and visible to use with burning/scorching combos

->2 brainiacs exist -> 1on outpost -> wants 16 -> rejected Scorching attendant
Pecil > Brainiac since Brainiac -> clips with pretty much every hat lol Pencil -> doesnt clip with anything

This said you know at what price range you should offer. discounts in pure are given as usual
wopp woop!!
All clean
all 1of1 on market
all rare and barely ever on the market
i love them and have no problem keeping all of them

Burning 8 pure 9 mixed 10 in 1st gens
Beams 5 pure 5.5 mixed 6 in 1st gens
GE 3 pure 3.5 mixed 4 in unusuals

Keep unecessary rage about the prices for yourself and go buy another one. oh wait..
You need to buy them off my bot they are all located there!


backpack expanders -3.66 ref each
Name tag - 3.33 ref each
Description tag - 2.33 ref each
Buying these souls,partitially for more then maximum bp.tf price!

You need to sell them to my bot here http://dispenser.tf/id/76561198068553284
Demoman 0.66 ref each
Engineer soul 0.55 ref each
Heavy soul 0.66 ref each
medic soul 0.66 ref each
pyro soul 1.00 ref each
scout soul 1.00 ref each
soldier soul 0.66 ref each
spy soul 0.66 ref each
2nd scorching TC /4th god tier TC
gg ^.^

Quickselling for 40 buds - pure only - trade offers only
Hearts minesota
Last one sold for 6 buds pure and had other offers of 4.5 pure and 5 in unusuals @ http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/20946707
You can als wear the effect around the middle of boddy or if you adjust the effect in the normal position
Pure price:5 buds
Mixed = 5.5
Unusuals = 6

New engi hairstyle hat
LF 3 pure 3.75 mixed - 4.25 in unusuals
Quickselling for 3buds+8 keys - pure only - trade offers only
Thats what anbotheer was offerd 1 day ago but he got a watt one in the meantime
Buying for 2 keys each ;C
[*]Series 9 Crate x 235 on main crate alt
70 in bot and 200+ on smaller alts

you need to buy them off my bot here ^.^

Leave msg here when bot is sold out ill fill em up ^.^
1 bud maggots

pure only+trade offers only
LVL 42 / 2nd owner!
Quickselling for 3 buds!
3 buds pure only+trade offers only
bat+6keys for bud
Grimme 4 buds <- extremly clean/baught from original unboxer!
SGG 3buds +15 keys
Scvreaming tiger 4buds + 11 keys
Rack 4 buds
KAW bonk
cleanest in existence
2nd owner / previous owner = unboxer
1st outpost owner
Quickselling for 3buds+9 keys
Quickselling for 5 buds!
no grail one on outpost taking less then 9 pure!
->super clean/1st outpost owner
1of2 on the market- the other one only selling as part of a set with total price of 5 buds
->outdated price -> tf logo priced at over 2 buds

Toque = 1bud+6keys
Tyrolean = 1bud+5 keys

pure only - trade offers only
1 bud - pure only + trade offers only
Quickselling for 1 ref each!
Pure only!
trade offers only!
Buto+6 keys for your 3 buds
Other 2 on outpost want 4 to 4.5 buds pure!
Quickselling for 1,22 ref each - pure only + trade offers only
6.88ref each.............. TRADE OFFERS ONLY

Pure only + trade offers only
Quickselling for 1.22 ref each

Pure only + trade offers only
Qsing for 1bud+3keys each
Taking offers on 208 buds pure :-)
Also have 200 keys and 400 USD steam wallet and 1.500.000 WH credits if you need that^^
1 of 2 on OP clean
Other one wants 8 (17-9)
Sulp regular belt had offers of 7 in unusuals and collecting offers of 7 pure

Discounted price in pure = 5 buds
Mixed = 6 buds
unusuals = 7 buds