0.66 ref each you need 6to buy them off my bot, i got none left in my steam acc http://dispenser.tf/id/76561198068553284
Buying quicksells 3:
Got 100 pure mixed of buds/keys/maxs
dont addme ;____;
Odd level watches crafted by me, you need to buy them off my bot,they are all loctaed there, prices are mentioned there too
Kill it with fire - QUICKSELLING
You need to buy them off my bot http://dispenser.tf/id/76561198068553284
2 with projectiles reflected part - each for only 4.66 ref ! (part worth 2keys+flame worth 1.33 = 16.00 ref . you save 12.33 ref each!)
3 with allies extinguished part - each for only 3.00 ref each! (part wqorth 1key+flame worth 1.33 =8.66 ref you save 5.66 ref each!)

Selling these weapons, all have domination kills strange part (valued at 2 keys each,some got even more parts in addition)
YOU NEED TO BUY THEM OFF MY BOT!!!! http://dispenser.tf/id/76561198068553284
Bat 7.00 ref
Skullcutter 4.00 ref
Diamondback 5 ref
Bottle 4 ref
Persian 4 ref
Scattergun 1 key
Tomislav 5 ref
Quickselling for 1bud and 13 keys
other on outpost want 3.5/3 buds
2 owner history,clean
Odd leveld bud for random level bud+2ref each nothing else
The only hellfire/darkblaze/demonflame tricorn on outpost :3
Not looking to quicksell this beauty 3:
Clean and short history :O

Looking for 4.5 pure, 5 in 1st gen unusuals

thx :3
2 keys each. You need to buy them off my bot http://dispenser.tf/id/76561198068553284
Most got robots destroyed, except:
Silver rocket has low health and critical kills.
huo long has robots too but also killstreak
2 buds cheapest on outpost price is firm
Quickselling these weapons with robots destryoed part attched on each, part alone is already valued at 3 keys
Skull cutter 3 ref - got 2 of em
Tomislav robots PLUS domination 1 key3.66 ref
Babyface 6.66 ref
Detonator 3 ref
wrench 1 key
Scorching/beams TC 38 pure each (baught so far 1)
Burning TC 90 pure
KE 38 pure
Brotherhood 38 pure
cone 28 pure
Wrap 20 each

Quickselling for 1bud+6keys
1 key each
Enforcer - flames daffodil
Fish tornado - daffodil
Fan fire Horns daffodill
Widowmaker - Cere + daffodil
Widowmaker - incinerator + hot rod
Widowmaker - incinerator + mandarin
Widowmaker - cerebral +hot rod
Widowmaker - singularity + mean green
You need to buy these off my bot they are all located there:
Prices are mentioned there too
TC - 40
Law - 10
Quicksell Time!
All cheapest on outpost and 50-60% off backpack prices ;D

yOU NEED TO BUY THEM FROM MY BOT THEY ARE ALL LOCATED HERE http://dispenser.tf/id/76561198068553284

LEVEL 100 V. Flaregun - 2 keys

LEVEL 99 V. Ambassador --> 1 Owner history - 1 key
LEVEL 99 V. Deadringer --> 2 Owner history - 1 key
LEVEL 99 V. Sandman --> 1 Owner history - 1 key
LEVEL 99 V. Flametrowher --> 1 Owner history - 1 key
LEVEL 99 V. Razorback --> 2 Owner history - 1 key

LEVEL 42 V. Flame --> 1 key
LEVEL 42 V. FaN --> 1 key
LEVEL 42 V. Glove --> 1 key
Quickselling for 1bud+9keys
All crafted by me =3!
1.33 ref each or


Pls buy them from my bot in order to save time.

-not marking any as done as i always craft new ones
- previous trade here http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/10841240
Odd leves. all except plutonidome are 1of1 on outpost oO

1 key each price is firm
Quickselling these ODD leveled vintages for 2.33 ref each...
Anyone remembers the days when these were going for several keys...
LVL 69 clean NNB ten gallon - themed on engi. Quickselling for 1bud+14 keys. cheapest on outpost, 2nd cheapest B/O is 3.5 on a random level
Gited stormy havenplane 1bud+5 keys, 2nd lowest on OP wants 3.5 buds
Blizz waxy 1 of 3 on OP Quickselling for 17 keys
P fetti Festivizer 1 of 2 on outpost -super clean 4 owner history Quickselling for 17 keys
coppers bud+10 keys
juju bud+14 keys
1 bud+6 keys quickseling price is firm
level switching my buds for you bud +1ref

attention you cannot pick buds off me with levels: 1,42,69,99,100
Quickselling for 2 buds.
other on outpost want 4-3 buds
Quickselling for 1bud and 9 keys
Quickselling for 3 buds
Quickselling for 2buds+8 keys or 3 buds in 1st gen unusuals
My 2nd fish =D
(1st one was DP)

Kill a watt taken out of closed trades:
1st sale was 10 pure
2nd was 11 in unusuals
3rd ???

Usual discount in pure: 4buds+7 keys
1srt gen unusuals 5.5
summer effects: 7
Quickselling for bud+5 keys pure only
Quickselling for 2 buds
2nd lowest B/O on outpost is 5 buds
2 buds+16 keys firm no other offers
Quickselling for 4buds+10 keys
Quickselling for 3 buds nothing else
Carbine can be strangified using crate 82s strangifier.
1of1 on the (steam)market
8 keys pure only ( cheap)
Quickselling for 16 keys
Quickselling for 1bud+7 keys
Everyone else price on op =2-2.5 buds
Note that it is gifted.
2buds and 5 keys

take it and run as fast as you can maggot
Black bills 6 keys+5ref
TS bills 6keys+3ref each
Double cross 2 keys+5ref
Buying Vaccinators 1 scrap each trade offers only
Quickselling for 3buds+10 keys prue only
We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!
We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!