hey gang,

Im looking to sell my tf2 backpack, looking for keys and/or real world money only!

post offers below or add me to talk prices
selling bubbling private eye for 21 keys

lime all father for 2.4 keys

post below if you have an offer I guess but I just want keys
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hey gang

So I dont play tf2 much anymore so looking to sell my high tier items for real world currency, but also would consider accepting keys.

please post your offers below, but keep in mind, I know how much I want for each item and what its worth so don't bother trying to scam or low ball me cos I will respond in kind.

Happy trading everyone
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hey gang,

looking to sell this for real world currency or keys! comment below with offers or add me to chat, but looking for around 23 keys for this!

happy trading
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buying earbud for 15 keys

add me for quick trade
selling about 25 keys atm

1.85$ per key
I have a middle man and paypal.

add me if your interested
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selling keys for real world money

I have pay pal

selling entire backpack for 210$$, worth around 240$
selling my backpack for real world money.

got lots of great items! my backpack is worth over 200$

I have paypal

happy trading
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currently selling my bp for real world money!

whole backpack is worth over 200$, I have paypal
selling these items for keys/metal only!!

no low ballers please

happy trading
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f. Amby: 7 keys

s. gunslinger: 1.5 buds

hornblower: 1.2keys

s. huntsman: 10.5 keys

s. bazzar: 2.7 keys
*Both snipers have head shots*

dashin w. pink: 2keys

s. invis watch: 3.2 keys

s. f. frontier: 4 keys

prices are firm
looking for metal/keys only! no item offers please

Happy trading
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selling hornblower for 1 key, worth 1.2 keys.

iz gud deal
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buying a copy of black ops with my tf2 keys and metal (also will do items if you are interested in that)

please comment below and let me know if you are selling a copy!

happy trading
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buying clash in the clouds DLC for bioshock 3!
chem set: 2.66 ref

ellis cap: taking offers

Pin: 1.66ref

Huo mini gun: .55 ref

Amby W/ Critical kills part: 2.5 keys

back burner: 3 ref

blutslager: 2 ref

steel fists: .33

prices are firm, but if you have an offer in metal and items, feel free to leave it in comments/ask me

Preferably metal/keys

happy trading!
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taking offers IN METAL on these stranges!

ALSO selling a whole boat load of CLEAN weapons for 1 scrap each! add me or ask in comments below for a weapon you want

happy trades!
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strange amby w/ critical kills: 2.5 keys (metal or pure keys only!)
s. huo mini gun: .44ref

archimedes: 5ref

pin: 1.33ref

soldier stogie: 2.33ref

steel toe: 1.33ref

tough guy toque: 1.66ref

chemistry set: 3 ref

only taking metal/keys for these items! Thank you and happy trading!
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ellis cap: 1.22 ref

G. buck turner all stars: 2.8 keys

Bear necessities: 2.33 ref

Centurion: 4ref

Beastly Bonnet: 3-4ref
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Jarate: .55

Steel fists: .11

overdose: .44

shortstop: .66

stickybomb launcher: .66

bone saw: .33

skull cutter: .11

scatter gun MK II: 3 ref

looking for metal/keys ONLY please don't post offers that ARE NOT IN METAL

happy trading!
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selling a copy of the binding of isaac for 2 keys

add me for quick trade, please don't add me to argue on price.
Price is firm!

happy trading everybody!
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S. amby w/ crit kills: 3 keys

orange paint: 2 ref

taking offers in metal/keys on other items, please don't just low ball, looking for the WORTH of them
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Looking for a copy of bioshock infinite (version for mac, new one) it should be the all the same copies. Post your price below or just add me to talk
Taking offers IN METAL for these, post away.

Plz don't just add me, post your offer first
Selling these items:

tod ticket: 2.44 ref

s. amby w/ crit kills: taking offers but starting at 2 keys ATLEAST (ty)

Gold anger: taking offers in metal

random hats mostly 1.33, just offer for those as well :3
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Buying bioshock: infinite, or bioshock 3. IT must be the new version that works on mac too. Msg me and we can talk shop, thanks gang
Selling strange heat maker and bonk for 2 keys each. Add me/comment below for trades
selling a STRANGE heatmaker for 2 keys (or good offer) add me/comment below
taking offers on these items (and some more)

pleases post your offers below and keep in mind, I sell them for what they are listed at just like anybody else so please don't try to low ball.

happy trading guys
taking offers on these items

post below
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selling a strange quick fix for 1 key-or 5.66 ref

add me for quick trade
taking offers in metal/keys on these items

post below, plz don't just add me
Gold: 3ref

orange: 2 ref

after 8: 1key 3 ref

crates: 1 scrap each

name tag: 2.66ref

TOD ticket: 2.44 ref

breather bag: offers
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Lime: 1 key

taking offers on stranges and hats, post below. Please dont jsut add me
offer below

plz dont add me
selling unusual bucket hat for sniper

only selling for keys/metal

b/o: 15 keys

offer below
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lime paint: 1key (metal or key only)

expander: 2.66 ref

brutal bouffant: 2.66ref

other two hats I am taking offers IN METAL on

post below
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BP expander: 2.66ref


Mad Milk: 2.66ref

syringe gun: 1.66ref

homewrecker: 2scrap

Neon sign: 2 scrap

skull cutter: 2scrap

Kukri: 1.33ref

Big earner: 1.33ref

please don't add me unless you agree with prices I set
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selling robokeys and those regular ones for metal ONLY

5.66 ref each.

seriously do not add me with hat offers, but add me for quick trade; price is firm

(keys never go down in price, don't spam with things such as; "i'll wait til they go down in a week")
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selling a whole bunch of different CLEAN regular weapons for 1 scrap each

post what you are looking for below and I will get back to you quickly

happy trading
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selling robokeys (and some keys) for 5.77 ref

post your *Fair* offers below. Please don't just add me

thanks, happy trading
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looking for all sorts of colors!
paying in metal/keys or hats/stranges

post what chu wanna sell below.

I am interestd in buying an unusual for spy or sniper, mostly interested in fez ones or some kid of fedora one(hat of cards, etc)
and also interested in the new stranges (nobody, including myself, is still buying them for a key+ anymore, do not post your scam)
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looking for a strange gunslinger, and spy or sniper unusuals
selling these items, taking offers in metal/stranges/unusual and few hats (more interested in metals/stranges)

before you post your offer, look up the price of the item you're looking at. I am not selling these to kids trying to lowball or scam.
do not post a price so under the worth its insulting, because I do report people that spam.

other than that, thank you and careful in outpost

high fivse*
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selling keys: 5.77 ref each
post offers below,

start atleast CLOSE to the worth as seen on backpack.tf

tag: 2ref

bouffant: 2.66ref

idea tub: 1.66ref

key: 5.66 ref

expander: 2.66ref

sultan: 1.44 ref

cutthroat: 4ref

reggelator: 2ref
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buying/selling TOD tickets. Buying for 2.11ref, selling for 2.33

gift wrap: 1key

S. kukri: 2.33ref

reggelator: 2.33ref

backpack expander: 2.66ref

botkiller medigun: 1.66ref

S. medigun: .66ref
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Gift wrap: 1key (5.55 ref)

Cappo and other heavy hat: 2 ref

Idea Tube: 1.77 ref

Spooky sleeves: 2ref

S. kukri: 2.rr ref

reggelator: 2.33ref (has 4 styles, all pretty neat)

Pom-pom spy hat: 1key (5.55 ref)
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looking for unusuals for spy or sniper, paying in keys/metal

post offers below
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trading robokeys for regular

add for quick trades