Oh no!
This user has been banned permanently by Xen. The reason for this ban is as follows:
Alt of banned user
i have orange box - offer me
LF g.original = 1 of these hats or 2.3 ref
v.gunslinger for 2 scraps
c\ o
350$ - don't have paypal
nutz hot rod
1 ref for gifted Original or Rocket Launcher

something special for someone special :)
32 ref + 11 keys for your unusual offers!
also has Orange Box [fyi it uncludes the tf2's premium account :3]

interested in hl2ep2 for VERY CHEAP offer [not 1 of this game]
check bp
also have t3h Orange Box

for L4D Goty [$20] = L4D2 [$20]
MNC+HL2E2 [$14]
MNC + tf2 items

also interested in Magicka + tf2items for it

FYI: in Orange Box is tf2 premium dlc, so u can create new account already with good rep and premium tf2 :D
also has Orange Box
#items will take priority
if u havnt something u always can replace it with metalll :3
1 ref for g.widow + v.gunsl
1 key or inspectour for g.original
1 ref = 2 weps
will do 2:1 with g.maul
gazer - clean
demoknight - 7788 nice number

1:1 only with bmoc

offer me
feel free to offer \ add me
1:1 with #1-100 Original

or offer me
lucky is dropped
any offers, but games

my games i'll let cheap
they costs 30$
B\O is 5 keys or 12 ref
both for bmoc or offers
as u see it's dropped

B\O 6 keys

no 1:1 offers :3 u must add sweets

BTW i'm collector of gifted weapons, so this sweets will take prioroty
L4D1 Goty [20$]
MNC [10$]

will do 1:1 with festive bat
any plasma
paying buyout
backpack = 4 ref
bubble = 6 ref
all father = 5 keys
degree = 1 ref
last breath = 5 keys

all for any from whishlist
offer me

both for items which worth 1 earbud
Nuclear Dawn {20$}
L4D1 GOTY {20$} each
MNC {10$}

70$ total - all for 1 earbud or offer

Also interested in # items
B\O 5 keys or Festive Bat
L4D1 Goty = 20$
MNC = 10$

just FYI
offers including these items will take priority

L4D1 GOTY {20$} x2
MW1 {20$}
MNC {10$}
good unusual here :3

Scorch Noble
Flies Slug,Ghost Engie cap, Peace hard counter+sweets
Blizzard Softcap
it's only from #30
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We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!