biker: 1.66
garment: 6.66
nightmare: 5.88

chameleon: looking for offers

Trade offers only, do not add me
  • Completed
looking to get a medigun for this smg, would prefer same or better quality than the smg (well-worn)

I'll also consider sniper rifles/other smgs that aren't this particular design, but mediguns are vastly preferred


don't add me, if we reach an agreement we can use trade offers, I don't like clogging up my friends list unnededly
  • Expired due to inactivity
Backpack broiler: 1.33

your worst nightmare: looking for offers, has chromatic corruption and bruised purple footprints, also painted 216.

golden garment: looking for offers, painted 216 and has spectral spectrum spell

trade offers only
do not add me
  • Expired due to inactivity
Biker : 1.66 ref

Reggaelator: 2 ref

use trade offers
  • Completed
Looking for offers on craft #14 cobber chameleon with sinister staining

Don't add me or send trade offers unless I agree to your price.

I'm not going to take the first offer I see, I plan to wait and and gather some options.
  • Completed
use trade requests, don't add me :v
  • Completed
9 ref, use trade offers
  • Completed
Taunts are both 1 ref
Dashin - 9 ref

Use trade offers
  • Completed
Use trade requests, I don't generally accept friend requests because 90% of the time they're spambots

taunts are both 1.33
cardigan 5 ref
Dashin 10 ref

looking for offers on the chameleon #14 with sinister staining

Pure only, no overpay in items for the items with set prices.
If making item or mixed offers on the chameleon, Medic items that I don't already have are highly preferred (especially strange ones)
  • Completed

use trade requests
  • Completed
Use trade offers please, I get too many adds from random bots and you're likely to get ignored if you send a friend request, nothing personal.
  • Completed
just use trade offers
  • Completed
Looking for some offers
Craft #14, and it has a chromatic corruption spell

Don't add me off the bat or send me an immediate trade please.
  • Completed
sf jarate - 2 keys
trinket - 1.33
  • Completed
sf jarate: 2 keys
powerjack: 2.33
  • Completed
Trinket: 1.66

Falconer: 1.66 ref
  • Completed
3 ref each
  • Completed
Key for the chronomancer, 2 ref for the chapeau.

either add me or send an offline trade, whatevers easier
  • Completed
add me or send an offline trade request, whatever works for you
  • Completed
1 key for the paint and 3 ref for the concierge

or i'll add an extra .44 to whats up there for an already painted one (waterlogged labcoat only)
  • Completed
Buying the following:

Concierge: 3 Ref
Spectacles: 1.33
Waterlogged labcoat: 1 key each (buying 2)
  • Completed
2 scrap each
only buying 2
  • Completed
a key for the hornblower and 3 ref for the warmer
  • Completed
Buying the following:

fires survived- 2 ref
heavies killed - 2 ref
cloaked spies- 2 ref
  • Completed
5.66 for a strange amby
  • Completed
sf eyelander: 3 keys 2 ref
  • Completed
Jarate 1 ref
Gloves 1.33
Wrangler 1.33