use trade requests
Use trade offers please, I get too many adds from random bots and you're likely to get ignored if you send a friend request, nothing personal.
just use trade offers
Looking for some offers
Craft #14, and it has a chromatic corruption spell

Don't add me off the bat or send me an immediate trade please.
sf jarate - 2 keys
trinket - 1.33
sf jarate: 2 keys
powerjack: 2.33
  • Completed
Trinket: 1.66

Falconer: 1.66 ref
  • Completed
3 ref each
  • Completed
Key for the chronomancer, 2 ref for the chapeau.

either add me or send an offline trade, whatevers easier
  • Completed
add me or send an offline trade request, whatever works for you
  • Completed
1 key for the paint and 3 ref for the concierge

or i'll add an extra .44 to whats up there for an already painted one (waterlogged labcoat only)
  • Completed
Buying the following:

Concierge: 3 Ref
Spectacles: 1.33
Waterlogged labcoat: 1 key each (buying 2)
2 scrap each
only buying 2
a key for the hornblower and 3 ref for the warmer
Buying the following:

fires survived- 2 ref
heavies killed - 2 ref
cloaked spies- 2 ref
5.66 for a strange amby
sf eyelander: 3 keys 2 ref
Jarate 1 ref
Gloves 1.33
Wrangler 1.33
paying 1 key each
El jefe: 3 .33
Buccaneer: 3.33
S. Deadringer - 1 key
H. Guano 2 ref
H. Hounds hood 1 ref