add me for offer
the cape needs to be genuine (comment offer below)
hi im looking to trade life is strange for fallout 3 add and message me for the trade
contact me for trade
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hello im looking to trade lego hobbit for a game in that price range (5-21 dollar games) games im specificaly looking for are gta 4, max payne 2,skyrim,fallout 3 or the escapist any will do i just want one of the titles (i want gta 4 out of them all) add me if interested
das metalmeatencasen= 2 ref (tin-1000(1.66 ref) + airstrike (0.22 ref) = 1.88 ref bid now

add for offer
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buying einstein and emerald jarate for 0.44 ref selling third degree (0.05) and man melter (0.05) and reclaimed metal (0.33) add me if you have both the items
selling touqe (3 keys) for 3 regular keys msg and add me for offer
selling genuine touqe (3 keys) msg if interested
touqe 3 keys : rouge 1.22 ref helmet 1.5 keys add me and send messageif you have the items
deep cover 2 keys : charmers 2.22 ref phantom 2 ref lugermorph 2 ref
genuine touqe 3 keys : genuine rouge 1.22 ref dragon born helmet 1.5 keys and pounding father 1.22 ref add me and send message if interested
meet the medic 1.33 : docs holiday 1.33 ref
my medi gun has a description and a name
antlers 1.77 ref - meet the medic 1.33 ref
all this stuff for the 2 things i want
sandvich safe strangfirer kit 2.11 ref : festive sandwich
manniversery hat : modest pile of hats

both the chemistry sets: modest pile of hats
flamethrower + 2 chemistry sets : festive flare gun festive wrangler festive frontier justice festive crusaders cross bow
add me for offers

ellis's cap: 1 festive force of nature

sterioscopic shades SOLD: 1 force of nature
ive figured out how much the chemistry set was worth so i put it up

chemistry set is worth 2.11 ref

and flame thrower is 1

coming to a total of 3.11 ref

chemistry set and flamethrower : festive flare gun and festive blackbox
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my offers are for use of crafting 2 scrap
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heres my offer
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im trading the gloves for flaregun and strange bonk for strange flamethrower

bonk sold
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i dont know how much its worth
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anything except fez googol glass eyes dr whoa and stranges
everything in my backpack except fez my stranges and my doctor whoa
anything except stranges my fez and dr whoa
the gift wrap is for the untradeble ones same rules anything except stranges fez or bow tie add me for the trade
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i wanna be a doctor spy its just a trade of what you want from my inventory
festive ambassador got price drop
read the ref readings pretty good deal
dirty fancy fedora too
a dirty one will suit good