Jotaro dies in Pt. 6
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Buying tide turners for 1 scrap each. Can buy multiple. send me a trade offer

Can get more scrap as needed if out
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25 keys for god eater 2
  • Completed
sold for 180 keys pure
40 keys

pure only

send me a trade offer
4 ref send me a trade offer

I don't use the mobile app
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Professional Killstreak Australium minigun with agonizing emerald flames and some great parts

looking for clean max head or equivalent in keys

the streaker is more than enough to bolster my price but you get nice parts too!

If it's not in my inventory it's on the community market
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level 100 box of cocks for two keys

send me a trade offer no adds

steam api currently down (like usual) can't see any inventories so it may be a while before I accept any trade offers
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nothing less than 185 keys price

If you offer unusuals take some overpay into consideration and no 3rd gens

Pure keys are highly preferred

I will not negotiate with terrorists (marked scammers)
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Sunbeams Razor cut

Throw me some fair offers

Please do not add me to offer

Value: 188 keys

Declined private offers: Green Confetti Executioner (offer via trade offers)- low
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  • Completed
7 buds pure
8+ in offers

Shortest history of all AF head warmers

Don't add me to offer without posting here first please I'll just assume you're a phisher and block you
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These were purchased off the market and will be tradeable soon. I'm looking to either trade one hat or the other for a nice flamenco in the same price range 7-8 buds. or both hats for a flamenco that is worth more.

If you want to buy these with pure I'm open for offers too but I primarily want a flamenco with a green effect (no confetti)

Beams cowl set!

Not selling anything separately except for the cowl itself

Only clean beams cowl on market from what I can tell and will likely be the only one for a while.


I like Sunbeams and Scorching as well as energies!

Engi,medic, and pyro hats take priority
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Australium Grenade launcher

Specialized killstreak: Deadly Daffodil

Parts: Damage dealt and buildings destroyed

28 keys

Only accepting keys no buds

Don't add me I will block all adds because of phishers.
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1 key painted black send me a trade offer

do not add me please

no item offers
key offers

Team shine

Professional Killstreak
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Australium Axtinguisher price- 10 keys

has professional killstreak on for free


post here if interested as it will be on the steam market and not in my inventory
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Was sold on community market
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1 key

has white paint at no extra cost
Don't add me please post here

Oh boy it sure is weird when 10 phishers add you at the exact same time after bumping a trade
5 ref

has paint

post here before adding me
This is great medic hat with a great 1st gen effect

Tired of playing medic so I want to sell it

B/O 5 buds pure

C/O- dbd samur-eye

do not add me post here
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add me
Looking to buy a Professional killstreak Eyelander kit with Flames and agonizing emerald

post if you got the kit

not interested if it's on a weapon since I already have an eyelander with a somewhat high level of kills

No other streaker or sheen
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Has parts and streak!
  • Completed

has parts and streak
6 keys!

Free parts!

add me or use trade offer.
6 ref for pink beak
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Looking for pure/items offers. Primarily strange festives or other high tier stranges.

I'm looking for weapons not cancer unusuals
strange professional killstreak escape plan for 3 keys
has paint and parts at no extra cost

post here

If it's not in my back pack it's on the steam market

pure only

I obviously want SIX keys don't be "A Squared" who sent me a trade offer of one key pretending not to notice the little "#6" in the bottom right corner of the key
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Has specialized killstreak

5 keys

pure only
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keys only!
Selling a strange professional killstreak rocket launcher

Streaker is tornado

Sheen is Hot Rod

B/O is 12 keys
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Taking offers prices

pure is preferred but I'll take pro killstreaks if I like them
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1:1 add me
Purple energy Old Guad for sale

Cleanest on outpost and I'm only the 3rd owner

Painted pink and has voices below spell

B/O- 3.5 pure
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1 key each
  • Completed
Looking for engineer hats

Don't offer other hats or Australium/killstreaks please

Don't add me to offer. If you're too embarrassed to list an offer here that's a good sign I will probably not take it.
4 ref

add me to trade
Professional Killstreak backburner

Streaker- Flames
Sheen - Hot Rod

Has damage dealt and projectiles reflected

selling for 6 keys
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12 keys

Sheen is team shine
  • Completed
add me
Killstreak revovler kit for 3 ref

or for 4 ref for both

not selling revolver separately
1.5 scrap each add me
1 rec for all 3