nigga wit no legs
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1 of 1 in the world GE Scot Bonnet.

Looking for 150 keys or 30 buds

Feel free to add me

Unusual offers need to be in the 175 - 200 range
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Clean GE rack looking for offers around 15 buds please no 3rd gen/robo hats.

15 Buds buyout or 160 keys
Selling a clean Circling heart exquisite rack Open to all offers so throw them at me.

Do not add me unless you're offering in pure.
13 keys each trade offer me
Offers! Offers! Offers!

Whatever you can throw at me feel free to offer on this clean soldier Hat!

B/O: 8 Buds
Offers Offers Offers !

B/O 9 buds

Whatever you got, Throw me a trade request or a comment below DO NOT ADD ME
Whatever you got, offer it up!

DOnt add me simply send me a Trade offer or comment below...
Selling these 2 australiums for pure or good offers.

Only add me if you have pure....
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Looking for High end spartan's and soldier unusuals.

Add me to discuss
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Specialised Killstreak Australium rocket launcher
Sheen: Manndarin
Looking to trade 1 for 2 on a australium sticky and nade

If you have pure feel free to add me :>
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lvl 42 shoguns shoulder guard
Offer away
Nice clean specialized killstreak Australium rocket launcher selling for max's or 3 pure.
if you have a nice unusual offer then feel free to send me a trade offer...
add me if you have 3 buds pure or a maxs head otherwise offer away :>
2 keys or 14 ref add me for fast trade :>
Taking offers on this clean and shiny aussie rocket launcher...


Please dont add me unless you have 3 buds pure+
or Have an offer which will be shortcoming...
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Hearts Spartan Painted pink selling for 3.5 pure or 4 in unusuals.
Would take a max's and around 10 keys in sweets :>
Feel free to offer :>

Current Offers:
Australium RL
Beams Beanie
DBD Hetman
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Selling this Hearts Spartan painted pink with hornblower and chops to go with for just : 4 BUDS or 75 Keys PURE

Max Head + 5 Keys(retracted)
Electrostatic Softcap
DiscoBeatDown powdered
Former offers:
Nuts and Bolts TC
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Selling this beauty for 1 bud pure or offers plz no lowballing thanks...

B/O: 1 bud

clean hat with themed effect selling for 22 keys pure or over pay in unusuals
Selling this clean Non-Duped soldier hat with a sweet effect looking for nice offers in unusuals or pure.

B/O:Bud and 8 keys

C/O:Planets Tyrants

screenshot coming soon...
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Selling my bot dogger with clean history offer away.

B/O: 2 buds

overpay in unusuals.
  • Completed
hat is clean as far as im aware great hat with good paint looking for good offer in keys and promos.

B/O 2.5 buds

C/O aces high metal billycock or green enegy mongolian,bud pure plus sweets
taking offers on this nice effect engi hat please dont spam and have fun.

B/O: 18 keys

looking for offers in pure or unusuals dont add me unless you're paying buyout.

B/O: 20 keys

C/O: steaming buckaroos hat

happy bidding!
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  • Completed
im selling this st. original for offers and i do have a buy out feel free to add me to negotiate

B/O: 10 keys

C/O: none

remember it has 3 strange parts!
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this is my beloved strange rocket launcher im taking offers on it and would like too see what its worth and if anyone wants to buy it have fun and happy bidding.

b/o 2 keys

c/o not yet set
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selling these items for scrap add me for fast trade
selling this soldier set bought recently.
selling this due to id rather have keys/metal or more expensive items.

B/O white/black painted bills


I am looking for a price for the whole set but will sell individually if overpay.

if your willing to meet the buyout add me or offer below.
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selling this bot killer mini gun for offers notice it has name and description tag aswell as robots destroyed part so offer accordingly.

feel free to add me if you meet the buy out.


B/O:2 keys
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selling milkman set for offers.


selling clean fast learner 4-5 ref or offers
plz add me if your serious.
paying 2.66 for set or 2 ref and 0.33 seperate
add me or leave offer
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add for quick trade
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taking offers

b/o 2 keys
selling these as set or single for highest offer
  • Completed
taking offers when these thing become tradeable
  • Completed
taking offers as prices are rising.
add me or leave offers below.
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accepting offers for all 3 hats

stash 3.66

cold killer 2.33

towering 1.66

will also accept items
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Selling rogue's col roule painted aussy gold.
will take offers of any of the above items or equivelent value.
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accepting offers plz
add or leave message below