Looking for pure offers for this Spec. Killstreak Thunderbolt (Field Tested).

Sheen is Deadly Daffodil.

B/O: 10 keys.

C/O: None.
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QUICKSELLING BOYS, TF2 economy is dying, so I'll give this thing a price you CAN'T resist!

TF2: 1.5 buds or 15 TF2 keys. Unless you overpay x3, I'm not accepting unusual offers.

CS:GO: 13 keys or other high-demand, high quality skins such as AK | Vulcan or AWP | Asiimov.
Currently looking to sell my C.TF.L Whoopie for TF2 or CS:GO items.

Trading Standards for TF2: I want buds/keys and that only. Do not offer me anything else, as it will be ignored. B/O is 2 buds pure. Price IS negotiable, to an extent.

Trading Standards for CS:GO: I'm looking for around 18 keys in CS:GO, and they can be any type of key. If you want to offer me items, please offer high-price/high-demand items such as AK | Vulcan or AWP | Asiimov, and I will gladly take those.

Happy trading!
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Selling this beauty for 3 buds pure. 50 keys is also acceptable. If you want to offer with items, the only things I will be taking are Australium Scatterguns, or Scout unusuals over 3.5 buds. Cheers!
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Got this off my friend. Offer here.
Alrighty, I'm selling some of the new taunts! Rock-Paper-Scissors is going for 3 keys, everything else is 1 key!

***Also, I want pure keys, no items or hats.***
I've got 2 Conga taunts, selling each one for 3 KEYS PURE. I'm not interested in any item/hat offers.
Looking to sell this Lime Bill's for about 6 keys. I'm only taking pure keys, no metal or items.
I got a Strange Specialized Australium Wrench, and I'm looking for pure keys/buds offers. Price is 1.5 - 2 buds, so don't lowball me.

Sheen is Team Shine.
I'm looking to sell this Anger/Miami Lights for pure keys, buds or some mid-tier scout unusuals. Price is around 10 - 11 buds.

C.O = None

B.O = 12 buds or a Green Energy Tosslecap.

Attachment below is a picture of it for reference.
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Here's a Collector's Specialized Killstreak Fan O' War I'm wanting to sell.

I'm only taking Keys and Buds pure, or Unusual offers, no items. (I prefer Scout unusuals.)

B.O is 4 buds or 76 keys. (It's a stretch, but B.O is also a Strange Australium Scattergun.)

C.O is Lime Memory Leak Outdoorsman.
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I need tons of Fan of Wars. As in, 200 of them. I'm buying each for a scrap. They HAVE to be regular quality and craftable.

Also, price is as-is. I won't change it.

I'm just looking to sell this thing for 1.66. Easy and fast trade.

Also, no items. Just pure metal.
I'll do either for 2 keys or 4 keys for both :D