I should not have stopped collecting :<I want dem cow manglers!
Uncle sam wants you!
Only 2:1 scrap please!
Donations? ;>

Awesome gais:

If anyone gives me a good idea for the description of the strange RL Ill give that person a cookie.
Have funz :>

Totally awesome people:
$oul$eeking Fi$hy
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Meh. Hats are useless.
I want those games + some keys.
no offer below 13 keys
I wanna buy those cool stuff that arent so expensive :P
Chat log:
Never tell your password to anyone.
Wednesday, August 07, 2013
7:15 PM - [F2P]Sea: Hello
7:16 PM - [F2P]Sea: Hey...
7:16 PM - [F2P]Sea: ?
7:16 PM - turin: hi
7:16 PM - turin: i wanna buy unuauL
7:17 PM - [F2P]Sea: Whats your offer?
7:19 PM - [F2P]Sea: What are you trading for it?
7:19 PM - turin: i m offering max head and some sweets
7:20 PM - turin: is it ok?
7:20 PM - [F2P]Sea: Thats an awesome offer
7:20 PM - [F2P]Sea: Yeah ill do that if you are willing for sure
7:21 PM - turin: wait 1 min
7:21 PM - [F2P]Sea: Alright.
7:21 PM - [F2P]Sea: You know you are overpaying right? Im not trying to scam anyone here
7:24 PM - You have accepted the trade request from turin.
7:24 PM - turin: look my offer
7:24 PM - turin: for your unusual
7:25 PM - [F2P]Sea: You sure you wanna do that trade?
7:25 PM - turin: yeah
7:25 PM - turin: good
7:25 PM - [F2P]Sea: You are paying alot more than its worth
7:25 PM - turin: its a lot?
7:25 PM - turin: idk
7:25 PM - [F2P]Sea: If you want to trade i wont stop you ;P
7:26 PM - turin: hmm okay , if i give more
7:26 PM - turin: can u add 8 crates?
7:26 PM - turin: for unboxing
7:26 PM - turin: and deal
7:26 PM - [F2P]Sea: Dont try
7:26 PM - [F2P]Sea: I checked your steam rep
7:26 PM - [F2P]Sea: And im recording
7:27 PM - turin is now Offline.
7:27 PM - turin is currently offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in.
So basilly he added me and said he was giving me a max head for my uns.
I thought it was fishy so i checked his sop rep and turns out he was marked.
So i started my recording device, he asked me to add some crates while he swapped the max head for a crate.
Then he blocked me. I lost my footage of the trade cuz thats who i am ._.


Dont trade with him please. SOmeone please help me report him as i am unaware of how to.
video: http://www...t4&;
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I have a rather big collection of dirty weapons.
Not going for 1 or 2 scrap each.
Also im selling all of the uncrafts in my bp.
I have sold some for a few refs. Again you can say any shit about them but they are worth something for collectors.
Sold :
Conch: 0.66 Ref
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Revolting dirty items.
Not going for 1.2 scrap kind of offer.
Have fun offering on this shit
Buying uns with keys.
I have a little more than 14 keys
  • Completed
  • Completed
Only as a set
I am collect those beggars. Only want uncraftavle/strange ones.
Only for 1 scrap. I dont care what you say i only want 1 scrap for them beggars.

Want lvl: 1-100 except 91 28 and 67
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3:2 Or BB for nade and liberty for rest
Add me to offer etc.
Item payment will require overpay.
Yep. I want a painted rusty reaper.
  • Completed
Want offers of soldier sets, currency.
Overpay by 30% if in items.
The knife is renamed and has some strange parts.
B/O: None set
  • Completed
  • Completed

Note: Don't add me to make trouble.
CS:S GP!!!!
So many dinguses have added me not knowing the meaning of guest.

Its getting bloody annoying.

If you want to read some chat logs, down below you will find hidden offers of mine that are chat logs. If you wanna respect the idiots just ignore it.
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1;1 simple
Need to wait before its tradable though
SImple. Or offer below but take a look at my bp first.
Can convert to keys if you want
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Have 20 usd.
Want hats/keys
Its on steam wallet so its safe trading =)
Yep, that simple =)
Want to buy pyro botkillers.
For cheap.
Want offers.
Also buying filamental
Cmon add me =3
Nice deal if u ask me
Offer me :3

Add for quick trade or offer here
Well this is cool, a gifted crate.
I really have no idea wtf is it. if its worth nothing ill prolly keep this for the lolz
Noice cards :3
  • Completed
Offer! No lower than 3 ref,please.
Add me for quick trade, dood
If u want the hood ur wrap plus random craft hat.

Whoops i still have both hats
  • Completed
Balkan? OOO
Balkan you say.....I hear from folk song! Balkan is dragon! Worth alot!
Offer :3
Buying medic items, offer.
Want uncraftable mostly.
Everything in my inv is forsale, I need medic items. No other items.
2 key for game+ DLC
Im buying binding of isaac. Look in my bp.
Note ill cap the binding of issaac's price would be 1 key for both the dlc n the vanilla
Want game offers, no dota 2 plz
Your wrap. Have fun bidding
Your wrap for the poker night items.
offer plz ;D
The muff is #1338,1 up from 1337 lol.