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Selling my spartan
Pricerange is about 1 - 2 buds
Over 1,5 bus in unusual offers please
Looking for some nice offers on this beautiful hat

No b/o or c/o

Pricerange is around 1-2 buds in unusuals or pure offers

Offer away
One more thing: This is not duped, but the history might be a little long
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Looking for a cool soldier set

Also buying unusuals for soldier

Offer away
Btw I like the spartan helmet very much
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Im selling this bud for unusuals, but I prefer soldier unusuals and especially the spartan
Im not buying quicksells, but im not also selling for your b/o
Might consider keys aswell

Offer away Kids:P

Current offers:
Steaming Spartan if I add sweets
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Looking to swap for a soldier unusual:P
selling this as a set or just separately

koala is lv 69 :)
Looking to swap for another unusual or for a bud
Selling my lovely hat for offers PS: Look at the history

Anyting under 20 keys will be hidden

c/o 25 keys
b/o 1,2 buds

Feel free to add me and discuss
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Looking to upgrade it or get another sniper unusual

Have a nice day :)

Look at the history... NOT DUPED
I have no b/o or c/o

Just want offers

I like unusuals :)
Looking for some offers
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Best offer wins
10 keys/ black bills each.....

or just offer :)
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c/o 10 keys/white or black bills
b/o 13 keys

overpay in items!
Gimme some Nice offers
Selling These 2 SWEETS

Would Like Some Offers :P
Selling My Whole BP for offers

As a set or just one stuff individually :)

I have no rush selling so i want good offers
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Buying a quicksell B.M.O.C.
Might add some sweets
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Looking For Offers
Selling My Crates And Weps For A Scrap Each
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Selling My Bills For Overpaying In Random Stuff
Selling Almost All My Weps 1 Scrap each ;)
Offer Anything :)
Selling Cool (Soldier) Stuff

Feel free to offer
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Fell Free To Offer

(9 Keys And Sweets)