buying these unusuals and or good unusual offers just add me to trade and leave a comment below
Looking for keys for my unusual or a straight up 1:1 trade as for the other items im going off backpack.tf prices so just make offers from there all me or just leave a comment below for a reply
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Just say some offers im going based off of Backpack tf prices
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Just wanna trade 1:1 cause i want a medic unusual
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Just looking for a different hat open to any offer just add me to talk or post here what you are willing to offer <3
Hey guys just trading a few items off just add me with offers or just send me trade off and ill look over them since im currently on, so offer anything you like and im open to all trade offers im looking for hats mostly but metals are okay too or some stranges who knows just make your offers folks.
Buying any and all hats for 1 refined just add me or send a request im currently online so itll be fast
Taking almost anything for this hat just give me something that isnt engineer i prefer a medic hat or a pyro accessory add me for trade im open to any offer
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reffo em revetahw esauceb ti saw ytterp ysae ot teg os dda em ro reffo nwod woleb *ecafllort*
level 100 just offer down below anything is ok
3 keys price is firm i can also take offers of equal value if you dont have 3 straight keys
buying this for 1.33 price is firm add me if you agree if you want more comment below and we can discuss
selling my heavy loadout just offer whatever you know the rest add me or leave comments down below
trading it in for a dirty and these items just offer down below add me if you want to discuss let the talking being maybe possibly
this is kind of awkward to post but im selling a minecraft account not for money but keys know this looks confusing as hell but add me or leave offers below
selling generals formal set trade me with offers addme
a scrap or 2 weapons each add me for fast trade check my bp for anymore weapons you might want
buying all dirty craft hats currently buying 4 add me because im going on servers to try and buy some to reach me before then
just offer me
selling my tf2 account just offer me im cashing out don't feel like playing anymore add me and talk to me or just offer down below
idk add me if you want it's your choice
Full lawrence of Australia set just offer me nothing is too low or ridiculous but please nothing to low :3 !!ADDME!! or just leave an offer in the comments down below thank you and subscribe for more
3.27 ref +bonus's add me with offers or leave them bellow !!THECHOICEISYOURS!!
1 key or an offer whatever no one gonna see this add me if you do
look at all dem 3's anyway 5.66 ref or 1.31 keys price is firm add with offer and if your a collector set your own price i guess <3 !!ADDME!!
12 keys selling to collectors i iz harcore trade
make any offer if your a collector of sorts craft #23333 level 100 whatever floats your boat add me and offer or leave it down below
Offer me whatever check the prices on tf2 pc or anything but im selling it as a whole pirate set add and trade me with offers just don't give me a bad deal !!ADDME!!
all dem 2's even level 20 anyone if your a collector just send me a friend request and we can get it done
buying for 1.11
3 random craft hats per key buying 15 hats no 2 hats can be the same and no uncrafts ADD ME OR POST OFFERS BELOW
Clean Fast Learner 2 keys price is FIRM add me if you agree
i would like 1 clean hat it doesn't matter which one it is but if you don't have a hat add me and offer
selling level 1 weapons to collectors add me with offers i kinda don't care what they are
i am buying ALL craft hats 3 for 1 key buying 12 no duplicates all craftable with craft number ADDME or offer down below
buying all class hats any 3 for 1 key buying 15 in total no dupes no gifted !!ADDME!!
Buying all class craft hats 3 for 1 key buying 15 in total ADD ME craft hats only
Low craft number awper hand up top isn't really needed but gift wrap is if you want it so you need all those keys just trade with offers !!ADDME!!
Selling unusual Burning bills 1 bud or unusual offers ADD ME
it's a name tag XD
9 keys price is firm add me for fast trade
looking for a quick trade add me and we can be in and out in less than 2 minutes
Selling all my crates 1-2 scrap each if you want 1 add me for quick trade
quick trade so be ready add me if you agree
1.5 buds or unusual offer add me if you wanna trade
just 1 key add me on steam for quick trade
any offer is ok just would like to get one with any effect so offer me add me on steam if you want to discuss
Looking for offers add me on steam for offers taking no other scout miscs other than the milkman,or tossle cap no TF logo,peace sign,planets,nuts'n'bolts,or flies Thank you!
just saying im open for over but i would like of of the two ive posted just add me and we'll talk