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Looking for a unusual large luchadore worth the same or downgrade with keys
Do not add me you will blocked, i dont care if your a trusted trader, scammer or impersonator.
Use send offer only

Just recently aquired a strange commitment to purple dead of night so i might consider never selling this unusual
Looking for these heavy items.
Using bp.tf calculator, the total price for all except strange offers and vintage steak comes to 55 keys without any pro ks.
this is the cheapest p.fett peak on the outpost with a b/o 60 keys pure / Bp.tf price suggestion is 65 keys
This purple confetti patriots peak is super clean and only has a 3 person history(4 if you include me painting it)
Looking for strange heavy items as sweets.
Any duped items must have a 15% discount off the bp.tf price
I am looking for the following items:
Sunbeams Pugilist protector: 28 - 29 keys
Australium Tomislav: 11 keys(Preferallably without a Pro KS)
Australium minigun: 16 keys
Vintage Buffalo steak sandvich: 7 ref
Around 5 keys in strange heavy cosmetics or pure keys
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Looking for a decent offer on this unusual
I highly prefer all class/ multi class / miscs or demoman unusuals
Also looking for Rare Heavy unusuals such as Siberian Facehugger or Old man frost.
b/o: 60 Keys pure , 65 keys mixed , 70 keys in unusual offers.
Send a trade offer
Do not add me you will be blocked regardless if you are a Impersonator or legit trader, as i experience far to many OPskin scammers who just waste my time.
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Looking for a demoman unusual or pure keys.

I would prefer the 1st gen effects

b/o 68 keys pure or in offers

No dupes, No gifted , No scammers
Do not add me send trade offer below
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Looking for this amazing hat , i got a rather questionable set for it
willing to to 1:1
Just crafted this baby , This item is now tradeable as i posted this while it was freshly crafted

Out of 5,763,472 inventories, there are 174 known instances of this item. This means every grade of wear not just factory new meaning there are far fewer than 174 FN strange coffin nail rocket launchers

✔ It is now tradeable, offer away /
✔ Steam Guard Mobile Authentified

✔ One of the best non case/aussie contract skins along with High Roller and Top Shelf

✔ No KS kit, Strange Part or Fesiviser added

Looking for a strange factory new high roller's rocket launcher or a decent unusual.

1 of 1 on outpost, 1 of 1 of any strange factory new freelance+ skin from the gentleman's collection on outpost

Willing to add sweets in items or pure for a strange High roller's rocket launcher(factory new)

B/O 14 Keys pure , 12 keys in unusual offers ///

It all depends if i want to keep saving up until i can trade up for a Strange FN High roller's medigun / SMG or Top shelf Knife/Revolver

Can be used with 9 other Strange FN Freelance Skins to get an extremely expensive and extremely rare merc+ skins, However you would need 1000 Strange FN Civ skins/100 Strange FN FL skins to create one of the rarest items in tf2 , Currently as of now there are zero Strange FN Top shelf Commando Grade Skins and the estimated price for each skin is over 800 keys each

To add salt to the wounds , because the gentleman's collection is a contract based skin which means they are limited, this could lead to Strange FN Commando Skins to being rarer than a painted cow mangler, C. Sparkles Lugermorph or golden frying pan(138 in existance as of now)
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looking for one or those other, possibly both for 2:2
Selling this wrench with Spec KS for 200 sandvichs.

this is worth 1.6 keys according to bp.tf , 1 key = 27.88 ref. 1.6 x 27.88 = 44.608 ref.

44.608 ref divided by 0.05(price of a normal sandvich) = 892 sandvichs.
Looking to trade 1:1

Bad pipes is worth 3 ref more so i am overpaying
Just crafted this baby , it will be tradable on the 30th april.

Looking for a strange factory new high roller's rocket launcher or a decent unusual.

1 of 1 on outpost, 1 of 1 of any strange factory new freelance+ skin from the gentleman's collection on outpost

B/O 14 Keys
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Selling some mega rare , Halloween spells on my personal items.

These items are Unobtainable with these spells naturally apart from trading making them the rarest of weapons apart from australiums and strange normal stock.

Strange Phlog with Spectral Flames + Exorcism. 5 Keys
Original with squash rockets/pumpkin bombs + exorcism. 4 keys
#1144 Craft No Nistromo Napalmer with spectral flames + exorcism. 5 keys
Degreaser with spectral flames + exorcism. 4 keys
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Selling my patriot's peak for pure only or A very good engi unusual

b/o 75 keys pure
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Looking to exchange these hats for these demoman cosmetics
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Hello I am selling this unusual.

Pure is key

B/O 70 keys pure

Willing to down grade for multiple unusuals(no 3rd gens)
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Greetings everyone!

Selling this amazing unusual for 85 keys pure or unusual overpay.

i accidently clicked complete trade instead of bump trade.
Greetings everyone!

I am selling this amazing unusual for 85 keys pure or unusual overpay.
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Selling this all-class Sexy Hat
A better version of a team captain.
I paided for this with 95 keys worth of unusuals and i will not go any lower

Purple Confetti Patriot's Peak
All Class
God tier Hat
4 Person History,im the 4th
1st Gen effect

Offer away

No unusual offers below 90 Keys
Pure is key
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Mobile Authentication Enabled. No waiting time

Selling these clean sexy items for either keys or nice all class offers

Sunbeams Pickelhaube
b/o 75 keys pure , 80 keys in unusual offers
c/o: CIrcling Peacesign brainiac hairpiece if i add keys

Kill-A-Watt Bubblepipe w/ gangreen footprints
b/o 20 keys pure, 30 keys in unusual offers

Or both for 90 keys pure or 105 keys in unusual offers

I also am accepting unusual offers for a single class.

Dont add me if your gonna offer and decline at the last moment

Send your offer , dont add me.

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Selling This awesome 1 of 2 TF logo gibus

The other Logo Gibus has B/O of 115 Keys

B/O: 114 Keys pure , 120 Keys in unusual offers(No 3rd gens)

Clean: ✓
Short History: ✓
All-Class: ✓
1st Gen effect: ✓
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Looking for a nice offer on this clean Circling TF logo Gibus

pure is best

b/o 110 keys pure , 115 in unusual offers
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Selling this awesome Strange Genuine Righteous Bison.

b/o 3 keys or Strange Factory new King of the jungle
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[Steam Guard Mobile Authentified - no waiting time on trade offers]
Selling this sexy Strange Professional Killstreak Cowmangler(Deadly Daffodil) w/ Burning Players killed , Players hit and Buildings destroyed.

B/O 10 keys pure / 11 keys in items
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[Steam Guard Mobile Authentified - no waiting time on trade offers]
Selling this Amazingly clean , unusual gibus.

B/O: 130 Keys pure / 140 keys unusual offers

No Duped/ No Gifted / No 3rd gen/invasion effects
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Selling for 135 keys pure , 145 in 1st gen unusual offers.

no dupes , no 3rd gens and no invasion effects except nebula.
Selling this Wonderful God tier unusual hat with a decent effect,

Be the envy of the fellow f2p with this blessed gibus.

"TF2's Most Signature Hat"

4 owners(im the 4th)
Clean ✓
All-class ✓
Unusual Gibus ✓
1st Gen effect ✓
1 of 2 on outpost ✓
1 of 3 in existence ✓, Possibly at the moment of selling this item
Cleanest one on the market(one has a history filled with scammers and the other is slighty more owners than mine) ✓

Looking for offers

Read This Before offering

Any non 3rd gen offers lower than 165 keys will be ignored

Any 3rd gen offers lower than 200 keys will be ignored and added to the dishonorrable offers list

I mainly like demoman or all class unusuals

I hate 3rd gen effects with a passion

i class robo-effects and 2014/2013 halloween effects as 3rd gen

I prefer Pure < 1st/2nd gens < all Class < Demo < Engi < soldier < heavy < pyro < spy < medic < Sniper < aussies < 3rd gens

Godlike Honorable 1st gen/2nd gen Offers
Vivid Plasma Soldier's stash(sold before I could reply)
Circling Hearts Tyrant's helm + aussie blackbox + 12 keys in soldier stranges ( good offer but I prefer demo over soldier anyday)
Green Energy Outta' Sight[commando grade demoman hat](yet again sold before i could reply)

Cancerous Dishonorable 3rd gen Offers
Terror watt BoA & dead presidents tough stuff muffs - ( 3rd gens , not over paying by 50% via 3rd gen effects and very low)

AIDS Mega Lowballers offers
Kill A Watt FR-O(Massive lowball , 15 keys.... -.- 3rd gen effect and robo hat)

Duped Douchebag offers
Duped Vivid Plasma Soldier's stash for my gibus and my mangler(NFS*)

Low Baller of the week
DaDC709 (10/10 IGN would lowball again)

Saltest Players of the year
Nave(Salt O' Meter: Salty Tears is gud on chips]
Bob Lebowski(Salt O' Meter: Saltier Than the dead sea]

Symbol Key -
* Not For Sale
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looking for both these items
Offering my unusuals for all three of these engi unusuals

Sunbeams Hotrod
Blizzardy storm brainiac hairpiece
Steaming Pencil pusher
Selling this clean Blizzardy Storm Brown Bomber
All Class

looking for 95 keys pure or 100 keys in 1st or 2nd gen effects , 150 keys in Roboactive/Anti-Freeze or Miami Night/Disco Beat Down unusual offers

Previous offer: Stormy Storm BB + Pro KS aussie flame + 15 keys in item (Not Intrested, Very Very Low , I don't play pyro often)

no buds / no other 3rd gen or robo effects / no medic , spy or sniper unusuals unless all class
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Looking for the dictator with pink as hell only

all these hats are clean and unboxed by me
Selling these strange shotguns for 7 ref each
Untradeable until 5th September 2015
i am looking for these pyro items
Selling this beautiful 1st gen halloween unusual

Scorching flames thirst blood: SOLD
Clean Cloudy Moon Rimmed Raincatcher(1 of 3) for 60 keys pure or 70 in unusual overpay/90 keys in 3rd gen/robo unusual overpay(1 of 1 on outpost) or 150+ keys in spy unusuals regardless of effect

3 weeks without any non phising offers , if no one offers in 1 weeks this item will be not for sale and will be in my collection

Rejected offers:
Clean Vivid Plasma Party phantom + Clean Orb fire Cosa nostra cap + spy sweets (Very Low , I hate spy)

I am now accepting 3rd gens and robo effects with large overpay(around 50% added onto the bp.tf price(except memory leak , overclocked , cloud 9 , terra watt and kill a watt)

/ no dupes / no bills / no max's head / no australiums / no buds / No unusual weapons(unless strange and factory new)
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looking for 5 #91 crates , send me trade offer
looking for these items

i got 2 ref & 1 scrap pure and several cosmetics i no longer want

Holstered Heater: 7 ref
Condor cap: 1.66 ref
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Selling this beautiful solly unusual for pure only

b/o: 95 keys pure(Cheapest on market)

i will also 2:1 with my cloudy moon rimmed raincatcher for a good demoman / all class unusual worth ~150+ keys

no 3rd gens/ no 3rd gen halloween/ no robo

Send Me a Trade offer
Dont add me otherwise you will be insta-Blocked(unless your profile has over 1000 hours on Team Fortress 2)
No private profiles
No profiles under level 5

i dont accept:
Max's head
no csgo items(i dont have csgo)
i strongly prefer pure or demoman/all class unusuals
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Selling Scorching flames thirst blood for 90 keys pure , 100 keys in unusual offers
Aussie has been sold

Looking for pure or unusual offers(no unusual weapons/taunts)

No 3rd gens / No robo / No duped items / No buds or bills

Post your offers first , i wont accept random friend requests(even if your a respected trader you have to post offer here first or via Send offer)
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Taking offers on this brand new beauty

1 of 2 Non Strange/Unusual Factory New thunderbolts on outpost

Tradeable on the 20th july / 7pm UK time

B/O : 35 keys pure

Searing Plasma Whoopee Cap(Low)
30 keys pure(Low)
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send trade offer
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Looking to 2:1 for a better unusual , 1st gen only

Professional killstreak Australium Scatter gun with Damage dealt , Medics killed and Point blank kills as well as Exorcism: 50 Keys

Scorching flames thirst blood: 100 keys
Selling these items for a decent all class / multiclass hats / solly hats

No 3rd gens / robo effects/ No buds / no halloween effect except 1st gen / no 2nd gen unless the hat is all-class


Scorching flames thrist blood: 100 keys

Professional killstreak australium scatter gun with damege dealt , medics killed and point blank kills: 50 keys

c/o: Haunted ghosts hotrod for aussie scatter gun
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i am looking for the following items:

The widowmaker x 3
The Boston basher x 1
Strange neon annihilator x 1
Back scratcher x 1
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Looking for offers
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Festive Revolver: 3 ref
Festive bonk: 2 ref
Condor: 2 ref

Looking for Kringle collection
Selling these awesome solly unusuals.

Bubbling rack is clean and has chromatic corruption
B/O 3 buds

The Terror-watt hat with no name is clean , im 5th owner and it also has chromatic corruption + voices from below
B/O 4 buds
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B/O on unusual: 3.5 buds

I got 2 buds(One with TS footprints) + 6 keys for upgrading
i got 19 regular mann.co supply crate keys(unfortnately they are untradeable until the 1st january, because valve decided to steam market stuff untradeable for 1 week)

keys are 14+ ref each
buds are 11 keys each
bill's hat is 2.5 keys each
max's head is 3.35 buds each

These Keys are tradeable today at 14:56:00PM GBT
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