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Only interested in violet flames for all my australium weapons without a pro ks on them yet. Post below if you have one and what you want for it.
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Taking offers on this NORMAL batsaber. There's ~40 of these in existence.

These aren't even close to the 10 keys that unique batsabers go for.
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just unboxed this don't know how much they will go for so ill just be taking offers for now. effect is a purple energy orbiting around head with a ghost that appears/disappears. currently on scm

b/o: ?
item c/o: universal pro ks kit.
pure c/o: 60k

pics: http://ima...DA0A9/
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pure only

axe: 7k
eyelander: 32k
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looking for blue steel fn m9 bayonet. can add keys. add me if you have one.
selling my rocket for 3 buds or 2 buds + 11 keys + a strange original

sold for 43 keys
taking offers on my darkblaze warpig. rl is only to add if i get a high enough offer. lucky stash combo's or rack + pure offers take priority but i will consider all offers. 2013 effects must overpay unless halloween effects.


B/O: 16 buds / 20 unusual

C/O: Harvest Buto + some keys
phosphorous brown bomber
miami nights law


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selling my crone for a burning, scorching, or sunbeams rack + some pure or + other unusual stuff.
Im looking to trade my crones for a white energy or sunbeams and vivid plasma luckystash combo. i can get pure to add depending on the combo. post below if you have a combo or send me a trade offer. prices

cant trade till 3/28
selling hats for prices and add half paint price to painted items

cant trade till 3/28
quickselling for 18 buds. only looking for pure atm.
specialized fab: boston basher deadly daffodil, loose cannon manndarin, wanga prick team shine

killstreak kits: powerjack, sharp dresser

killstreak rainblower

taking offers on these.
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I am quickselling my lvl 69 miami nights crones dome. mostly only interested in pure offers.
Please only add me if you have 23 pure buds. post other offers below and i will add you if i like the offer.

quicksale price: 23 pure earbuds (others want 40+ pure)

unusuals price: 40 buds
i would also like a terrorwatt and killawatt combo with viewfinder and an all class hat(i can add 5-10 depending on the hat)

C/O: 17 pure
c9 hong kong cone + 23 keys

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looking for a collector's original chem set. if you have one post your price below.

changed my mind getting australium rocket instead
selling hats for prices and add half paint price to painted items
buying one of each for prices.

still need:
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looking for violet and singularity if you have it post your price below pricing pricing
Quickselling this blizz gibus for 5 pure. Pure Only. send me a trade offer or add me if you have the buyout in pure.

QS: 5.5 pure to beat reservation

reserved to (ComicSans)Puff The Magic Dragon
selling for 2buds and 2 buds and a replacement s. rocket only. no other items accepted. send me a trade offer or add me.
Quickselling this secret to everybody exquisite rack. Pure Only. Feel free to send me a trade offer, bud DO NOT ADD me unless you are paying b/o in pure.

B/O: QS>dropped to 4.5 pure

C/O: timewarp whirly warrior
5 pure(retracted)

2 people collecting
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I am looking to upgrade my unusual gibus. i can get about 6 buds to add right now maybe more in the future. put your effect and price below.

moslty interested in: timewarp, gbh, phosphorous, or vivid plasma.

C/O: sulp if i add 10 buds to both unusuals prices. prices. prices. i have at least one of each in stock. pricing and add .5 price of paint to painted items
selling this team shine fabricator for the brass beast for offers.

b/o: none

c/o: 2 TOD
4 ref
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buying 7 keys at 6 ref each. i wont take any offers just this price. feel free to send me a trade offer if im offline or add me if im online. and add .5 paint price to painted items. prices. prices.
Selling an Australium Rocket Launcher. Pure preferred, but i will accept unusual overpay if i like the hat. Leave an offer below or send a trade offer. ONLY ADD ME IF YOU HAVE 5 BUDS.

B/O: 5 Pure buds/7+ in unusuals

C/O: secret rack <----- TOOK THIS
demonflame company mann +.5 bud of sweets if i add 2 + sfrl
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selling this low craft all father for 1 bud. i will only take 1 pure bud for it.

currently reserved for Phear
Selling my pyromancer's mask for a gold rocket and sweets.

C/O: Gold Rocket + #9 doe boy + lieutenant bites
Gold Rocket + a bud <---- TOOK THAT
I am selling this themed double skull misty skull pyromancer's mask for 8 pure or more in unusual offers. DO NOT ADD ME UNLESS you are paying 8 pure. I will ignore random adds unless you have 8 pure in your bp. otherwise, put your offer below.

B/O: 8 pure/9+ in unusuals

C/O: spellbound pampered pyro
6 buds on christmas (if i still have the hat then, ill take this)
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I am looking to downgrade my burning rack to a scorching one + pure.
i will also take other unusual/pure offers as long as they are close to my buyout.

B/O: 9.5 pure/scorching rack + 1.5 buds/10+ in unusuals

C/O: none yet

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I am selling the 1 of 1 poisoned shadows exquisite rack. I am looking to get about 6 buds out of it or unusual rack offers with slight overpay.
Feel free to offer below and only add me if you are paying 6 pure.

B/O: 6 pure/7 in unusuals

C/O: SOLD for a misty skull pyromancer's mask

Old owners trade:
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I am selling the 1 of one poisoned shadows exquisite rack. I am looking to get about 7 buds out of it or unusual offers with slight overpay.
Feel free to offer below and only add me if you are paying 7 pure.

B/O: 7 buds


Old owners trade:
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Taking offers on a freshly unboxed something burning this way comes connoiaseurs hat. I will update price as i see changes in price on new effects.

c/o: scorching bat brain bucket

b/o: 8 buds

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I'm taking offers on my special level hats. i dont have a price for any of them, ill just wait till i get a good offer.
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taking offers on this collector level german gonzila.
taking offers on a lvl 100 macho mann. please dont add me unless you have an offer i cant refuse
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Selling for 2 keys and only 2 keys. Add me for a fast trade.
Attendant is 1 of 3 on the market.
Attendant B/O: Quick Selling for 6 buds! or 9 in unusuals
Attendant C/O: phosphourus drill hat
Overclocked Hermes and burning billycock
~7 buds in unusuals

Pyromancer's B/O: Quick Selling for 7 buds! / 11 in unusuals
Pyromancer's C/O: SOLD FOR 7 PURE

Set C/O: Duped Burning Bicorne(he sold it)

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Im selling my Phosphourus Attendant plus some pure for a good soldier unusual or a good effect modest.

scorching flames>burning flames>old effects>new effects

Attendant b/o: quickselling for 6 pure or 9 in unusuals.

Attendant c/o:
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