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Bomber - 599 keys, 699+ in unusuals
Amby - 13 keys 12 ref
Rocket - 50 keys
11 tf2 keys for 10 csgo keys

Fast respond, online pretty much 24/7

in stock: 100+
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Prof. Ks Eylander Kit Meangreen/Singularity QUICKSELLING FOR 6 keys, cheapest on the market!!

Kit might be on the market if you cant see it in the inventory!
500 keys or unusual offers 700+

rocket - 50 keys 60+ in unusuals

Will take 190 csgo keys or 210 tf2 keys

Massive unusual overpay!

In no rush to sell
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unusua westeren wear - 16
spec ks aussie minigun - 17 keys
Taunt - 19 keys
Westeren - 17 keys, the only on market

both are clean
Trading my CS:GO keys for your TF2 keys at the ratio ;


7 csgo keys for 8 tf2 keys

fast respond via trade offer or add on steam!

CSGO keys in stock: 100+
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Shako - 17 keys, possibly on steam market atm
Deep fried - 19 keys

both clean

Offer up!
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spec ks aussie minigun

17 keys

trade me

gun might be on the market
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19 keys

Unusual overpay etc.
40 keys --- QUICKSELL
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I am selling my Unusual Specialized Team Shine Night Owl Sniper rifle w/ Cool effect

I am looking for:
Australium Rocket Launcher + 10 keys
Australium Sniper Rifle + 30 keys
Australium Scatter Gun + 30 keys
Australium Sniper Rifle + Australium Scatter gun
55 keys

Unusual offers soldier/sniper/sniper/demoman class (overpay expected)
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Selling those 2 knives!

Looking for massive overpay in TF2 unusuals, no cancer
no bullshit, no tf2, no spamming


and have a good one!

bayo - emerald
kara - ice&fire
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Offer up!

not accepting tf2
Looking for offers/skins/keys on these items, I am also selling:
Butterfly Crimson Web FT 0.19 float (MW look)

I am not accepting any friend requests/trade offers from:
- private profiles
- scammers
-scammer alts
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rocket: 4 keys 6 ref
unusual: 45 keys
spec ks aussie grenade: 17 keys

not looking for anything else, add me or send trade offer, accepting CSGO items

grenade might be selling on the market if its not in my inventory
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Trying to get rid of some parts, price, send me trade offer or offer below! Check my backpack for stock. prices, check my bp for stock

Send me TRADE OFFER, IF you add me because of robo parts I ll block you!

SOLD: ~2000
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Offer below boiz
State ur offer below!
Offer below!
Offer below!

Both unusual weapons are on the market !
Crones - 12 ref
Flops - 4 keys
Everything else - 1 key price
5 keys

~3 keys of parts
Offer below!
Offers below lower price
1 copy for 3 CS:GO keys or 4 TF2 keys

Add me, to trade

Game is ROW
Offers below

Companinons: no less than 20 keys
Offer below
Offfer below
Offer below
lemme hear some offers on those unusual weapons
Offers below
100 tf2 keys or unusual offers!

If its not in my bp its on market
offer below
State ur offer below
Offers below
Offer below!
Offer below
Wicked-sick set!

Offerinos below
Offer below!