Looking for offers on the Spectral spectrum painted fast learner and Clean summer hat.
Fast learner - 10 keys
Summer hat - sold.
15 keys
Looking for a low history S.F.Rocket launcher. I hate whore items ect. Oh yer, post price ect. Keys arnt a problem if the price is managable.
Sold the TT for 4 keys.
Sold the BBB for 4 keys.
Looking for a level 100 Champ Stamp. (NO CRAFT NUMBER)(craftable)
Blah, crates are a waste of keys.

C/o - Blizzardy Storm Backwards Ballcap. (old trade)

-Blizzardy Human Cannonball.

Thanks Satsek for the pictures.
>added pictures.

Blizzardy Storm Backwards Ballcap.
Selling a lot of odd leveled bonks. Offer or add.
Sold them all for 20 keys.
35~42 keys.
Not selling as a set. Just looking for offers on them.
S.BK.Scatter(silver) 2 keys. Holding till Saturday.
S.F.Scattergun - 10 keys, bill's and a vintage bills.
Festive Scattergun - 3 keys 1 ref
S.BK.Scattergun - 7 keys 1.33 ref.
Looking for odd leveled Bonk! Atomic Punch.
Be it vintage or not. I do NOT want default Bonk! (level 5) of any. I currently own them.
Please look into my backpack and see if I do NOT own the one you're selling me. If not, add me to discuss.
Looking to swap mine for a level 1.
Looking for odd leveled Vintage Bonk! 1 Ref for most odd leveled unless its the "collectors levels" ect ect.
P.S. Look into my back pack and make sure you're not offering on a level I already own. I restock about a buds worth of keys every week so payment should never be an issue if you have patience.

c/o: 2buds
Just add me, I don't check this thing often.
Looking for a Vintage level 0 Bonk! Atomic Punch. (Just post your price below ect ect)
Odd leveled only. Please do not offer me on a level I already own.
Add me.
1 available to convert.
Just add me, I can't be bothered to check this thing.
I really couldn't care for these items.
Or make a note worth offer.
Just offer or add me. Generally pretty generous.
Looking for a burning effect.
Looking for a level 3 Earbud. Just add me if you wish to exchange.
Looking for a Level 100 Earbud only.
Gold - 14-18 keys
Silver - 2 keys
Black Bill's, 15 keys and 6 Ref for a bud.
Summer hat and flipflops are clean, craftable, tradable,ect,ect.

Leave offers here. Don't add me. Thank you.
Clean, craftable, tradeable.

(Offering 3 buds for it, forgot to add in the 3rd)
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We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!