Ducks #seeyain3months
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Taking offers, post here or send a trade offer
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looking for offers

I'm willing to sell the unusual separately
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looking to trade my pro medi-gun for a pro hot rod medi-gun
taking offers on this lovely clean hat send an offer, add me, or type below

C/O: Purple energy mirror, sf. crossbow and uber saw
Looking to buy a quicksell soldier unusual I have 40 keys in stock offer here. add me, or send a trade offer
Taking offers on this lovely clean hat
Buying discounted soldier unusuals I currently have 21 keys and am open to offers. Either add me or send a trade offer.
selling pro.ks big kill for 8 keys
23 keys pure or 27 in unusuals add me or send an offer
selling k.sf.Holy Mackerel for 2 keys and 6 ref
I have a pink Bills, 11 keys, and plenty of other stuff in my bp and I'm looking to buy a unusual for either soldier or medic offer below or add me
I am buying a quick sell unusual I have 10 keys, a bills(pink), and other sweets
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Probably won't sell just want to see what offers I'd get.
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Probably won't sell just want to see what offers I get.
Selling as a set and unusual
Clean hat
separately discount if you buy as a set offer here or send a trade offer
offers here
C/o: searing tree
ye old w/ ts paint : 6 ref bptf says its 10
Great hat b/o 52 keys 62 in unusuals
stock:31 keys offer here or add me
stock:31 keys
Vest: 6 ref
Robin: 1.66
clean looks good add me send a trade offer or post here
c/o: none
b/o: 16-17 keys
its just a b/o i will consider other offers
b/o: 17 keys
Very clean
1 of 1 on outpost taking offers
Modest b/o: 32 keys (doesnt mean i wont take other offers)
c/o: ts clean max's
Demo Set b/o: not sure taking offers
c/o: none
add me send a trade offer or put a message here
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Just offer I don't mind if you add me
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Note ambassador is pro killstreak

If buying ideviduel I expect small overpay

B.m.o.c : 10.5 keys

Le party : 2 buds 3 keys

Ambassador : 1.5 buds

(Anything under 5 keys I decided I would not list)
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b/o: 14.5 keys

c/o: none
Ts Ten-gallon- 1.5 keys
Black big country - .5 keys
Both for 2
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hello selling this hat for a bud and 2 keys add me or offer here
One of the best sets iv made in tf2 so far all the sheens are mandarine and I am currently taking offers
Probably never going to sell this set but what the hell taking offers anyway

B/o : coming soon
C/o :

Screenshot :
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4 for 1 add me
looking for a nice spy hat offer here
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Most people sell this hat for 2 buds aka 32 keys
Backpack tf values it at 29 keys
I'm selling for 27
My beret plus sweets for a bliz storm le party add me to talk
1:3 the med misc is strange
The misc is strange
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Looking for 3 keys it has parts and is spec killstreak
I also have a g.shread alert taunt I can add to the set
The stranges can be switched out with others same with the watches and miscs
The cam beard is strange

Ambassador : Deadly Daffodil
Knife : Hot Rod
Spy-cicle : Mean Green
Le'tranger : killstreaks active

B/O on hat : around 1.9 buds 2.5 in unu
B/O on set : around 2.7 buds 3 in unu

I like spy hats the most but please I really don't like the look of the charmers so unless it's crazy overpay don't offer it
Then sniper,pyro,soli,etc.

Thanks and gl
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Add me or send a trade offer if u agree
Every sheen is emerald

B/O : none atm
C/O : none atm
Headshot part
Demo killed part
Heavy killed part

2 keys or offers