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Selling most of the stuff from my backpack. Add me to talk or send me a request here: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=45985481&token=HHC19Kx6
Offer here....
Wolf 7 keys
Metro 5 keys
Selling for 10 keys. Asia Row version - works worldwide. Add me or post here.
Have a nice day!
5 refined for strange rocket or offer here x)
Add me for fast trade
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1.44 each or offers
Hey, I would like an 1:1 change... This trade is for those who collect, I dont want any profit for he exchange and I dont want people who change these for profit on this trade. Thank you
Offer here, dont add me... Thank you :)
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Selling these strange items - offer here in keys and/or metal. Furthermore Im really interested in Strange Bot Sticky, Strange Grenade and Stogie, so offer those too :)
Offer here, dont add me.
Offer here, dont add me, thank you.
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Offer here, dont add me on Steam. Thank you.
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Offer here, dont add me on Steam. Thank you.
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Hey guys, welcome to my trade.
I'm looking for these games - Harley Quinn is priority (unavailable in my country) and since its summer sale Im offering games in approximately same value and tf2 items as a bonus or just tf2 items.
Offer here :)
3 scrap for 3 piles of ash or leave offers here
Any offers... Hidden=no ty
Selling key - 2.66 each, 3 for 8 ref
0.22 each... (Spreadsheet price and burnt items are 0.11 each, so thats a fair price I guess when I spent more for them)... Leave offers here
Offer here :) -> interested mostly in key/metal offers...
3 scraps for 4 piles of ashes, or leave offers here.
Offer anything, mostly interested in games...
Hidden = no ty
Selling clean meet the medic taunt, looking for offers, considering from 2.44 or a key...
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#19 only...
Selling keys for 2.66 each, add me if you're interested
Looking for offers for this 50% ID soft coupon
Trading these, want some offers.
Trading these hats, want some offers.
Looking for offers, interested in Portal
Selling Half Life 2 Episode 2 for keys and metal, or offers including games or TF2 items... Offer here or add me :)
Looking for offers
Trading these three for 0.44 each
Selling 50% ID soft coupon for 1.33 REF, if more people are interested, best offer wins...