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Selling for a friend
Fruit Shoot - 100Keys
Casemaker - 850Keys
Selling for a friend

Panama- 60 Keys
Yellow Belt - 60 Keys
Fruit Shoot - 100 Keys.
Capo's Capper - 60 Keys.
Black Watch - 30 Keys.

Mainly looking for pure.
Selling for friends.

Guadalajara: 40 Keys
Shako: 110Keys
Safe 'n' Sound: 60 Keys
Casemake: 1000 Keys
Airdog: 20 Keys
Crones: 55 Keys
Buy a life taunt: 55 Keys
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Selling for a friend.

B/o 90 Keys.
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Considering offers on these two.
Whoopee Cap: 60 Keys.
Bicorne: 30 Keys.
Muffs: 170 Keys.
Attendant: 60 Keys.
Selling for a friend,


Fukaamigasa: 80 Keys
Mountain Cap: 70 Keys.
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Whoopee Cap: 70 Keys.
Bicorne: 30 Keys.
Wraith: 90 keys.
Muffs: 170 Keys.
Hound Dog: 25 Keys.
Bicorne: 30 Keys.
Noir: 25 keys.
HazMat: 95 keys.
Wraith: 90 keys.
Birdcage: 12 keys.
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b/o 170 Keys.
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made a new trade becsuse I can trade this now. I unboxed it.
I see you - 30 Keys Pure only
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Taking offers.
Blitzkrieg Pistol - 40 Keys
Boomstick Shotgun - 90 Keys
Woodsy Widowmaker SMG - 18 Keys

Mainly looking for pure.
Hound Dog: 45 keys.
HazMat: 100 keys.
Wraith: 90 keys.
Kabuto: 30 keys.
Bonnet: 23 keys.
Birdcage: 12 keys.
Translator: 25 keys.
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b/o 25 keys
Pure only.

B/o 26 Keys
Brokering for a friend. Mainly looking for pure but I'll consider unusual offers.

B/O 45 Keys
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My first unbox in a while. Just taking offers for now.
170 keys. Pure only.
Falkirk Helm: 220Keys
Frenchman's Beret: 35 Keys
Frenchman's Beret: 35 Keys.
Hallmark: 140 Keys.
Hot dogger: 85 Keys.
Hot dogger: 85 Keys.
Frenchman's Beret: 35 Keys.
Killer's Kabuto: 125 Keys.
Ol' Geezer: 30 Keys.
Mancer: Sold.
Kabuto: 125Keys
Dread Knot: Sold.
Blizz TC: Sold
Hearts Mancer: 150 Keys
Hearts Pot: 50 keys
Tossle Cap: 38 Keys
Mullet: 20 Keys
Marauder: 26 Keys.
Keys are boring. Offer me things.

I've got 82 keys.
4 keys, send a trade offer.
Dapper is all-class now! no low offers please <3
Taking offers on these muffs as the newest update to them wasn't for me.
Rocket /w Medics killed with full ubercharge: 8ref
Nade : 2.66 ref
Knife: 3 Ref
Both have some nice parts and the Scottish Resistance is spec ks.

2 Keys each.
Brokering for a friend.

Selling this nice hearts med hat, mainly looking for pyro hats or pure.

B/o 90 Keys pure or item overpay.

- If the unu is for pyro it will not need as much overpay
- If the unu is a menco no overpay is needed.
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Brokering for a friend, looking for around 16 keys. Overpay in unusuals please.
Dapper has no b/o and yes I know about the all-class hype.

Lucha b/o 25 keys.
Bonk : 16 Keys
Dixie : 15 Keys
Runner : 30 Keys

Overpay in unusuals.
All class hype :)

b/o 30 keys.
Airwolf Sniper Rifle (Minimal Wear): 8.66 Ref
Blue Mew Rocket Launcher (Field-Tested): 2.66 Ref
Strange Nutcracker Scattergun (Field-Tested): 14.33 Ref
Strange Dressed to Kill Shotgun (Factory New): 2 Keys
1 key each!
Taking offers on a fresh drop aussie sniper.
Taunt: 1.66 Ref
Gold painted Viewfinder: 6 Ref.
Hey selling some stuff,
Strange vintage Stockbroker: 6 Ref
Strange Jarate: 1 Ref
TOD Ticket: 8.33 Ref
Flip: 5.33 Ref
Bounty Hat: 1 Key
Summer shades: 2 Keys
Essential Accessories: 13 Ref
Gunslinger (Spec Ks Team shine) : 19 Ref
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Hello friends, taking offers on a clean strange Blizz veil.

I bought this with the idea of keeping it but I don't use it enough to keep so I'm taking offers on it.

If you add me comment here or on my steam profile or you might get lost in my sea of random adds, sorry.
17 Ref, send me a trade offer.
Hey friends, brokering this clean orbiting fire Bonk Leadwear looking for around 15 keys.
Hey friends I'm brokering this nice and clean bubbling Pencil Pusher, looking for 18 keys! Overpay in unusuals.