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Looking to buy some REGULAR UNAPPLIED killstreak kits. Not interested in already applied, or prof/spec kits.

Place your offers in the comments! mainly looking for stock weapons or commonly used weapons

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Looking to buy some just plain killstreak kits. Not really into all the effects so i won't add for them.

throw me some offers for what you have. mostly interested in primarys/secondaries for: Soldier, scout, sniper, pyro, enige and maybe spy. don't really play the other classes much. buying these for myself not re-trading.

I already have stranges for all the weapons i'd be buying kits for, not interested in buying your regular items with the kits already used.

Jag: 5 ref

Already bought:
shotty: 3 ref
Huntsman: 2.33 ref
Rocket launcher: 6 ref
Direct hit: 1.66 ref
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Good class. Good Hat. Classy effect. Short history. Overall a very good looking unusual. (See attachment)

Past offers:
Bubbling grimme and a bills.

I much prefer to deal in lower tier hats, more than willing to trade for multiple unusuals. Will be hesitant to add for an upgrade.
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Trow me some offers. All class, older effect. Nice little hat.

Searing stout shako
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========================== NO, THE WANGA PRICK IS NOT FOR SALE ==========================
=======================================Counter: 11========================================

I am collecting weapons that their craft numbers are palindromic, meaning it is the same forward as it is backwards. i may make an offer on a hat i really like, but in general i'm only looking for weapons. The numbers I am specifically interested in like will be like the ones shown, 5 digits and at least 2 numbers.
--------------------Really only looking for these patterns:--------------------
(eg. The wanga prick: 25252)-------------------------|
(eg. the Eviction notice: 31813)------------------------|

Already have:
Redtape recorder
Huo-long heatmaker
Powerup canteen
Wanga prick (2x)
Killer exclusive
Pompson 6000
Big earner

Will probably not pay more than face value for something i already have
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Decent scout hat with a good looking effect. only one on outpost atm, people have been asking 4 buds plus, i'm willing to do less than that.

B/O B/os are dumb

None yet!

Please refrain from adding me.
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Couple of nice killstreak items. Just looking for offers at the moment.

Specialized KS SF Flare gun.
Sheen: Team Shine
C/os: None yet


Professional KS Genuine Ham shank.
Killstreaker: Singularity
Sheen: Manndarin
C/os: 6 keys
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Got this thing as sweets. Looking for offers for now.

Sheen: mandarin.
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White painted kabuto: 3 keys
Equalizer: .33 ref
TS Beard: 5 ref
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Looking to buy low tier unusuals for various currencies, as i buy and sell items i will have varying amounts on hand, so feel free to check back if i don't have much.

Willing to buy any non gifted unusual for 9 keys.

At present i have:
20 keys
28 ref

Obviously, the better the price, the more inclined i am toward buying it. Throw me some offers, but please refrain from adding me.
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Finding myself in need of six strange items. doesn't matter what they are or if they're gifted etc. buying for 2 scrap each.
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2:1ed with a bubbling noble for a memory leak baker (3.6-4)
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2:1ed with a mem leak brigade helm for a mem leak baker boy.
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Couple of strange festives.

Justice: 3 keys 6 ref

Sandwich and Amby sold
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Just bought today. Looking for offers for now, the only other on outpost is looking for 1.5, but i'll go lower.

No b/o

C/Os: Brand new.
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Pls get this out of my backpack.
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Mackeral (2x): 5 keys
grenade launcher: sold
Grenade launcher (robots part): 11 keys
Justice: 4 keys
huntsman: sold
axe: SOLD!
Sandvich: 7 keys
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Tunic: 4.33 ref
  • Completed
bouffant: 3 ref

Feel free to add me for these prices. I'd prefer not to be added for offers.
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P. fetti tricorne
sold as a part of a 3:1 totaling ~63 keys

Bubbling Prancer's Pride
Good cheap pyro unusual. 1/1 on outpost.
B/O 14 keys
C/O 11 keys

Steaming coupe.
sold as a part of a 3:1 totaling ~63 keys

I consider buds to be 19 keys. I don't have much in the way of change unfortunately.
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Couple of good looking unusuals here (see attachments)

Vivid plasma Sober stuntman
sold as a part of a 3:1 totaling 63 keys

Orbiting for handyman's handle
1:1ed for a P fetti tricorne.
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Attendant: 1.66 ref
rouge: 2.66 ref

Fell free to add me for these prices, will also except keys as 7 ref
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It seems i accidentally piled up about a bud in random crap again, time to sell.

Col roule: 2.66 ref.

Feel free to add me for these prices, i accept keys as 7 ref if you would prefer to pay that way.
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Seems i accidentally piled up a bud in random crap again, time to sell.

Bonk leadwear (gold): 3 ref
Dirty football helm: .44 ref
Warsworm helmet (violet): 2.33 ref
Stogie: 2 ref
Tuff muffs: sold

Feel free to add me if you're paying these prices, I also accept keys as 7 ref if you prefer to pay that way.
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Some nice low tier hats, with nice visible low tier effects looking for offers

Planets leadwear:
sold for 21-23 in unusuals and keys

Smoking hetmans
1:1ed for a orb fire handle (15-16 keys)
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Nice clean, VoT voodoo juju. looking for 14 keys or unusal offers.
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Strages. some crap, some nice

Renamed fist of steel: .22 ref
Shovel: .16 ref (3 weps)
Jarate: .33 ref
Amby: 5.33 ref

Feel free to add me for these prices, I accept keys as 7 ref if you'd prefer to buy that way.
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Sold for 18 keys in mixed items and promos
  • Completed
Tools? Tools.
1 ref each.

decal tool was claimed.
  • Completed
Pyro stranges.
Axtinguisher: 4 ref

Feel free to add me for these prices, i will also take keys as 7 ref each if you'd prefer to pay that way.
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Sold for a nuts flamence and a key (18 keys mixed)
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Sold for 14-15 keys in mixed promos and items
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Please Do not add me! <===FFS PEOPLE READ THIS ONE LINE

getting so damn sick of getting added for this...

It is now September, Christmas is 3 months away. Kohl's has even put out Christmas goodies. I've had this trade up for about 2 months, and offers have already increased in value by about 30% (9.5 keys to 12.5 keys on huntsman). Feel free to make offers on these fine investments.

Definition of "c/o"
Current offer.
This is the best offer i have received for a specific item or group of items. In order to get the item, you must BEAT the current offer, in either desirability, or value. Just because you beat the c/o does not mean you automatically get it.

My current best offer received for SF Axetinguisher
You must beat this price
5 keys

My current best offer received for SFHuntsman
You must beat this price!
13 keys
B.M.O.C (12.5-14+ keys)

My current best offer received for SF Sandvich
you must beat this price!
bills + 2 ref (~7.5 keys)

My current best offer received for SF Mackerel
You must beat this price!
4 keys

My current best offer received for SF Grenade launcher
You must beat this price!
14 keys in items.

Fronteir justice
3 keys 3.33 ref

Other offers
Planets swagmans plus white bills for 1 of each. (32ish keys)
black bills and strange grenade launcher for SF mackeral and grenade launcher (14 keys)
Orbiting fire big country for grenade and huntsman (24 keys)

I am at a loss for how to explain the C/O process better....
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Buying any and all craftable hats at the price of 1.22 refined. (ellis, paper, any of them)

If i have more than 1.22 ref in my inventory, i am willing to buy a craft hat with it. just check my inventory, and if i have enough feel free to add me.

Metal stock: 21 ref

Please note, this excludes the following as they aren't usable in rebuilding:
Stock broker's scarf (vint. and non)
Foster's facade (vint. and non)
Ghastly gibus
Dealer's visor
Alien swarm parisite.
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selling these nice genuines:
3 keys for the original
1.66 ref for the foppish.
  • Completed
ochistrina: 1.66 ref
football helm: 1 ref
Soldier's stoogie: 3.33 ref
FLight of the monarch: 2.66 ref
mint: 4.33 ref sold
grey: 1.66 ref sold
TC: 6 ref
pin: 1.66 ref

Feel free to add me for the prices, i accept keys as 5.11 ref and craft hats as 1.22 ref. Can add change as needed.
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looking to sell these bills hats
8 keys unpainted
9 keys TS
10 keys black.
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no one reads this anyway
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as the trade says, make offers on this het.
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looking to buy some 2012 strange festives, make me some offers!

Seeing as this has been a repeating issue, i will define "C/O"
C/O is short for 'Current offer' this means that i have already been offered this. In order for me to consider, you must beat this offer, in either desirability or value. This also means that adding me and giving me the same offer Is a waste of both our time

SF Holy mackerel
C/O 4.5 keys (bougt: 1)

SF Buff banner
C/O 4.5 keys

SF Axtinguisher
C/O 4 keys

SF Grenade launcher
C/O 10 keys (desc)

SF Sandvich
C/O 6.5 keys

SF Fronteer justice
C/O 3.6 keys

SF Ubersaw
C/O 4.5 keys

SF Hunstman
C/O 10 keys

SF Ambassador
C/O 5 keys

I am willing to buy any for the price of two keys, l also have a N&B waxy wayfinder if that sparks your interest (never doing a 1:1)
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I know it's a bad hat, it still doesn't look THAT bad. purple looks very nice on this hat, and the effect is a nice showy effect, while still being low in price. Make me some offers, in either keys or 2012 SF weps.

Please note: if you are looking to sell a strange festive, please see my other trade.
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I am looking to sell these fine desirables

Last breath: 2 keys/ 10 ref
Front runner: 2.33 ref
Lime Fast learner: 9 ref
Laugh taunt: 3.33 ref
Familiar Fez: 4 ref
Apparatchik's Apparel: 2.33 ref
Dirty fancy fedora: 1.33 ref
Dirty football helm: 1 ref.

Feel free to add me for these prices, i accept keys at the rate of 4.66 ref and craft hats for 1.22 ref, feel free to add me if paying these prices, make any other offers here.
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very lovely hat, i've enjoyed having it, but i'm in need of keys.

18 keys for it, also looking at 2012 strange festive offers.
  • Completed
Selling these vintage weps
.33 Each

Deleted weps have been sold

Feel free to add me for these prices, i accept keys as 3.77 ref and craft hats as 1.22 ref, will add change accordingly.
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I really don't understand why stormy isn't higher than it is, it's a pretty nice effect to look at (see pics below). I'm not going to overprice though. Just show me some offers!

black bills and enough keys to make 20 keys (20 keys)

past offers: (value is at the time of the offer)
strange machina and 9 ref (24-25 keys)
White bills and strange sapper (22 keys)

As a side note, pyro is my most played class, i don't mind looking classy while i wait for this to sell, so no, i'm not looking to quicksell.

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Trading all kinds of things for unusuals in the range of a bud and less. Obviously, the better your price, the more inclined i am to take it.

bought: 5

Stuff stock:
1 keys
1 unpainted bills
23 refined
Vintage football helm.
assorted sweets (12 keys worth)

Totaling around 2.66 buds in value (or 72 keys)

Make offers here unless you know that i won't refuse.
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  • Completed
white: 9 keys 2 ref
TS: 9 keys

Add me.
  • Completed
Looking for offers.

c/o 14 keys (collecting)
  • Completed
Nice hat, not overly visable effect, make me some offers.

None atm.