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Looking for pure or item offers on this lovely triple chromatic soldier set! You'd be hard pressed to find a spell set where the cosmetics fit with each other as well as this one :) if your buying them individually i will require more!
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looking for pure or unusual offers for pickel

pickel: b/o 12k pure, 13.5 in unusuals
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selling this clean smoking kabuto for pure or unusual offers (soldier preffered!) mainly looking to 1:1 or downgrade
pure price: 20k
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Got a clean Smoking Honcho's Head Gear and some pure, looking to either upgrade, 1-1, or downgrade to another soldier hat. Other class unusual offers welcome but they will need to be overpay. Add me if interested!

Pure b/o is 12 keys FIRM

10.62 keys (trading bot on backpack)
stormy headwarmer if I add 6 keys (on firepowered)
nutz stainless pot and 1.5 keys in sweets (on firepowered)

effects I prefer:
tf logo
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Parting with the best looking hat I've owned. This is out of necessity only. only accepting keys, I have no interest in re-trading unusuals.

price: 65k

I prefer adds because I don't feel like checking this often. Only add if you have the price in pure please.

number of scammers that have added me other the past few weeks I've had this on 6
number of people actually interested: 0 rip
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looking for 25 pure(yes its clean)

if you are paying in unusuals I need overpay, I am mainly looking for pure.

c/o: 19k too lowwww
NOTE: I now have 19k
I have some spare keys and I want cool crap. I don't care what it is, as long as its interesting.
mainly looking for items with paint/strange parts that actually suit them, Halloween spells, craft numbers, special levels, glitched items.
basically anything the average person would not want to spend more for :)
selling this nice clean soldier unusual for 15k pure or unusual offers!


c.o: 12k pure
aussie force a nature
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Selling this pro ks Australlium rocket launcher for pure or unusual offers! it has a good killstreaker and great strange parts! quickbuyers pay 67k, and since this is a nicer then average one and I'm not quickselling, I'm looking for 75

b/o: 75k pure, 85k in unusual offers
patriot peak is now all class! mine is clean with a 3 person history!

peak b/o: 80k (on the scm, can be retrieved at any time)
c/o: 70 mixed
75 in unusuals+items(x2)
tentative pro ks aussie rocket with nice parts and kill streaker(basically 70 pure)
tentative entire vintage collection

8/9 of my class loadouts are based around the patriot peak, so your gonna have to offer good to get it from me
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bp price: 40 keys

b/o: 35
selling this awesome, clean, 1/3, bonzo honcho!

I'm looking for AT LEAST 100k pure, and a lot more in items!

c/o: clean vivid chullo if I add (firepowered)
89k pure (vatican) if offering pure please beat this, or I will have no reason to consider you.

I am not quickselling this amazing hat, so please don't try to lowball
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clean Phos towering pillar of hats (there is a guy with a sulph one that wants 75, and another wants 65)
b/o: 60k
c/o: 54k pure (on firepowered)

clean prancers pride: 12k pure

festive strange pro ks hunstman with 7k in parts: only 12k pure! quickbuyers on bp pay 9.8, and this has 7k in parts!
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selling this awesome, clean, 5 person history, 1/3 in existence time warp baker boy!

looking for 75k pure or more in unusuals!
c/o: 66k pure (firepowered)

this effect looks amazing and is extremely visible! keep in mind that green black hole bakers are going steady at 65k, and this effect is considered higher tier. also, the only other seller is looking for 80k on his DUPED baker boy, and mine is clean!
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selling this clean, AMAZING effect ze goggles!

looking for 65k pure or unusual offers!
c/o 50k (quicksell buyer)
ge mann+smoking topi+strange summer shades for this and my razor cut

This is NOT a quicksell, but I am SLIGHTLY negotiable, add me to talk!
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Selling this awesome, clean, 1/2 in existence demo unusual!

looking for 28k pure or unusual overpay!
c/o: circling peace sign pirate bandana(32) if i add 5k

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selling this awesome clean engie unusual for pure or unusual overpay! pretend your a weird green effect rip off of uncle dane!

b/o: 37k

This is not a quicksell, price is firm!
selling this clean, not level 1/7 max's painted the value of teamwork for 29k!(price is firm, do not offer anything else in pure) or unusual overpay
Selling this clean, high tier soldier hat with an awesome effect for pure or unusual offers! NOT QUICKSELLING, THIS IS ONE OF MY DREAM UNUSUALS

b/o: 65k pure(pretty firm) or a professional killstreak aussie rocket launcher
c/o: ST FT crimson web bayonet(70k???) - dont like csgo
120 paypal (don't like the risk, sorry)

unusual offers require a bit of overpay, depending on the hat of course. post here or add me to offer(I love adds, don't be shy!)
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Looking to trade for ANY csgo knife, no matter how cancerous!
I've got a 13 key unusual(clean and nice effect), 3 keys pure, and 2k in items.
I may be able to add more, so add me to discuss!
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selling this amazing, clean, 1/1 on outpost, dead presidents team captain! NOT QUICKSELLING

B/O: 52k pure, more in unusual offers. I can add minor sweets for an australlium rocket launcher
c/o c9 kabuto(45) + pro ks strange wrench(7)

also, there is a extremely recent price update, so it should hold its value!
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selling these awesome clean unusuals!

vivid tree: All class first gen!
b/o: 44k
c/o: d@d stunt and 3k
c/o: 38k pure

stuntsman: visible effect!
b/o: 13k
c/o: stormy gym rat + sweets

tricorne: BUBBLES
b/o: 14k
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selling this awesome clean gym rat with a really visible effect!

b/o: 13k

not quick selling!
selling this cool clean demo unusual!

14k pure or unusual offers! this is NOT a quicksell!
selling this clean first gen sniper hat! great, visible effect.

b/o: 27k or unusual offers

selling these awesome CLEAN hats! I AM NOT QUICKSELLING! Prices are very firm!

Stormy kabuto: SOLD for a vivid bloke, 6k pure, and 1k in items

stormy buck:
b/o: 14k pure
nice engie hat with one of the most visible effects in the game!

circling tf logo stuntsman:
b/o: 13k pure
nice, visible effect!
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buying quicksells with 40 keys pure! mainly looking for extremely cancerous 8-10 key unusuals!
clean demo hat with a really nice and visible effect!

Only 13 keys!

no lowballs please, I'm not quickselling.
selling this awesome clean tyrants helm!

b/o: 20k pure or 23ish in unusuals

I'm not quickselling so please don't lowball!
buying any uncraftable hats! state your price or send a trade offer
clean, god tier multi class hat. 1/1 on outpost/backpack

b/o: 50 keys

c/o: death at dusk janis(32) and spec ks peace sign trilby(20) if i add sweets
smoking tyrants(20k), aussie stickybomb launcher(17k), 13k pure=50 mixed, going to take this when he gets all of the keys so you would need to top this.

please keep the lowballs to a minimum, I'm not quick selling this amazing hat.

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just got this clean god tier soldier hat, not planning to ever sell it unless I get an amazing offer.

pure b/o: 40k

unusual overpay not required if it is one of the hats listed. if yours is worth less though I expect pure to cover the gap.
buying the most cancerous unusuals in the game! 7-8 keys depending on what you have, I'll take anything, duped or gifted! offer other unusual's too but I expect a good discount. keys in stock: 24
selling this nice demo unusual for 12k pure or unusual offers! (its clean, level 1, and I'm not quickselling, so please no lowballs)

10k pure (vatican)
bubbling tam o' shanter (firepowered)
selling this spec ks festive FACTORY NEW shell shocker! looking for pure or unusual offers!
ew did someone shit in my kabuto?! there are flies everywhere!

trading this god tier soldier hat with a 1st gen effect for pure or unusual overpay!

b/o: 25k pure 30k in unusuals (unless i like the hat)

currently in the scm, can get at any time

mostly interested in soldier unusuals. I love logos, confetti, planets, smoking, aces, cloud 9, orb fire, and stormy.
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painted white, 1 key or item overpay.

only CLEAN planets muffs on the market as far as I'm aware!

B/O: 30 keys pure or max's

massed flies kabuto (25k) + 1.5k in sweets (lowish)
miami nights fed fightin (30k)
stormy YWN (29k) (don't play sniper :/)
24k pure (low)

I am accepting unusual offers as well, soldier and other all class hats take priority.
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Selling this 1/2 on the market 1/5 in existence clean memory leak tyrants helm!

it has violet foot prints (19k spell) and voices from bellow (2k spell) on it!

my b/o is 35k and because of the spells, offers bellow 28k (averaged bp price) will NOT be considered under ANY circumstances, so please don't bother!

if paying in unusuals, overpay is only required if i dislike the hat! I am mainly looking for other tyrant helms and kabuto's but feel free to offer anything.
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just got this awesome solly hat, planning to hold on to it for the long haul.

only way your taking it off my hands is with another kabuto (i have pure for small effect upgrades) or a tyrants.

oh and you can offer pure, but my b/o for that is 50 keys ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

c/o: memory leak tyrant with 2 halloween spells + 3 keys pure
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I have 30k pure, looking for unusual offers (mainly tf logo and the hats above)
I'm no quicksell buyer so I don't expect you to discount your hat anymore then a few keys

other liked effects: stormy storm, planets, smoking, peace sign
buying specific hats for specific firm but fair prices! I'm only asking for 10%-15% off bp prices for all these hats (but the tam o's of course)

tf logo kabuto: 30k pure

peace kabuto: 28k pure

stormy kabuto: 26k pure

tf logo tyrant: 30k pure

cloud nine casemaker: 28k pure

tf logo tam: 12k pure

searing plasma tam: 14k pure
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looking for nice unusuals, have 30k pure. I manly want soldier unusuals but offer any!

this is not a quicksell buying trade, if i like your hat I will pay its price!
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I've got a max's and a bills for sweets. I am looking for nice SOLDIER unusuals or 30k pure for the max(#prettydarnfirm)

hats I like: tyrants helm, HWNN, federal casemaker, soldiers stash, killers kabuto, team captain
effects I like: confetti, tf2 logo, planets, smoking, steaming, orbiting fire. feel free to offer others though :)
obviously i only expect nutz stash's/TC's because of their price, but dont bother offering nutz on any other hat.

If you offer unusuals under the value of my max's I expect pure to cover the gap.

searing plasma drill
orbiting planets HWNN for my max's (great hat, will probably take it but the extremely outdated bp price worries me, as its actual value is more then double)
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BOTH HAVE AIRBORNE ENEMIES (3.5k part) I'm only looking for 1k each, need pure quick
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quick selling this awesome, clean, 3 person history, 1st gen effect, level 42 searing plasma sammy cap!

ONLY 25 (9 key discount) KEYS PURE! add me or send me a trade offer, price is completely firm as this is already a great discount
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selling this sweet clean scout unusual!

b/o: 30 keys or a max's

a match making beta pass (yeah I'm as confused as you are, he was serious)
cloud nine bonnet (32k) dont particulary love the hat
circling tf2 logo party phantom (28k) plus 1 key pure
memory leak bonk boy (30k) + 2 keys

this hat just got a recent price update on so you can be assured of its value*

also accepting unusual offers with little overpay
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buying any steam trading cards 1 scrap each, add me!
mobile authenticator enabled!
looking to buy a nice soldier hat, I have 25k pure.

orbiting planets, aces high, 1st gens > everything else > flies, nutz

you can offer other soldier hats or even other class hats, but these take priority.
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