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Any 5 csgo keys.

Send me a trade offer or add me.
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So.. I don't play tf2 anymore....

I know these low crafts are worth something to someone, so offer me some cs:go stuff :D

Don't lowball me either, i will research before i sell this.
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Offers yo.

Currently on steam market, cheapest there too!

Link to Steam Market: http://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/440/Unusual%20Glasgow%20Great%20Helm
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Looking for offers.

Pure price would be around 2.6 - 2.8 buds 2.4 buds

Unusual offers of anything above 2.6 2.4

Also looking for a nice knife

Offer away.

(Currently listed on market. Will grab it when needed.)

Apparently it's duped. Offer at your own discretion.
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Selling dis hat.

Price - 2 Bud + Bill [preferably painted]

Or a very nice unusual stoveman's
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Earbud + 8 keys.


Unusual scout offers.
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Someone might want this c:

Offer up on this sexy number XD
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Looking to sell these separately now.

Approximate prices- [UPDATED]

PnS - 10 keys
VrH - 7 keys
Pilotka - 6 keys
Cowl - 9 keys
Locker - SOLD
Marxman - SOLD
Western - 1 key
Chargin Targe - 100 keys. [#legit]

I haven't been playing tf2 in ages. Nothing exciting anymore.

I swear someone's going to mention that they're normal hats.
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4 keys. Send me a trade offer.
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Send me a trade offer please :D
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test. Just want to see something
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aww yus.


simple :D
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Looking for offers.

b/o - bud + 4 keys

I like unusuals....
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What additional info.
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Offer me amazing shieett
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I look at all offers. Except for 1 ref offers, then i will come to your house and break your keyboard.

C/O -
Stormy Storm Brigade Helm [Retracted]
Stormy Storm Big Chief - [Retracted]
16 g. Kunais + 1 v.kunai
Lvl 100 V.Prussian + TS bills + 2 key + g.aperture
SF mackeral + festive scatter + lvl 0 sandvich
Bills + #49 VRH + #49 Rainblower

genuine buds huehuehuehue


Want to add me to discuss in private?
Just tell me down below that you're adding me.

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Not much here.

Pretty good deal.

If you could get me CCE i would love you big time.

Oh yeah. look at the craft numbers.
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I have lots more.

Looking for offers mostly.

Have around 47 crates.
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1:1 with any of these.

Add me or post here.
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Any 5 random CHIVALRY CARDS.
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By craft hats i mean < #100 craft numbers.


Yes i might buy your #39 demo items

Yes i am kinda poor right now.


Offer here or add me. I don't mind.
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Looking for offers.

Would love multiple hats and stuff like that.
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Not too many of these things around :3

Looking for offers primarily in keys or other craft numbers.

B/O - something around 5 keys :33

c/o -
2 key + uncraft Chief Constable
vintage TS billycock + vintage TS camera beard
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Looking to buy rare backgrounds. c:

Feel free to offer here or add me to offer.
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Buying: CS:GO, TF2, Portal cards and backgrounds.

Offer me your prices.
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Offers including robo keys preferred XD

Add me or offer here.
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2 Refined each!

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Need one of my cards to finish your set?


Any random card [can be outside of tf2] + 1 reclaimed for any one of my tf2 cards.

Add me or post here.
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Offers in robo crate keys please.

Offer here or add me XD

Note the craft numbers XD
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Need one of my cards?

I'll happily trade you any ONE of my cards for TWO of your cards.

And for the uncommon background, i can trade that for FOUR cs:go cards, which saves you one card if you want to try craft it yourself.

Add me or post here.
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1 key for any 7 cards.

Add me.
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Need one of my cards?

I'll happily 1:2 any of your extra cs:go cards,

That means I give you 1 of my cards, and in return you ive me any 2 random cs:go cards

Also looking for card offers on my camo background
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The ultimate gibus.

Need it to finish your ultimate collection?

ONLY for 3 keys.

or multiple hat offers.

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Purchased: 40+-
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5 robocrate keys.

Look at the craft number.
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Some painted stuff here.

I LOVE multiple craft hat offers.

B/O -
Tavish - 1 key [3 craft hats]
Sola Topi - 1 key + 1.33 ref [5 craft hats]
Kabuto -
Ellis - 3 keys [10 craft hats]
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1 scrap each..

Just trying to get rid of so many extra weapons.
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1 scrap each.

I don't even know how i got so many :/
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3 keys each.

Add me or post here.

one has been sold.
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B/O -
K-9 Mane - sold for 1.33
Prancer's Pride - sold for 1.33
Bird - sold for 1 key
Scotsman - sold for 2 scrap + v. scottish
Backburner - 1 rec
3 use game - 2 scrap
gifted game - 1 rec
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Notice the black paint.
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B/O -
Black Ellis cap - 3 keys
Black Kabuto - 3 keys
White Killer Exclusive - sold.
Teufort Tooth Kickers - sold.
Lvl. 69 Fancy Fedora - sold.

Add me if you're paying the b/o

If not, offer down below
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add me.
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Add me and/or post here.
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Offer here

Check list -
High tier hat ✓
Nice rounded number ✓
Awesome ✓

B/O - 10 keys

C/O -
#59 rail spikes
#88 cold killer [rejected due to rudeness]
#89 war pig [already have #19 war pig]
Bounty hat + sweets

Don't be this guy: [only part of the convo]
8:19 PM - Crude Tricycle: they don't have a set price
8:19 PM - Crude Tricycle: just what someone wants to pay for each
8:20 PM - ||||||||||||||||||: well you have priced a craft number....
8:20 PM - Crude Tricycle: a b/o isn't really a price
8:20 PM - ||||||||||||||||||: yes it is
8:20 PM - ||||||||||||||||||: its what you have priced it as
8:20 PM - Crude Tricycle: i can accept less if i want.
8:21 PM - Crude Tricycle: but i also price your hat, and i don't view it as higher than mine
8:21 PM - ||||||||||||||||||: that is your fucking opinion
8:22 PM - Crude Tricycle: goodnight to you too.
8:22 PM - |||||||||||||||||||: queer