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Any 5 csgo keys.

Send me a trade offer or add me.
So.. I don't play tf2 anymore....

I know these low crafts are worth something to someone, so offer me some cs:go stuff :D

Don't lowball me either, i will research before i sell this.
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Offers yo.

Currently on steam market, cheapest there too!

Link to Steam Market: http://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/440/Unusual%20Glasgow%20Great%20Helm
Looking for offers.

Pure price would be around 2.6 - 2.8 buds 2.4 buds

Unusual offers of anything above 2.6 2.4

Also looking for a nice knife

Offer away.

(Currently listed on market. Will grab it when needed.)

Apparently it's duped. Offer at your own discretion.
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Selling dis hat.

Price - 2 Bud + Bill [preferably painted]

Or a very nice unusual stoveman's
Earbud + 8 keys.


Unusual scout offers.
Someone might want this c:

Offer up on this sexy number XD
Looking to sell these separately now.

Approximate prices- [UPDATED]

PnS - 10 keys
VrH - 7 keys
Pilotka - 6 keys
Cowl - 9 keys
Locker - SOLD
Marxman - SOLD
Western - 1 key
Chargin Targe - 100 keys. [#legit]

I haven't been playing tf2 in ages. Nothing exciting anymore.

I swear someone's going to mention that they're normal hats.
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4 keys. Send me a trade offer.

Send me a trade offer please :D
test. Just want to see something
aww yus.


simple :D
Looking for offers.

b/o - bud + 4 keys

I like unusuals....
What additional info.
Offer me amazing shieett
I look at all offers. Except for 1 ref offers, then i will come to your house and break your keyboard.

C/O -
Stormy Storm Brigade Helm [Retracted]
Stormy Storm Big Chief - [Retracted]
16 g. Kunais + 1 v.kunai
Lvl 100 V.Prussian + TS bills + 2 key + g.aperture
SF mackeral + festive scatter + lvl 0 sandvich
Bills + #49 VRH + #49 Rainblower

genuine buds huehuehuehue


Want to add me to discuss in private?
Just tell me down below that you're adding me.

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Not much here.

Pretty good deal.

If you could get me CCE i would love you big time.

Oh yeah. look at the craft numbers.
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I have lots more.

Looking for offers mostly.

Have around 47 crates.
1:1 with any of these.

Add me or post here.
Any 5 random CHIVALRY CARDS.
By craft hats i mean < #100 craft numbers.


Yes i might buy your #39 demo items

Yes i am kinda poor right now.


Offer here or add me. I don't mind.
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Looking for offers.

Would love multiple hats and stuff like that.
Not too many of these things around :3

Looking for offers primarily in keys or other craft numbers.

B/O - something around 5 keys :33

c/o -
2 key + uncraft Chief Constable
vintage TS billycock + vintage TS camera beard
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Looking to buy rare backgrounds. c:

Feel free to offer here or add me to offer.
Buying: CS:GO, TF2, Portal cards and backgrounds.

Offer me your prices.
Offers including robo keys preferred XD

Add me or offer here.
2 Refined each!

Need one of my cards to finish your set?


Any random card [can be outside of tf2] + 1 reclaimed for any one of my tf2 cards.

Add me or post here.
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Offers in robo crate keys please.

Offer here or add me XD

Note the craft numbers XD
Need one of my cards?

I'll happily trade you any ONE of my cards for TWO of your cards.

And for the uncommon background, i can trade that for FOUR cs:go cards, which saves you one card if you want to try craft it yourself.

Add me or post here.
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1 key for any 7 cards.

Add me.
Need one of my cards?

I'll happily 1:2 any of your extra cs:go cards,

That means I give you 1 of my cards, and in return you ive me any 2 random cs:go cards

Also looking for card offers on my camo background
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The ultimate gibus.

Need it to finish your ultimate collection?

ONLY for 3 keys.

or multiple hat offers.

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Purchased: 40+-
5 robocrate keys.

Look at the craft number.
Some painted stuff here.

I LOVE multiple craft hat offers.

B/O -
Tavish - 1 key [3 craft hats]
Sola Topi - 1 key + 1.33 ref [5 craft hats]
Kabuto -
Ellis - 3 keys [10 craft hats]
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1 scrap each..

Just trying to get rid of so many extra weapons.
1 scrap each.

I don't even know how i got so many :/
3 keys each.

Add me or post here.

one has been sold.
B/O -
K-9 Mane - sold for 1.33
Prancer's Pride - sold for 1.33
Bird - sold for 1 key
Scotsman - sold for 2 scrap + v. scottish
Backburner - 1 rec
3 use game - 2 scrap
gifted game - 1 rec
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Notice the black paint.
B/O -
Black Ellis cap - 3 keys
Black Kabuto - 3 keys
White Killer Exclusive - sold.
Teufort Tooth Kickers - sold.
Lvl. 69 Fancy Fedora - sold.

Add me if you're paying the b/o

If not, offer down below
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add me.

Add me and/or post here.

Offer here

Check list -
High tier hat ✓
Nice rounded number ✓
Awesome ✓

B/O - 10 keys

C/O -
#59 rail spikes
#88 cold killer [rejected due to rudeness]
#89 war pig [already have #19 war pig]
Bounty hat + sweets

Don't be this guy: [only part of the convo]
8:19 PM - Crude Tricycle: they don't have a set price
8:19 PM - Crude Tricycle: just what someone wants to pay for each
8:20 PM - ||||||||||||||||||: well you have priced a craft number....
8:20 PM - Crude Tricycle: a b/o isn't really a price
8:20 PM - ||||||||||||||||||: yes it is
8:20 PM - ||||||||||||||||||: its what you have priced it as
8:20 PM - Crude Tricycle: i can accept less if i want.
8:21 PM - Crude Tricycle: but i also price your hat, and i don't view it as higher than mine
8:21 PM - ||||||||||||||||||: that is your fucking opinion
8:22 PM - Crude Tricycle: goodnight to you too.
8:22 PM - |||||||||||||||||||: queer
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