ϟ Purple Energy Copper's Hard Top for 40 keys
ϟ Purple Energy Birdcage for 45 keys
ϟ Green Energy Détective Noir for 60 keys
ϟ Green Energy Coupe D'isaster for 30 keys
ϟ Death at Dusk Dr's Dapper Topper for 200 Keys ..Probably will be all Class as hyped.. [QUICKSELL]
ϟ Eerie Orbiting Fire Little Buddy for 22 Keys
ϟ Death at Dusk Barnstormer for 80 Keys
ϟ Morning Glory Hotrod for 70 Keys

I can accept the following items at listed price:
Earbuds = 1.5 Key
Max's Head (Clean) = 23 Keys
Max's Head (Duped) = 20 Keys
B.M.O.C. = 2 Keys
Bill's Hat = 1 Key
Big Kill = 3 Keys
Key = 20 ref

If u want to offer, you should know that your offer has to be overpriced by 30% and higher of my asking price.. Mostly prefer Australiums and Unusuals.. Analytically, i prefer pro Killstreak Australiums & Unusual Hats with following effects : 1st , 2nd gen & Halloween Effects.. If you offer me Unusuals with 3rd gen effects or Robo Unusuals you should overpay more than 60% of my asking price..

Also i can accept payment through Paypal

▼▼ Payment via Paypal "RULES": ▼▼

YOU have to be Patient and Polite
YOU have to go First regardless your "Rep"
YOU must have verified Paypal
YOU have to pay all fees [If Any]
YOU have to send payment as Family and Friends / Gift ┅┅ [IMPORTANT]
YOU have to comprise the followings at Subject section: "Type the full name of the item you want to buy" for Team Fortress 2
In the notes of the paypal you must include the following (copy and paste, then edit italicized text):
"This is payment for virtual/intangible goods within Team Fortress 2 © 2012 Valve Corporation. Physical shipment is not required. Due to the nature of goods, I (PASTE FIRST & LAST NAME ON PAYPAL ACCOUNT) (paste SteamID64 and ID32 link here), waive the option to chargeback and return."
You must have at least one of the following:
Multiple games and lots of played hours
High level, many trades made, many market transactions
A lot of rep on SteamTrades/SourceOP or any other legit trading site

▼▼ My Personal Details: ▼▼

| steamname: SkuLLeyes -|- the Bogeyman
| steam3ID: [U:1:49192594]
| steamID32: STEAM_0:0:24596297
| steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198009458322
| customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/John_Wick_the_Gentleman
| steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198009458322

Informations: I can accept 2$ or 1.8€ in place of a Key.

Note: I have the right to refuse the transaction with you, if i understand that something goes wrong with you or if i don't want to trade with you.

Note: Perhaps our transaction take 1-2 days until my bank confirm the transfer of money.
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Buying QUICKSELL Backpack Expanders:

1x Backpack Expander for 6 ref

3x Backpack Expanders for 1 Key
Looking for Quicksell Unusuals

* All Effects are welcome
* Mostly interested for Burning Flames, Scorching Flames, Green Energy, Purple Energy, Sunbeams, Arcana, Spellbound, Roboactive and High Tier Effects

Note: I will not PAY your B/Os

..I am open to your offers..
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Buying the followings:

- Clean Max Head for 24 Keys
- Duped Max Head for 22 Keys

- Earbuds for 1.5 Keys

- Bill's Hat for 1 Key

- 3x Upgrade to Premium gift for 4 Keys

- 3x Backpack Expanders for 1 Key

- 3x Tour of Duty ticket for 1 Key

- 2x Gift Wrap for 1 Key

* Quick-Buying Unusuals for 60% of their original price..

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3 Keys for 2 Upgrade to premium gift


1 Key + 8 ref for 1 Upgrade to premium gift