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Use Trade Offers, I don't care, take 'em. A small donation would be appreciated, or something like that, not too much.
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Some decent coupons and some not so decent ones, say your offer here or add me :D
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Selling these for backpack.tf prices
Can take items if DECENT overpay
Please use trade offers
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Selling these items!
Noble Violet Hoodie: SOLD
GRU Killstreaker: SOLD
High-Five Taunt: SOLD
El Jefe: 3.66 ref

Also looking for strange Bread Sapper and Bread Jarate, add me to discuss, we can work out a deal.

Comment your offers!
Send me a trade offer and/or add me!
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2:1, either one, Comment/Add me or offer your price in the comments
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2:1, two of any weapon on the left (Your Choice) for any of your stranges on the right. Please comment/add me if you would like to work out a deal. Have a nice day!
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I am selling TONS of the 2013 Halloween hats for Cheap!

All I ask is that you provide the Gift wrap to wrap the items!

Add me to trade, I value most at .66-1 ref!

STOCK (Ctrl+F to find a certain hat):
1 x Tuque or Treat
2 x One Way Ticket
2 x The Dark Helm
2 x Magical Mercenary
2 x Maneater
2 x Birdie Bonnet
1 x Cryptic Keepsake
5 x Sackcloth Spook
3 x Unidentified Following Object
1 x Quoth
1 x Horrific Head Of Hare
1 x Face Plante
2 x Sprinting Cephalapod
1 x Baphomet Trotters
3 x Terrier Trousers
4 x Faun Feet
1 x Snaggetoothed Stetson
3 x Sir Shootsalot
3 x Hallowed Headcase
1 x Carious Cameleon
2 x Freedom Feathers
1 x Hidden Dragon
5 x Larval Lid
2 x Cadavers Capper
3 x Spellbinder's Bonnet
1 x Grub Grenades
1 x Candleer
1 x Shaolin Stash
1 x Pin Pals
1 x Lieutenant Bites the Dust
2 x Squid's Lid
2 x Transylvania Top
1 x Horsemann's Hand-Me-Down
3 x Cap'n Calamari
4 x Lordly Lapels
2 x Polly Putrid
2 x Das Blutliehaber
3 x Medimedes
1 x Teutonkahmen
2 x Alternative Medicine Mann
2 x Lo-Grav Loafers
1 x Ramses' Regalia
3 x Second Opinion
2 x Surgeon's Space Suit
1 x Archimedes the Undying
1 x Horned Honcho
2 x Last Bite
3 x Monstrous Mandible
1 x Corpsemopolitan
3 x Burney's Boney Bonnet
2 x Crispy Golden Locks
3 x Mucous Membrain
1 x Spectralnaut
2 x Bozo's Bouffant
1 x Raven's Visage
2 x Carrion Companion
1 x External Organ
1 x Monster's Stompers
1 x Cauterizer's Caudal Appendage
3 x Grisly Gumbo
1 x Vicious Visage
2 x Maniac's Manacles
1 x Up Pyroscopes
1 x PY-40 Incinibot
3 x Rugged Respirator
1 x Abhorrent Appendages
2 x Creature From the Heap
3 x The Glob
1 x Hyperbaric Bowler
1 x Candyman's Cap
4 x Bountiful Bow
3 x Foul Cowl
2 x Bozo's Brogues
3 x Grease Monkey
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Selling a Killstreak Fabricator for the G.R.U., with most parts, needs about 14 more parts. Selling for Cheap, add me to offer
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A Electrostatic Stuntsman. Very awesome and is a great pair with a Caber for Thunder and Lightning.

1 of 1 on Market!

Looking for Offers!

C/O: 4 Buds

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1:1 Add me
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Selling these for a Spine-Chilling skull 2011 (The one with 3 style), can be uncraftable. This is above Bacpack.tf's high price because the haunted scrap is already wrapped, and I can add 1 more refined. So a total of about 3 keys. Add me, and let me know here because I may not be on Steam

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1 : 2 Ref

Add me
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1:1, Add me
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3.33 Fast, Quick and Easy
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3 ref, Add me
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2:1 Add me if you agree, let me know your offer here.
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Paint 1:1 for:
Fed-Fightin Fedora
Scotch Bonnet
Crocodile Smile
1.55 Refined

Key 1:1 for:

Key 1:2~3 (depending on which ones):
Beep Boy
Gen Planeswalker Goglles
Bigg Mann On campus

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4:1, or For respective high backpack.tf prices.
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4:1 Add me
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Doublecross-comm for 4 keys, and add some sweets if for a Strange All-Father

Pefer Pure, Overpay in Items (Except for S. All-Father)
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1:1, Add for Fast Trade
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Genuine DoubleCross-comm for 4.3 keys, or 4 keys and 2 ref.


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Lucky no. 42 + .66 ref: 8 keys

Trouble Makers Tossle Cap (Lime Green): 1 key + 2 Scrap

Add me.

Overpay in Items.
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Add me

Graybanns: 2 Keys

El Jefe: 4.66

Buck Turners: 2 Keys

Kringle Collection: 1.2 Keys

Pefer Pure.

Overpay in Items.
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1 Man.... 1 Key...... 6 Refined..... Trade Me.......
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For ANYTHING except a coupon, offer below.
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1:1 Tommy for Danielle
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Looking to trade my any of my cards for any of yours, 1:1, No fees.
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Trading these cards for those on the right of the same series, 1:1
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Trading this card for ANY summer backrounds.
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Selling all these items.

Vintage Dalokah's Bar: .33

Alien Swarm Parasite: .66

Skyrim summer card: Any summer backround I do not have.
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Selling these 2 items.

Villain's Veil (Color Similar to Slate): 1 key or 5.7 refined

Skyrim Summer Card: Offer, preferably something from the summer sale, like a background that I do not have.
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Selling these crates for offers and metal. Selling Emote for ANY OTHER EMOTE.
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Looking to sell any of these. Offer Here.
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Selling this Emoticon!
The emoticon for any other emoticon!
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2 Keys + 2 Refined for a Dark Age Defender.
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Selling Don't Starve for 3 Keys. Add me!
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Selling 3 Robocrates for a scrap each.
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Selling a Kanye West sign and looking for the Dark Age Defender.Please Offer on the Sign and let me know prices in the comments.
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Selling a Sign

Conscientious Objector With Name Tag and Decal: Offers*

*Please Offer here for the sign
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Selling these assorted Items!

Enforcer: .11 Ref

Family Business Sign: Offer?


Buying the 2 New stranges for Offers.
A Key is NOT A VALID PRICE for them. Seriously, who is going to honestly buy a S. Kukri now for a key when in a week they are going to be a scrap. None the Less, I will see what offers I can get for them.

Dark Age Defender: Offer?
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Selling Assorted Hats and Miscs

Team Spirit Napper's Respite: 4 Refined

Indubitably Green Pyromancer's Mask: 3.33 Refined

Australium Gold Texas Ten Gallon: 1.88 Refined
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I am selling a Putrescent Pigmentaion Cold Killer and Spectral Spectrum Cremator's Conscience.

B/O: 1 Bud

C/O: 15 keys
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A Spectral Spectrum Merc's Muffler, looking for about 18-21 keys or any offers.

REMEBER Spectral Spectrum is VERY rare and VERY expensive.

I can take offers on items and Unusuals, bint try to lowball me at less than 16 keys.