I am selling TONS of the 2013 Halloween hats for Cheap!

All I ask is that you provide the Gift wrap to wrap the items!

Add me to trade, I value most at .66-1 ref!

STOCK (Ctrl+F to find a certain hat):
1 x Tuque or Treat
2 x One Way Ticket
2 x The Dark Helm
2 x Magical Mercenary
2 x Maneater
2 x Birdie Bonnet
1 x Cryptic Keepsake
5 x Sackcloth Spook
3 x Unidentified Following Object
1 x Quoth
1 x Horrific Head Of Hare
1 x Face Plante
2 x Sprinting Cephalapod
1 x Baphomet Trotters
3 x Terrier Trousers
4 x Faun Feet
1 x Snaggetoothed Stetson
3 x Sir Shootsalot
3 x Hallowed Headcase
1 x Carious Cameleon
2 x Freedom Feathers
1 x Hidden Dragon
5 x Larval Lid
2 x Cadavers Capper
3 x Spellbinder's Bonnet
1 x Grub Grenades
1 x Candleer
1 x Shaolin Stash
1 x Pin Pals
1 x Lieutenant Bites the Dust
2 x Squid's Lid
2 x Transylvania Top
1 x Horsemann's Hand-Me-Down
3 x Cap'n Calamari
4 x Lordly Lapels
2 x Polly Putrid
2 x Das Blutliehaber
3 x Medimedes
1 x Teutonkahmen
2 x Alternative Medicine Mann
2 x Lo-Grav Loafers
1 x Ramses' Regalia
3 x Second Opinion
2 x Surgeon's Space Suit
1 x Archimedes the Undying
1 x Horned Honcho
2 x Last Bite
3 x Monstrous Mandible
1 x Corpsemopolitan
3 x Burney's Boney Bonnet
2 x Crispy Golden Locks
3 x Mucous Membrain
1 x Spectralnaut
2 x Bozo's Bouffant
1 x Raven's Visage
2 x Carrion Companion
1 x External Organ
1 x Monster's Stompers
1 x Cauterizer's Caudal Appendage
3 x Grisly Gumbo
1 x Vicious Visage
2 x Maniac's Manacles
1 x Up Pyroscopes
1 x PY-40 Incinibot
3 x Rugged Respirator
1 x Abhorrent Appendages
2 x Creature From the Heap
3 x The Glob
1 x Hyperbaric Bowler
1 x Candyman's Cap
4 x Bountiful Bow
3 x Foul Cowl
2 x Bozo's Brogues
3 x Grease Monkey
Selling a Killstreak Fabricator for the G.R.U., with most parts, needs about 14 more parts. Selling for Cheap, add me to offer
A Electrostatic Stuntsman. Very awesome and is a great pair with a Caber for Thunder and Lightning.

1 of 1 on Market!

Looking for Offers!

C/O: 4 Buds

1:1 Add me
Selling these for a Spine-Chilling skull 2011 (The one with 3 style), can be uncraftable. This is above Bacpack.tf's high price because the haunted scrap is already wrapped, and I can add 1 more refined. So a total of about 3 keys. Add me, and let me know here because I may not be on Steam

1 : 2 Ref

Add me
1:1, Add me
3.33 Fast, Quick and Easy
2:1 Add me if you agree, let me know your offer here.
Paint 1:1 for:
Fed-Fightin Fedora
Scotch Bonnet
Crocodile Smile
1.55 Refined

Key 1:1 for:

Key 1:2~3 (depending on which ones):
Beep Boy
Gen Planeswalker Goglles
Bigg Mann On campus

4:1, or For respective high backpack.tf prices.
Doublecross-comm for 4 keys, and add some sweets if for a Strange All-Father

Pefer Pure, Overpay in Items (Except for S. All-Father)
1:1, Add for Fast Trade
Genuine DoubleCross-comm for 4.3 keys, or 4 keys and 2 ref.


Lucky no. 42 + .66 ref: 8 keys

Trouble Makers Tossle Cap (Lime Green): 1 key + 2 Scrap

Add me.

Overpay in Items.
Add me

Graybanns: 2 Keys

El Jefe: 4.66

Buck Turners: 2 Keys

Kringle Collection: 1.2 Keys

Pefer Pure.

Overpay in Items.
1 Man.... 1 Key...... 6 Refined..... Trade Me.......
For ANYTHING except a coupon, offer below.
Looking to trade my any of my cards for any of yours, 1:1, No fees.
Trading these cards for those on the right of the same series, 1:1
Trading this card for ANY summer backrounds.
Selling all these items.

Vintage Dalokah's Bar: .33

Alien Swarm Parasite: .66

Skyrim summer card: Any summer backround I do not have.
Selling these 2 items.

Villain's Veil (Color Similar to Slate): 1 key or 5.7 refined

Skyrim Summer Card: Offer, preferably something from the summer sale, like a background that I do not have.
Selling these crates for offers and metal. Selling Emote for ANY OTHER EMOTE.
Looking to sell any of these. Offer Here.
Selling this Emoticon!
The emoticon for any other emoticon!
2 Keys + 2 Refined for a Dark Age Defender.
Selling Don't Starve for 3 Keys. Add me!
Selling 3 Robocrates for a scrap each.
Selling a Kanye West sign and looking for the Dark Age Defender.Please Offer on the Sign and let me know prices in the comments.
Selling a Sign

Conscientious Objector With Name Tag and Decal: Offers*

*Please Offer here for the sign
Selling these assorted Items!

Enforcer: .11 Ref

Family Business Sign: Offer?


Buying the 2 New stranges for Offers.
A Key is NOT A VALID PRICE for them. Seriously, who is going to honestly buy a S. Kukri now for a key when in a week they are going to be a scrap. None the Less, I will see what offers I can get for them.

Dark Age Defender: Offer?
Selling Assorted Hats and Miscs

Team Spirit Napper's Respite: 4 Refined

Indubitably Green Pyromancer's Mask: 3.33 Refined

Australium Gold Texas Ten Gallon: 1.88 Refined
I am selling a Putrescent Pigmentaion Cold Killer and Spectral Spectrum Cremator's Conscience.

B/O: 1 Bud

C/O: 15 keys
A Spectral Spectrum Merc's Muffler, looking for about 18-21 keys or any offers.

REMEBER Spectral Spectrum is VERY rare and VERY expensive.

I can take offers on items and Unusuals, bint try to lowball me at less than 16 keys.
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We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!