Oh no!
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Offer Good.
Burning Dragon Borne+Burning Stash+Burning Stahl
45 Pure.
Thanks ;)

Make Good Offers Now!
LF #13 AND #42 ONLY!
Paying heavily for either.
Let me know!
160$ for all of them. Need to be a well know buyer. I am selling these for a friend. You will send money to him. Thank You
Ideal Buyout Would Be Burning Stash+Burning Tyro+Heart Toque+Upgrade Burning Stove to Beams Samu+Upgrade Heart Milkman to Burning Milkman.
C.O. 13 Buds.
B.O. 15 Buds?
List yer prices.
Looking to Upgrade,Sidegrade, Downgrade, etc.

Looking either to trade the grimme seperately or the whole set.

Thanks :)

I would 1:1 immideately my ghost grimme for a c. bubbles grimme.
Make Me a Decent Offer. And Yes, It's themed

As listed. Post here before adding.
Lets get me some keys!


Make Me Drool.
Specifically Looking for A Hearts Brown Bomber AND CASH.

Brig/Ten G/Capo are Valve Duped due to the hijacking of piggy
Want High Tier Soldier Unusuals.
Wanting to do a 2:1
My Entire BP(except Flies Veil)+300$ for the Moon Modest
Buds Only!!! Make me a good offer!
Nice Scout Unusual Wanted!
Flies Snaggle Wanted!
Looking for GOOD OFFERS
Pricechecked at 8-10.

B.O. 7 Pure/8.5 in unusuals

Looking to Spend 2 buds to upgrade the Capo to a Burning Stove
Edit: Got the Stash. Need Heart Stovepipe.
Apparently it is duped. Doesnt affect the value
Heart Toque+A demo Unusual
Heart Toque+Promos
Fetti Coupe+Good Demo Unusual
Heart Milkman+As many buds as possible wins.

Current offer:
Heart Milky+2 buds+essentially another buds in sweets
Looking for Solly/Demo Hats with Fetti. Paying Any of the three options listed above (Hitman, BIlls, $$$)
Willing to add a bills worth of cash. Looking to buy a solly and demo hat with 1 bud+2 bills. I've listed the hats I would prefer.
Looking for the best I can get. Looking to 2:1
All for 1 Series 40 Crate+1 key
Name yer price.
Want Stock Snipers. Want 99 of them. Offering Cash. Prefer to buy in bulk
Heart Samu for Unusual Offers
LVL 100 Milkman BTW. Also I am adding 1 key ontop of this offer.
Somewhat low craft number. Milkman is lvl 100
4 Bud Buyout
Have 125$+the milkman(lvl 100)+the salvaged crate+the matching key for a nice soldier unusual.

I would also like to add a small amount of cash to buy 5 buds
I love this hat. You need to wow me. It is 1 of 1. Buds take preference.
Id like to trade up to a nice pyro hat+sweets. A burning flamenco+small sweets would be ideal. All offers welcome.
Pure bud offers only. Stash is Reserved at 400$. However, If someone can offer 12 pure I will accept.
20 buds for the set. No more. No less.
I might take buds+unusual offers. but i would require that the offer be atleast 50% buds
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We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!