Add me if you've got it. Clean only please.
I'd like to sell this for about 8 keys, but I'm also accepting offers.
No more, no less.
1:1 Trade. If trade shows off Riptide as a Steam Gift, know that it is actually the Summer Sale Trading Card. I have no idea why that is happening.
Got some nice items for sale here, mostly Pyro related.

Taking offers on the Level 69 Brigade Helm and Level 1 Brain Slug.

Area 451 and Champ Stamp are 1 key or 3.66 Ref each.
Not a quicksell. Offer below and don't add me unless you're willing to pay B/O.

B/O: 1.5 Buds
Looking for metal offers on these items. Just post below, please don't add me.
Taking offers on this Unusual Fez. Lowball if you want to, I'll get a good chuckle out of it.
Like Bubbles? Like Fezzes? Then I'll just leave this here for now. Please leave your offers here. I'd rather not be interrupted mid-game.
Not really a fan of this Misc. I'd love to trade it for the Distinguished Rouge though.
I accidentally the last trade with this, so apologies to all who were involved. Anyway, it's back up for offers. I'd really be interested in a Green Fetti Guadalajara, but I'm not holding my breath.
Just hit me with offers. I'm not looking for anything specific at the moment.
Sure is a pretty bird, eh? It'd go great with your Demoman's pirate theme. Don't have a pirate theme? Start one up with this marvelous flying creature by roosting it on your shoulder.

Yes, this maginicient avian life form can be yours... for the right price. As of now, i'm currently looking for offers in Refined Metal, so if you think you've got a fair offer, place it down below.
Looking to trade this Bubbling Familiar Fez for a Green Confetti Old Guadalajara + Sweets.

As far as Bud pricings go, the Fez is worth 1.5-2 and the Guad is worth 1 flat. If you try to say that a G. Fetti Guad is worth more than that, then you're just kidding yourself.

I will only entertain offers that include a G. Fetti Guadalajara. Anything else will be hidden.
B/O: 2.5 buds.

Offer away!

C/O: Buds + Black Bills
- 1 Bud + Sweets
- O. Fire Gonzilla
- 1 Bud
Looking for offers on this Ballcap; place them below. I prefer the classes listed, but I screen everything that comes up.

Don't add me unless you have an offer that I can't refuse.

B/O: 3.5 buds

C/O: Steaming Ten Gallon + 7 keys
- Blizzardy Storm Western Wear
- Bubbling Tyrolean
- Bubbling Merryweather
- Bubbling Headwarmer

-Former C/Os-
Stormy Storm Western Wear (retracted/sold)
Bubbling Killer's Kabuto (TF2TP, retracted/sold)
Planets Brain Bucket + Nuts n Bolts Brigade Helm (retracted/sold)
Eerie Orbiting Fire Ze Goggles (retracted/sold)
Steaming Milkman (retracted/sold)
Bubbling Reggaelator (retracted/sold)
Steaming Salty Dog (TF2TP, no longer interested)
Stormy Storm Pyro Beanie + Sweets (retracted/sold)
Stormy Storm Mining Light (TF2TP, retracted/sold)
Planets Hallmark + BMOC (retracted/sold)
Steaming Scotch Bonnet (retracted/sold)
Craft #29, Level 29 Waxy Wayfinder (TF2TP, retracted)

New TF2TP Listing: http://tf2tp.com/trade.php?trade=6442445

Old TF2TP Listing: http://tf2tp.com/trade.php?trade=6408701
Check it out! Bubbles Slouch. I hear that Bubbles on Sniper is gaining popularity due to it being transparent and hard to see.

I'll check every offer. There's no Buyout, and a hidden post = No thanks. :)

Offer away!

Highest Offer: Strange Festive Bat

EDIT: Please keep in mind that if you add me directly, I usually check your SteamRep beforehand. Gotta keep assholes like this guy at bay: http://steamrep.com/index.php?id=http%3A%2F%2Fsteamcommunity.com%2Fprofiles%2F76561198060174098
Orbiting Fire. Show me what you've got!
Purple Energy Coupe. B/O: 2 Buds
Unusual Trade! If you like it, put down your unusual to trade for it!
Dat Rambo Heavy. It's a pretty decent unusual, so I'm looking for offers. Hidden = No thanks. :)

-Planets Handyman (If I add sweets)
-NnB Frenchman's Beret
-TS Bills
-Soldier Medal #7502 + Sweets (Retracted)
You want it? It's yours my friends, as long as you have enough rupees.
1 Ref Straight
Unusual fer Unusual. This is a pretty decent Heavy hat so I won't be convinced to let it go so easily. Offer away!
Offer away, I don't bite. :)
Selling Key for 2.33 ref. Add me for quick trade!
Looking to trade the Bonk Boy #52 for a non-numbered Bonk Boy + some sweets. ( Preferably keys.) Leave your offers below.
Trading for another unusual. Leave your offers here. :)
Unusual for Unusual. Show me what you got!
Relisting for fresh offers.

B/O is 1.5. Thanks for your time!
Probably one of the only non-engineer hats to fit this effect. If you're a wacky Pyro looking for a decent Unusual, here's your chance! Promo offers are preferred, but I'll look at any Unusual offers that are worth my time.

Happy bidding!
Got Half-Life 2: Episode 2 from the Great Gift Pile. Anyone want it?
Anyone want it? Put an offer here. :D
Just testing the waters. I'm not really in a big rush to get rid of these.

Top C/Os so far are: * Bubbles Heavy Duty Rag (TF2TP)
- N&B Stately Steel Toe (TF2TP)
- Searing Plasma Mongolian
- Peace Festivizer
- N&B Larrikin Robin (TF2TP)
- Flies Doctor's Sack
- Fetti Spartan
Looking to trade 1:1 for any spy weapons or 3:1 for a Spy Token.
One Spy or Melee token each. Thanks!
Looking to trade 1:1 for any normal craftable spy items you may have.
Looking to trade this for key offers and only key offers.
B/O: 1.5 Buds or Unusual Offer.

C/O: Purple Fetti Football Helm
- TS Bills + V. Lugermorph + 5 Ref + Hound Dog
Unusual for Unusual!
Unusual Tradin'! I'd like to see offers of other unusuals for this, so don't be shy! :)
Unusual for Unusual, here! Got a new one, so feel free to put down yours if you're interested in mine. :)
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We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!