finishing selling off my backpack every thing must go!
got some cutie mark themed flairs here looking for 1.66 each
price is negotiable, and if you wanna buy all of them ill knock it down to 1 ref each, 8 ref total (thats a good deal my dude)
also, if you don't like ponys great don't go shitposting in my comments because i don't care
selling off my pony themed flairs for 2.33 each
also have 2 more in my backpack on with pinkie pies cutie mark and one with rainbow dash twilight's pinkie-pies and fluttershys cutie marks on it
dont like pony great dont talk shit
looking to exchange a ton of metal for keys 21 ref for 1 key
my metal for your key
selling some painted hats
white cat 7 ref
looking to thin out my objectors collection
im selling all except the 2 pertaining to trump (use those for a joke load out for heavy) feel free to look at my backpack for all the ones i own
feel free to offer here and just a heads up some may have killstreaks and i know atleast 1 has a pro killstreak on it
most are pony related so please if you dont like ponys move along
selling some nice painted hats
pink nappers 7 ref
green magistrates mulltet 2 ref
3 keys trade offer pls
22 keys
feel free to offer here dont add me to offer pls
just a heads up im mainly looking for pure feel free to offer with unusuals but unless its super overpay im probably going to decline it
airwolf flame thrower minimum wear 1 key
killstreak airwolf rifle factory new 1 key 10 ref
kiillstreak airwolf wrench sold
strange smalltown bringdown team colored factory new sold
strange festive civic duty shotty factory new sold
brain candy mini gun minimum wear sold
haunted cauterizers caudal appendage sold
strange prof powerjack hot rod hypno beams 3 keys
trade offers for my prices
offer here dont add me to offer
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got a nice pro iron curtain minigun unfortunately it isn't tradeable. i can provide wrapping paper as long as you add that price on top of your offer.
dont have a buyout but i think a base line of 2 keys is fair
looking for offers for some of my most precious items team captain sold 2 rockets on marketplace
i'm looking to sell for either a key trades or cash trades ( bitcoin etc NOT Paypal because of charge back)
NOTE if we are doing a cash trade we will be using a steam rep approved middle man
i perfer to talk about offers and trades here instead of over steam
EDIT: sorry if im late to respond ive been working alot
cats are sold
EDIT #2 attempted scammers : 2
current offers rocket 50 keys +pro shooting star
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looking to exchange a ton of metal for key
20 ref per key
drop me an offer
flight of monarch 1.33
chuckle 1.33
uncraft fast learner painted value of teamwork 5 ref
planeswalker goggles 1.33
caffeine cooler 1.33
defiant spartan green 2 ref
the compatriot 1.66
founding father 1.33
trade offers pls
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cleaning out my backpack
gold bouffant 7 ref
modest pile of hats 1.33
white merc muffler 8 ref
breakneck baggies 6 ref
paper hat 1.33
hat with no name 3 ref
mutton man 1.33
backwards cap painted value of teamwork 5 ref
trade offers pls
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cleaning out my backpack selling taunts
party trick 2.33
spent well spirits 1.33
results are in 1.66
meet the medic 2.33
will accept item offers but require 25% overpay
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cleaning out my backpack selling taunts
bag pipes sold
party trick 2.33
pool party sold
konga sold
deep fried desire sold
battin a thousand sold
fresh brewed sold
oblooterated sold
spent well spirits 1.33
results are in 1.66
meet the medic 2.33
i see you sold
will accept item offers but require 25% overpay
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cleaning out my backpack selling taunts
rancho relaxo sold
bag pipes 14 ref
soldiers requiem sold
rock paper scissors sold
pool party 3 keys 15 ref or 75 ref
schaenfreude sold
konga 9 ref
more under this sentance are in my backpack
deep fried desire 1.66
battin a thousand 1.66
fresh brewed 4 ref
oblooterated 3 ref
spent well spirits 1.33
results are in 1.66
meet the medic 2.33
i see you 1.33
will accept item offers but require 25% overpay
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.33 each
dont add just trade offers
can make a deal for bulk buyers 20+
selling off some weapon skins
offer here
selling off some painted hats
offer here
selling off all my weapon skins,
have more then this in my backpack
offer here unless you have a crazy offer
NOTE im not looking to sell my current collection they are only in the trade as an example
looking for more COLORED objectors for my collections
paying 1.33 for objectors i like
dont add me offer here and describe or show me a picture of your objector or objectors
official phiser count: lost count after 40
NOTE: I'm not currently looking to buy decal tools and blank objectors
also please don't randomly add me i don't like accepting friend request from people I've never seen before post here first if you want to trade me
even got a donation, thanks kindly to http://www.tf2outpost.com/user/48132 :)
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looking to trade my deadly daffadil prof with flames for an orange one perferably with a flames, but i would consider fire horns, or incinerator. I prefer it either as a kit, or on a strange rescue ranger. i don't mind trading down to a fabricator as long as you make up the difference for parts and the strange rescue ranger
got a decent revolver fab violet and singlularity
mainly looking for offer dont mind item offers
b/o 5 ref
looking for a pro rocket kit/fabricator must be yellow/ deadly daffodil
prefer incinerator and flames
drop me an offer here or if you have a really REALLY good deal add me
don't add me to high ball me i know the prices
i don't do cash trades too many scammers
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selling some taunts
killer solo 16 ref
bucking bronco sold
boston break dance sold
perfer pure, will accept items 25% overpay required
send me a trade offer
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selling my extra mvm stuff
drop me an offer here
dont add me pls offer here or through trade offers
hats are 1 ref each
selling some mvm stuff
hats 1 ref each
kits offer
dont add me pls use trade offers or offer here
selling mvm junk
drop me an offer here dont add me pls
selling mvm junk
drop me an offer here
looking for a spec ubersaw with a gold sheen perferably a fabrictor
offer here
5 ref for the beard
accepting offers put in commends dont add me to offer
2 scrap per objectors
looking to buy 2
1.33 send offer pls
10 ref
(less then half of paints worth good deal
5 ref
trade offer pls
1.66 for Brooklyn booties
snow sleeves 5.66
snow stompers 1.66
shin shreaders 4 ref
trade offers pls
2 ref for the tux
6 ref send me a trade offer
buying some hats (note by the time you trade me ill have broken this key into ref)
dog fighter bought
stash bought
killers kit 3 ref
mercs pride 4 ref
trade offers only pls
no holds i'm impatient sorry
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18 ref online now send me an offer
looking to buy 3 objectors
2 scrap each
trade offers plz
no trade holds pls
buyign 2
looking to buy some new taunts
bucking bronco
b/o 1 key 10 ref
bad pipes c/o
b/o 10 ref
killer solo
b/o 10 ref
id be willing to make a better deal with all 3 around 3 keys and 13 ref
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full alien set
b/o 11 ref