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Hi there! Welcome to my temporary shop (as long as I have pure in my backpack), here I will be selling the 39 keys for any unusual QUICKSELL. I would like pyro unusuals the most, however I'm open to all of them. My quicksell range is 25-35% off and I'm looking for unusuals in the 15-20 key range! Good luck to all :)
send me an offer, I probably won't be too active on this website specifically but I will be on steam most of the time.
looking for 25 keys pure for this god tier effect! Also taking unusuals (35key+ in overpay). Trade me.
selling this awesome ALL CLASS hat for only 18 keys pure!
hey there! Selling this nice clean pyro hat and I'm looking for around 20 keys pure, send me an offer!
Hey there folks! I'm selling this here scout unusual!

pros: 2nd gen, scout hat, has 2 awesome spells and im selling it for 11 keys!
Quickselling this taunt for 12 keys!
Selling this awesome unusual for 25 keys pure or some good overpay. Add me or comment offer
selling this unusual for 9 keys!
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DOWNGRADING this awesome medic unusual. I would like around 50-60 keys in downgrades. Don't be afraid to offer!
Add me to negotiate
(Item in marketplace ATM)
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Here it is, every scout mains dream, the one and only...Aussie scattergun xd.

Selling this beautiful weapon for unusual offers, so send me all your offers!! Do not be afraid I will not publicly humiliate you I promise
Hey guys :D I am buying your trading cards!

I'm buying any and all tf2 trading cards for 1 REC each!! If you have a foil card I will offer on it!

Have a nice day
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Looking to sell this beauty. I'm looking for 19 keys pure which is roughly 25% off or I'll take unusual offers 20-30% higher than the price listed for this unusual! Have a great day!
LOOKING TO DOWNGRADE THIS NICE UNUSUAL. I'd like atleast 7-10 keys in unusual overpay, however if you just really want this unusual I can do a pure offer of 30 keys
quickselling this beautiful unusual for the soldier. im looking for 17 keys pure or 25 in unusual offers trade me !!
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Quickselling this unusual taunt for 23 keys or 30 in unusuals send me an offer!
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Hey there :D!

Im upgrading/downgrading this taunt and about 7 keys pure, if it's a downgrade I'd like atleast 6 keys overpay!
Im also willing to sell the taunt for 23 keys pure!

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Hey there :D! selling this super awesome taunt with a great effect for your favorite class!!

I'm mostly looking for unusual offers but if you want I will also sell it for 28 keys pure!

Add me to negotiate or send me a trade offer!
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Selling this cute little guy for 20 keys pure. Add me to negotiate!
Looking for 12 keys pure only, not looking for unusuals. Have a great day :D
Looking to sell this low tier demo unusual for the price of 12 keys! i will also take overpay in items, add me to negotiate!
[url][/url]Hello there! I am interested in YOUR hats!

Buying any unusual quicksells and some middle-tier unusuals

Here is the price list that im going by

9 keys - 7 keys
10 keys - 7 keys
11 keys - 7 keys
12 keys - 9 keys
13 keys - 10 keys
14 keys - 11 keys
15 keys and up - 4 keys off of bp price
Add me or Send me a Trade offer.. Good luck trading!
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selling this unusual for 10 keys pure or 11 in item overpay
trade me!
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QUICKSELLING: 11 keys in pure or 12 keys overpay
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KS Bonesaw: 17 ref
KS Baby Face Baster: 15 ref
(pure only)
selling bills hat for price above (price is firm)
apparitions aspect: 6.66 ref
Anger: 5 ref
festive running gloves: 2 ref
festive jarate: 1.33
fresh brewed victory: 4.66 ref
Strange grenade launcher: 2.66 ref
genuine gilded guard: 2 ref
festive wrangler: 2.66 ref
ALSO: Buying familiar fez for 2 ref (as of right now only have 1 ref so if possible i will substitute some of these items) if you accept that offer i will throw in a strange rescue ranger for free!!
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Selling these hats for pure ONLY! going by prices.
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only looking for 1 key so hurry and add me!
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buying unwanted bills hat add to talk.
little drummer: 1 key

festive jarate: 1.66 ref

antarctic parka: 1 key 4 ref

strange market: 1.33

tartan: 2.33 ref

angel: 1 key 2 rec

breather: 2.33 (with paint)

deth: 2.33 ref

vintage brigade helm: 4.33 ref

pyrotechnic tote: 1.66

tiny timber: 1.33

PRICES ARE FIRM add if interested
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add me for offers (selling other hats)

connoisseur's cap : 1.66 ref

Deathkapp : 2.00 ref

hottie's hoodie : 1.33 ref

Burning bandana : 1.33 ref

Brigade helm : 2.00 ref

V. Brigade helm : 4.00 ref

Flamboyant Flamenco : 1.66 ref

Mair mask: (this one is alittle higher because i really like it and its kinda new) 1.77

i am selling other PYRO hats in my bp EXCEPT : the haZmat, the winter wonderland wrap,
the nappers respite,and the sight for sore eyes. i have 1 genuine and i will be taking up offers for
it. add me for the prices of other hats
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really only looking for nappers
ill give one hat and 2 scrap
(except the ward)
any questions contact me
trading these and others for a scrap each
sellin this trade and we can talk
the anger is 5 ref (its 4.95 reg)

the stranges are like 2-3 scrap
3 weps (craftable or not) for 1 scrap
stickybomb launcher: .77 (for both)

shiv: .66

fist of steel: ,55

detonator: .11

vintage huntsman: .77

axe: .33
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trade me we will talk
winter wonderland wrap: 3 ref
fast trader and will give you these for 3 ref add me we can talk.:3
im a fast trader and have been trying to trade this. However, you can give me a hat worth 3 ref
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ive been trying to get rid of this forever