Lime 2 keys
Pink 2.5 keys (high demand)

Rest whatever going price is.

Buying ONLY UNCRAFTABLE blueprints for 4 ref each. not paying more for paint or anything, bought gold ones and etc for the normal buy price so dont ask more, idc.

Thanks :)
Buying csgo knifes for tf2 items/keys! Comment with ur knife and price in items/unusuals or keys!

300 pure
500 pure
350 pure (same as 300 pure person)

DEPOSITED TO MARKETPLACE.TF https://mar...;5;u14
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Hat of cards: 30 keys (3 key discount) or unusual overpay

RPS: 21 keys or unusuals

Chillo: 30 keys or unusual overpay

Medigun: 35 keys or unusual overpay
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Conga: 30 ref (pick lvl 90 one)

Katozky kick: 3 keys

Guillotine (1 man history): 10 keys
Buying crate #9's for 3.11 ref each! As many as possible

I have officially bought over 50 of these! YAY
Non-craft Compound: 0.88 (have 2)

Viewfinder: 1.66 (pick the level 32 one)

Coldsnap: 2 ref (pick the lvl 6 one)

Non-craft Cow mangler: 2 ref

Toque: 3 ref

Strange Flamethrower: 3.55 ref (pick the one with 0 kills)

Strange medigun: 5 ref (one without ubers)

Strange carbonado medi-gun: 7.55 ref
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Danger: 50 keys

Sober: 10 keys

Tyrann: 15 keys
Sober: 12 keys

Dragon slayer paints (have 10): 3 keys each

Flies pilot: 15 keys

Dragon slayer dragon fury (Have 6?): 3 keys each

Australium Tomislav: 13 keys
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2 keys each.

Stock for war paint: 10

Stock for dragon: 6
Truckers: 50 keys

#2 Sole mate: 25 keys

#5 Hockey hair : 12 keys
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Looking for offers in keys for this strange #2 sole mate!

back in inventory
Coldfront: 200

Rancho: 40

Field practice: 24 keys
Coldfront: 200

Rancho: 40 keys.

RPS: 15 keys
I love the fetti, what can i say :P

Tossle: 19
Hat of cards: 30
Trophy belt: 21
Das Madden: 50
Masque: 55
Brim: 25
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All on marketplace.tf! https://mar...odtrim

Quicksells! Quickselling! 20-40% off!

The DP TC is 15% off
Scorching muffs is 25% off (150 keys off!)
N&B is a nice cheap hat :P
Was quickselling a ghastly ghosts results are in (for 50% off) but decided to auction it for fun here https://scrap.tf/auctions/588FRC

Also selling two low crafts (#2 and #5)
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Medigun: 35 keys

red bear: 9 keys

Wrench: 8 keys

Vitals vest: 19 ref

Red bear and wrench on steam market
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Rancho: 17 keys pure, cheapest seller

Vitals vest: 19 ref
Taunt: 37 keys (cheapest seller)

red bear: 9 keys

Wrench: 8 keys
60 keys or unusuals around the same price
Who doesn't like confetti?

Tossle: 19
Hat of cards: 30
Trophy belt: 21
Das Madden: 50
Masque: 55

Pure keys or unusual overpay, thanks!
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45 keys
Headwarmer: 24 keys

Fro: 20 keys, dont mind keeping.
40 keys.
All for 4 keys, or 1.5 for the desparado each or 1 key for biker.
Selling these all for the cheapest prices avaliable! Merry Christmas!

DP Team Captain: 45 keys

Taunt Results are in: 40 keys (31 keys off!)

DP Salty Dog: 20 keys!


All on marketplace.tf: https://mar...odtrim
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b/o 25 keys
Quickselling the scorching duo!

Scorching muffs: 650 keys! 150 keys off! Buy from marketplace here: https://mar...odtrim

Scorching Physician: 60 keys! 15 keys off!

Happy holidays!
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800 and 75
22 keys
B/O: 17 keys
B/O: 15 keys (expensive parts)
Selling for 20 keys pure! Cheapest seller.
800 keys pure for muffs, more in unusuals
Quickselling my purple energy crones

B/O: 650 keys pure or a bit less in cash. Only doing cash through marketplace.tf
700+ in unusuals

Past offers:
Scorching plumbers cap + 70 keys

https://img...K2lqYq ~ Burning muffs (800) + MHP space mann ~ 120 + scorching rifleman ~ 485 + 3 keys = 1408 keys vs Crones + MG pullover (380 priced). Making the crones 1,028.

https://img...icoEtK ~ Burning muffs again (Diff seller) Alone. ~ 800 (Declined)

Bonus pyro item: https://scrap.tf/auctions/3XOLIO
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ALL ON MARKETPLACE.TF https://mar...odtrim
Quickselling now!

Sorted by price. I haven't been writing down offers. But ill try to now (19th of august)


Purple Energy Crones Discounted: 800 keys 750 700 650 keys! Quickselling for pure or massive overpay
Previous offers:
http://i.i...Yq.png ~ Burning muffs (at least 800) + MHP space mann ~ 120 + scorching rifleman ~ 485 + 3 keys = 1408 keys vs Crones + MG pullover (380 priced). Making the crones 1,028.

https://i.i...tK.png ~ Burning muffs again (Diff seller) Alone. ~ 800 (Declined)

Morning Glory Pullover: 400 keys pure 380 351 keys quickselling for pure! or massive overpay
Previous offers (excluding all offers under 380):
Burning Boxcar ~ 545 http://i.i...1T.png
Scorching Rifleman ~ 485 http://i.i...bF.png (he canceled it after i added him asking for more overpay)
Green Energy cotton head ~ 400 http://i.i...RJ.png
Purple Energy Tipped lid ~ 380 http://i.i...MQ.png
Burning Woolen + unusual rocket ~ 360 http://i.i...Ky.png

Green Energy Pyromancers: 170 keys pure or big overpay

Holy Grail Balloon: 70 65 50 keys quickselling!
Molten Mallard Dread Riding Hood http://i.i...EJ.png ~ 75
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Quickselling all for marketplace.tf $$ or Keys!
Quicksell prices:
Crones: 650 keys!
Pullover: 351 keys!
Ground Control: 180 keys!
Balloon: 48 keys! Quickselling!

Or all for 1300 keys! (300 keys off normal prices!)
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Offer up! On marketplace.tf https://mar...odtrim


B/O: 190 keys. now 180 keys!

One of few Strange oness in existence.

Previous offers (excluding ones under 185):
Telsa Coil Phononaunt http://i.i...YA.png ~ 212
Starstorm Slumber KE http://i.i...Dj.png ~ 185
Roboactive Wraith wrap http://i.i...Lu.png ~ 185 (countered)
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Counter-Strike + Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (+ bonus deleted scenes)! You will recieve both upon redeeming it, even in my inventoy http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197999173629/inventory#753_1_951748673661993399 it shows that it has counter-strike: condition zero on it.

B/O: was 4 now 3 keys!


Have: 1

Sold: 1
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Quickselling for 1300 pure! Last drop! Need a car!

Old offers:
Quickselling (worth 1600 pure) for a pan + 300 pure! 200 keys off!

Or 1800 in unusuals!

(If you really need to know the value, check my old trade for my offers) http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/28344599#latest

No. Of People collecting: 2 (one is missing 300 pure, the other is missing the pure and is QSing his unusuals)
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Also another drably.

2 keys for lime/pink

8.33 for drably

Backpack.tf price for the others
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[url][/url]1 of 3. 2 man history. (1 man history on op?)

B/O: 2000 keys PURE 1600 Keys pure (at least 2000+ in unusuals)

I'm mostly interested in pure or golden pans, I will listen to other offers too tho. I favour pure/australiums and lots of low tiers over high tiers.

Other seller on outpost has been offered a gold pan + GE reggae (70), 1000 pure and many other offers, and declined them. So don't bother offering below that.

Other offers:
1100 pure https://i.g...ec.png
1500 pure (was collecting then backed out because of irl bills) https://gya...ez.png
Sunbeams Crones ~ 1200 https://i.g...de.png
1300 pure + misty skull law ~ 775 (pending sugg at 795) ~ https://i.g...f2.png (lost in stocks)

I haven't really been putting offers cause many have been lowballs af.... But heres another:
~https://i.g...1c.png https://i.g...58.png ~ PE viewfinder and GE crones + Scorching wetworks ~ around 1500-1600 in unusuals.

more offers:
sunbeams cone + 600 pure. Cone is priced at 1100 but price it at whatever u want ~ declined

Scorching BOA (1 man history) ~ 1300 priced at recently, but id value it at 1500 cause of the short history
Scorching Crones ~ pending sugg at 1400
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Pink: 3 keys

Lime : 2.7 keys (or 2 keys 16.77 ref)
B/O: 420 keys

I paid 411 in unusual's, and don't mind keeping this, don't bother offering below that.

1 of 1
1 of 2 now

B/O: 70 keys
Buying this knife for my GE airdog. Knife sells for ~ 63 keys on op skins. My airdog is worth 68.

Listed 2 knifes because for some reason OP has crimson web twice. But only looking for 1 obviously
B/O: 250 keys

Previous offers:
Purple Energy Cannonball + Purple Energy Airdog (Valued at 200)
Ghosts impaler (80, outdated no sales apart from bulk) + duped peace sign beak (probs like 50, clean is 60) + Beams officer ushanka ~ 63 (outdated, no sales, only 1 seller and only clean that has sold recently) + 17 key bubbling hat (fur-lined fighter) (valued at 210)
Atomic Space mann (212.5)
Sulphourous Brown bomber (200)
Suphourous brown bomber (again? Wot)
TW Rack (150) + Duped private eye (50) + 9 keys ~ 209
GE Dapper (allclass) (no sellers below 200) + 8 keys + pro ks strange manmelter ~ 2 (Valued the dapper at 190) ~ 200
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