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800 and 75
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22 keys
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B/O: 17 keys
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B/O: 15 keys (expensive parts)
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Selling for 20 keys pure! Cheapest seller.
800 keys pure for muffs, more in unusuals
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Quickselling my purple energy crones

B/O: 650 keys pure or a bit less in cash. Only doing cash through marketplace.tf
700+ in unusuals

Past offers:
Scorching plumbers cap + 70 keys

https://img...K2lqYq ~ Burning muffs (800) + MHP space mann ~ 120 + scorching rifleman ~ 485 + 3 keys = 1408 keys vs Crones + MG pullover (380 priced). Making the crones 1,028.

https://img...icoEtK ~ Burning muffs again (Diff seller) Alone. ~ 800 (Declined)

Bonus pyro item: https://scrap.tf/auctions/3XOLIO
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ALL ON MARKETPLACE.TF https://mar...odtrim
Quickselling now!

Sorted by price. I haven't been writing down offers. But ill try to now (19th of august)


Purple Energy Crones Discounted: 800 keys 750 700 650 keys! Quickselling for pure or massive overpay
Previous offers:
http://i.i...Yq.png ~ Burning muffs (at least 800) + MHP space mann ~ 120 + scorching rifleman ~ 485 + 3 keys = 1408 keys vs Crones + MG pullover (380 priced). Making the crones 1,028.

https://i.i...tK.png ~ Burning muffs again (Diff seller) Alone. ~ 800 (Declined)

Morning Glory Pullover: 400 keys pure 380 351 keys quickselling for pure! or massive overpay
Previous offers (excluding all offers under 380):
Burning Boxcar ~ 545 http://i.i...1T.png
Scorching Rifleman ~ 485 http://i.i...bF.png (he canceled it after i added him asking for more overpay)
Green Energy cotton head ~ 400 http://i.i...RJ.png
Purple Energy Tipped lid ~ 380 http://i.i...MQ.png
Burning Woolen + unusual rocket ~ 360 http://i.i...Ky.png

Green Energy Pyromancers: 170 keys pure or big overpay

Holy Grail Balloon: 70 65 50 keys quickselling!
Molten Mallard Dread Riding Hood http://i.i...EJ.png ~ 75
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Quickselling all for marketplace.tf $$ or Keys!
Quicksell prices:
Crones: 650 keys!
Pullover: 351 keys!
Ground Control: 180 keys!
Balloon: 48 keys! Quickselling!

Or all for 1300 keys! (300 keys off normal prices!)
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Offer up! On marketplace.tf https://mar...odtrim


B/O: 190 keys. now 180 keys!

One of few Strange oness in existence.

Previous offers (excluding ones under 185):
Telsa Coil Phononaunt http://i.i...YA.png ~ 212
Starstorm Slumber KE http://i.i...Dj.png ~ 185
Roboactive Wraith wrap http://i.i...Lu.png ~ 185 (countered)
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Counter-Strike + Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (+ bonus deleted scenes)! You will recieve both upon redeeming it, even in my inventoy http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197999173629/inventory#753_1_951748673661993399 it shows that it has counter-strike: condition zero on it.

B/O: was 4 now 3 keys!


Have: 1

Sold: 1
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Quickselling for 1300 pure! Last drop! Need a car!

Old offers:
Quickselling (worth 1600 pure) for a pan + 300 pure! 200 keys off!

Or 1800 in unusuals!

(If you really need to know the value, check my old trade for my offers) http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/28344599#latest

No. Of People collecting: 2 (one is missing 300 pure, the other is missing the pure and is QSing his unusuals)
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Also another drably.

2 keys for lime/pink

8.33 for drably

Backpack.tf price for the others
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[url][/url]1 of 3. 2 man history. (1 man history on op?)

B/O: 2000 keys PURE 1600 Keys pure (at least 2000+ in unusuals)

I'm mostly interested in pure or golden pans, I will listen to other offers too tho. I favour pure/australiums and lots of low tiers over high tiers.

Other seller on outpost has been offered a gold pan + GE reggae (70), 1000 pure and many other offers, and declined them. So don't bother offering below that.

Other offers:
1100 pure https://i.g...ec.png
1500 pure (was collecting then backed out because of irl bills) https://gya...ez.png
Sunbeams Crones ~ 1200 https://i.g...de.png
1300 pure + misty skull law ~ 775 (pending sugg at 795) ~ https://i.g...f2.png (lost in stocks)

I haven't really been putting offers cause many have been lowballs af.... But heres another:
~https://i.g...1c.png https://i.g...58.png ~ PE viewfinder and GE crones + Scorching wetworks ~ around 1500-1600 in unusuals.

more offers:
sunbeams cone + 600 pure. Cone is priced at 1100 but price it at whatever u want ~ declined

Scorching BOA (1 man history) ~ 1300 priced at recently, but id value it at 1500 cause of the short history
Scorching Crones ~ pending sugg at 1400
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Pink: 3 keys

Lime : 2.7 keys (or 2 keys 16.77 ref)
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B/O: 420 keys

I paid 411 in unusual's, and don't mind keeping this, don't bother offering below that.

1 of 1
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1 of 2 now

B/O: 70 keys
Buying this knife for my GE airdog. Knife sells for ~ 63 keys on op skins. My airdog is worth 68.

Listed 2 knifes because for some reason OP has crimson web twice. But only looking for 1 obviously
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B/O: 250 keys

Previous offers:
Purple Energy Cannonball + Purple Energy Airdog (Valued at 200)
Ghosts impaler (80, outdated no sales apart from bulk) + duped peace sign beak (probs like 50, clean is 60) + Beams officer ushanka ~ 63 (outdated, no sales, only 1 seller and only clean that has sold recently) + 17 key bubbling hat (fur-lined fighter) (valued at 210)
Atomic Space mann (212.5)
Sulphourous Brown bomber (200)
Suphourous brown bomber (again? Wot)
TW Rack (150) + Duped private eye (50) + 9 keys ~ 209
GE Dapper (allclass) (no sellers below 200) + 8 keys + pro ks strange manmelter ~ 2 (Valued the dapper at 190) ~ 200
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So beautiful!

B/O: 500 keys, more in unusuals

Thanks :)
Just a key each boys! You give me the key, ill gift u the pass :). I have rep.


Sold: 4/8 (4 left)
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New trade because I pro ks'ed it to the best sheen/ks :3

Painted Cow mangler! Looking for offers of around 400 keys.

Very nice collectors item :^)

You could say im quickselling since the last ones went for 400, 600 and 800. But meh

Declined offers:
185 pure
D@D winter woodsman ~ 200 or so
Misty skull Dread Riding hood ~ 300 https://i.g...af.gif
Weird offer that adds to like ~ 200 https://i.g...7f.png
Unusual offer that adds to 347 ~ https://i.g...dd.png
Harvest moon cannon ball + g fetti bonk boy + circling heart Larrikin and a flies hustlers hall mark ~ About 400 by bp.tf prices, 350 by my pure prices (what i think they could sell altogether for pure) https://i.g...cd.png ~ (named out because wanted private offer)
Offer of maxiumum 380, looking at what the pipe sells for https://i.g...00.png
Circling heart crown of the old kingdom ~ 550 (valued at 500)
Offer of 396.5 https://i.g...b1.png (Ghastly ghosts RPS, ghosts Plunger and haunted phantasm) on 6/18 (for americans) or 18/06/2016 (for non americans aka aussies)
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Discounted 14-15% for 30 pure, overpay applies to the bp.tf price.
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B/O: 37 keys
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14 keys over overpay in unusuals or near this in Australiums.
Low-Tier unusual trade

If you didn't know, gift tag doesnt show anywhere other then outpost for the dread

Dread B/O: 10 keys

Capo: 12 keys

Sultan: 14 keys

Firm prices.
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1.2 keys
B/O: 160 keys (reduced price from what i bought it for, 1 of 1)

C/O: Nothing

Past offers (in order from most recent to latest from top to bottom):
Burning Thirst (100, no sellers below 120 tho) + Phosphourous Muffs (115) if i add ~40 key aussie + 14 key item (would take, owner is thinking about it)
Searing plasma HKC (200) if i add a ~ 40 key aussie (thinking about it)
150 pure (retracted -.-)
138 pure (way too low)
Add with a HOUWAR for a Duped Samur-eye (C Moon) Low
Duped Secret Front Runner (~130?)
Subatomic Phononaut (96)
Robo-active lucky shot (85) + Duped power surge bonk (20 ish, maybe less) so a 105 key offer

I bought this for a Misty skull tower (150) + 45 pure. So i bought this for around 195. http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561197999173629/#!/compare/1446796800/1447315200 < Proof.

Sale for the tower to be ~150 (can be used as a sale, but not as a suggestion itself) http://backpack.tf/suggestion/56d56535b98d88fc649fe968
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Pick the right levels people when u send trade offer.

All for 1 key or bp.tf prices each
1 key straight up for the brick house! Quicksell

(On steam market for 2.80, 60 cents less then other sellers on steam market, comment below if u need me to take it off)
$3.83 holo sticker + Chroma 3 key for 3 mayflower cosmetic keys

Thanks :D
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Quickselling for 45 keys so i can finish my spy set kek (almost 20% off)
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B/o: 54 keys
Tossle (1 of 2, only spec ks one): 160 keys

Was offered a scorching fancy fedora + 5 keys (so like around 150)


Brick house: 1 key 7 ref

Festive minigun (nice parts too): 12 keys
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Circling Heart HWNN: 250 pure (reduced) or 280+ in unusuals

4 class hat

Previous offers:
Searing mohawk (170, allclass) + 30 pure (too low)
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Selling a Unusual FT Night Owl (spec ks hot rod) w/ Energy orb! Offer! No offers less then 70 keys, its worth 90

Previous offers: Strange pro ks machina + atomic phononaut ~ 71

And a spec ks strange capper! 8 keys + 10 ref
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1 of 1 on the market in a year. Wow....

B/O: 16 keys
Circling Heart HWNN: 250 pure or 280+ in unusuals

4 class hat

Previous offers:
Searing mohawk (170, allclass) + 30 pure (too low)
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Selling a whole set of taunts as a bulk deal! This might be every taunt in the game? Not sure haha

B/O: 14.7 keys (14 keys 11.55 ref)

Whole list: https://i.g...5a.png There are 20 OF THE TAUNTS IN TOTAL

Trying not to sell separately, might sell the pool party, mannrobics and kick separately tho

Previous offers:
12 pure
12 pure (again)
12 pure (again...)
13 pure
Smoking hermes + cute suit (maybe was gonna take, but im brokering this and main seller was offline)
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Buying keys for:

$1.70 USD through paypal. I will pay fees

Not rep required if you go first! If I go first you need rep.

My rep:

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Get 10 random Steam games, for only 3 keys!


Add me for more details (friends list might be full)
Paying up to 70.30 USD for any unusuals! And no i don't mean ill pay 70.30 usd for ur shitty 11 key unusual. Be reasonable with your offers.

My rep:
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This is an AUSTRALIUM spec ks medigun

Why the hell does tf2outpost not show its aussie

B/O: 34 keys
Snaggle: 36 keys or 40+ in unusuals.

Cats: Quickselling for 31 keys pure

Minigun: 12 keys or offer (good parts)
Strange Killstreak (Agonizing Emerald, Fire Horns) Third Degree: 2 keys
Haunted Horrific Head of Hare painted Pink as Hell: 1 key + 2.22 ref
Geniune Centurion painted Color No. 216-190-216: 7 ref
Strange Apoco-Fists ~ with players hit: 5 ref

Strange Silver Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.II with Defenders Killed, Long-Distance Kills, Pyros Killed strange parts: 1 key

Strange Grenade Launcher with Buildings Destroyed strange part: 7.66 ref

Strange Spec Killstreak (Hot Rod) Blood Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.I with Allies Extinguished, Giant Robots Destroyed, Robots Destroyed strange parts: 4 keys

Strange Diamond Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.I with Projectiles Reflected, Allies Extinguished strange parts: 2 keys + 12 ref
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70 keys or a Pro ks Aussie rocket.

Previous offers:
55 pure
67 pure (on trade server, but I'm pretty firm on 70)
Steaming Executioner + Anti Freeze Electric Escorter (hard to sell unusuals, but probably like 75?)
~ Add to my RA l'homme (100) for a Scorching Brain Bowl (pending sugg at 170)
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Some previous offers:
Scorching waxfinder + Aces high detective noir (170?)
Duped peace sign skullcap ~ 100
Ether helmet + duped c heart kabuto (160?)
Duped Scorching Kabuto ~ 200-220. Didnt like what I priced it at since it was duped *shrug*
Anti-Freeze Kabuto ~ 155
150 pure keys Twice. Declined both times.
155 pure ~ declined
Asked to add, people taking tyrants as 170 in bigger deals like for a burning pencil pusher etc.
Mega Strike Burstchester ~ 150
G Energy pile of scrap ~ 140
170 in Paypal (so like 306 dollars?) Not too much rep so didnt risk.
Strange Ghosts bonk boy + searing pipe + g fetti liq lid. ~ max 200, nty

------------------------------Less Important stuff-------------------------------------
Geniune Janissary Ketche painted Balaclavas Are Forever: 10 ref (save 2.11 ref off half price paint)
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1 key 10 ref. Full pure = near instant trade offer accept