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Looking for 11 keys

Previous offers:
Gifted planets bombing run (Declined, valued at ~8-9 keys)
Aces high toy soldier (with a random halloween thing lol) (Valued at ~11-13 keys, was going to take before he sold it)

Re-opened after being closed for a week
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This is very very very sexy, so not in a rush to sell it.

Pro killstreak with Hot rod (high tier?) sheen and hypno beam killstreaker

If you need a screenshot I might do one :P

B/O: 40 keys

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Selling this AS THE CHEAPEST SELLER for 28 keys!

Sold for a team spirit clean max head

Nice hat for your solli
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All-Father: 11 ref
Uncraftable Tough Guy's Toque painted A Mann's Mint: 12 ref (half price paint)
Strange Unknown Mann: 6.66
Charmer's Chapeau painted A Deep Commitment to Purple: 6.22 ref (half price paint)
Killer Exclusive painted A Deep Commitment to Purple: 5.55 ref (half price paint and this looks sexy)
Haunted Foul Cowl: 4 ref (or offer)
Mistaken Movember: 2.66
Strange Big Earner: 1.66 ref (renamed but yeah whatever)

Unlisted ones:
The lone star: 1.55 ref
The Scarecrow: 1.22

Selling painted items and other cosmetics and even weapons
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Strange Flame Thrower with Allies Extinguished strange part (also renamed): 6 ref (worth 8.22)
Strange Air Strike: 2 ref sold
Strange Homewrecker: 0.33 ref sold
Vintage Otolaryngologist's Mirror: 2 ref sold

or offer!

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Buying UNCRAFTABLE pain trains for .66 ref each!

Bought: 5
Want: 10
Need: 5 more
Buying #9 crates for 1.44 each!

Bought: 6 for this price
2 games for 3 keys! (can throw in pixel piracy coupons, or supermnc)
Buying UNIQUE specialized killstreak weps (any) for 4 ref.
Killstreak Big Kill: 7 keys
Bruiser's Bandanna: 1 key
Pro killstreak posmon: 8 keys
Pro ks Tomislav: Offer

Previous offers:
6 keys (for posmon) - Declined
Tomsilav - 5 keys + 3 keys in items. - Declined
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Quickselling a demo unusual for 8-9 keys! (Nuts n bolts scotch bonnet. Bp.tf price 10-13 keys)

Cheapest seller you will find! Pure preferred.

Previous offers:
7 keys (declined)
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If you use trade offer instant accept. 8 keys each.
B/O: 19 keys or 3 buds (Cheapest seller on outpost/anywhere)
Buying a bud for 3 keys.
This beautiful hair, just imagine it on your medic.

B/O: 25 keys pure (no buds unless its over 7 buds, don't want buds)

Previous offers:
Disco beat down glennary bonnet (I value at ~1.3 buds which when was offered was 16 keys)

Please keep all offers above 15 keys

Worried I don't have it? It could be on the SCM
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B/O: 1 bud + 5 keys

This nice looking unusal with this cool looking effect!

✓ Cheapest on outpost
✓ Clean (not duped)
✓ Good looking
✓ 1 of 7 ever
✓ Only seller on outpost

Past offers (i dont list all but lol):
8 keys (declined)
10 keys (declined)
11 keys (declined)
Steaming Carouser's Capotain + 5 keys (declined) (worth about 14 keys)
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giving these 4 for h1z1!
  • Closed by staff
Selling this duped hearts fez!

B/O: 4.2 buds

Previous offers:
Molten mallard spartan (around 3 buds)
4 buds pure (this was a few months back, i wasnt selling it then)

This used to be my dream spy unusual, but now i need a change, doesn't everyone?
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Paying the backpack.tf price (maybe an extra scrap or 2) for any craft #2000 hat!

To celebrate almost my 2k hours on tf2! (12 more hours needed to play i can do dis)
Looking for offers.

B/O: 20 keys

Previous offers:
1 bud
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Cheapest on outpost!

Now quickselling for 19 keys!

Next cheapest is 26 keys + 7 ref! (sold)

Pure mainly but overpay in unusuals can be done.

Worried I don't have it? It could be on the Steam market

It's in my inventory
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Paying 3.2 keys (3 keys 3 ref) for a BLACK (otherwise known as HUE) bills hat!

Trade offer please :)

Am I the highest buyer on outpost for this ok then

Bought: 1 (closed trade but now i need another)
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Looking for keys.

Keep offers above 1 bud.

B/O: 1.5 buds
C/O: 1.2 buds (in items)

Previous offers:
15 keys pure (declined)
Aces High Trash Talker (declined)
Steaming El Jefe (declined)
Green confetti Electric Escorter (needed to add but didnt, declined) ~1 bud low end (outdated)

(Not adding anymore too lazy ^)
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Selling this Orb planets Tower of pillaring hats!

B/O: 2.5 buds
C/O: 1.8 pure (proof http://i.i...ks.png)

Keep offers above c/o
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Selling for 4 keys!

Quick trade is a good trade
Taking offers for knifes on my bud!

I can add a team spirit bills if yours is over a bud.
Selling this sexy unusual

B/O: 4 buds
Buying craftable/uncraftable backpack expanders!

Buying price: 5.55 ref

Need: 7 (can buy in bulk)

Bought: 4

Have: 5

Possibly the highest buyer on outpost?
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Geniune Janissary Ketche painted Balaclavas Are Forever: 10.44 ref (half price paint)
Selling this nice tam o shanter!

(Free paint XD, FREE LVL 100 ;))

B/O: 17 keys (Quickselling by a bit, just lowered, cheapest on outpost)

Overpay in unusuals, pure HIGHLY preferred
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Very good looking pyro hat!

B/O: 20 keys
Keep offers a bud or over
Looking for offers on this.

No offers below 1 key!


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Paying up to 7 keys.

what i want mainly: Specalized killstreak, headshot kills, long-distance kills.
I want to trade one of these games for a stat-trak factory new urban hazard five seven
Buying quicksell unusuals for any class and with any effect.

Must not be: Gifted or duped (exceptions if its a higher priced item), must not be higher then 10 keys.
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Quickselling a Miami Nights Gridiron Guardian for 1 bud!
Original: 1 scrap
Eureka Effect: 1 scrap ~ sold
Scottish Handshake: 1 scrap
Eviction Notice: 1 scrap
Uncraftable Sandvich: 1 weapon

Trade offers would be nice.
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Buying Quicksell medic unusuals.

Will take any!

Must not be gifted.

Offer away. Max price: 10 keys
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Selling these for offers!

Old trades (you can i guess get an idea of the prices)
Just unboxed these beauties.

Strange Festive Backburner:
B/O: 2.5 keys

Strange festive bonesaw:
B/O: 1.25 keys
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Collector's Fan O'War: 3 keys (sold on scm for 4)
Collector's Professional Killstreak (Team Shine, Tornado) Short Circuit: 8 keys (c/o 7 keys)

4 keys for a strange gold botkiller sniper, hopefully with some good parts like headshot kills and stuff but yeah, offer below urs!
Strange Flame Thrower with Allies Extinguished strange part (and renamed): 5 ref

Or offer!
Got 5 keys. Want 5 naughty.

My key + 1 rec for ur naughty
Buying keys for 15.66!
0.33 > Strange part
Geniune Shred Alert: 1 key + 7.77 ref
Item = 3 ref
Paint = 1 key

Item = 10 ref
Half price paint :D
Birdman of Australiacatraz painted Pink as Hell: 10 ref
Merc's Muffler painted Indubitably Green: 6.66 ref (Sold)
Brotherhood of Arms painted Indubitably Green: 9 ref (sold)

These are b/os sorted by a script for outpost (taking half the price of the paint and the price of the item).

But offer away!


C/O: 6.66 (sold)

C/O: 9 ref (sold)
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