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Figured I'd put it up for offers
No B/O. If I see something I want I'll accept
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This one is a pipe dream.

The reason I collect Hero's Hachimakis is because my favorite hat in the game, the Humanitarian's Hachimaki, is untradable.

I'm willing to pay a handsome amount if someone can gift wrap theirs and trade it to me, if that's even possible. find some way in hell to get this to me. I can pay in pure keys (If I currently don't have any I can easily and quickly get some) or feel free to look through my backpack and negotiate for items. I can also provide the gift wrap if need be.
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No b/o
I can add for a nicer kabuto
Haunted Ghost - 35 Keys
Disco Beat down - 36 Keys
Starstorm Insomnia - 32 Keys
Startstorm Slumber - 31 Keys
Searing Plasma - 30 Keys
Morning Glory - 80 Keys
Blizzardy Storm - 14 Keys
Death at Dusk - 68 Keys
I will not budge on prices.
If I don't have the proper amount of pure in my bp leave a comment here or on my profile and I can easily get some.
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Searing Plasma - 21 keys
Haunted Ghost - 27 Keys
Disco Beat Down - 26 Keys
Green Black Hole - 45 Keys
Starstorm Insomnia - 22 Keys
Starstorm Slumber - 21 Keys
Frostbite - 45 Keys
Green Energy - 45 Keys
I will not budge on price.
If I don't have enough keys in my bp leave a comment here or on my profile and I can easily get some.
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Got 36 keys
Looking for a decent soldier unusual
Offer me
Got 36 keys
Looking for a decent spy unusual
Offer me
Got 36 keys
Looking for a decent spy hat
Offer me
Buying any* Hachimaki.
Any color.
Craftable or Uncraftable.
Genuine or Normal.
Gifted or not.
Any Spell.
Current Metal stock - A shit ton
This is my METAL trade. For my ITEM trade, go here - http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/27256686
Hachimakis I currently own:
Unpainted (x55)
Unique crafted by me
Noble Hatter's Violet
Deep commitment to purple
Mann Co Orange
Radigan brown
Spectral spectrum
Unpainted genuine (x2)
Genuine Air of Debonair
Genuine Hue
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Buying any* Hachimaki.
Any* color.
Craftable or Uncraftable.
Genuine or Normal.
Gifted or not.
Any Spell.
This is my ITEM trade, for my PURE trade, go here - http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/27256868
Hachimakis I currently own:
Unpainted (x55)
Unique crafted by me
Mann co Orange
Noble Hatter's violet
A Deep Comitment To Purple
Radigan Brown
Spectral spectrum
Genuine unpainted (x2)
Genuine hue
Genuine air of debonair
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B/o is 165 cs keys.
Tf2 needs to be major major overpay.
Screenshots are on my profile.
The juju is jimi hendrix themed.
Jimi is part of the "27 club" which is a group of celebrities that all died at the age of 27. Chances are that's it's a hendrix themed hat with the level 27.
Looking for a pro ks. Awp + sweets or 1:1 with a pro ks. Festive sniper with parts attached.

Also open to offers
Looking for cs offers on my unusuals, I'm mostly looking for knives but skins I like/keys can work too.

I can easily get keys if need be, so don't let what I have now turn you off.

I am NOT overpaying for your cs items unless it's something I really absolutely want, other than that I'm only looking for trades of equal or higher value.

Also open to tf offers with overpay.
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Looking to 1:1 for another medic unusual, I can add pure or items for an upgrade. Also open to offers
1/1 in existence as far as I can tell.

Looking for offers, not in any rush to sell.

B/O is 27 keys

Really clean history, pretty cool effect.

Screenshots can be taken if requested
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Looking to see what offers I can get.

It's a set.

If you offer on individual items you will be ignored
Bp.tf price. Add me or send a trade offer.
Looking for the following items, paying bp.tf price. I might consider payong more if they have a paint or part that I like. Add me, or send a trade offer
Quickbuying most items. Send a trade offer, add me, or offer here.
Current key stock - 16
Current metal stock - idk alot
Looking for a strange pro ks kritz. Name your price
Mostly looking for pure but I'm open to offers.
If it's not in my inventory then it's on the market
Previous offers:
18 keys
Looking to quickbuy the following unusuals with keys.

*quickbuying is not 1-2 keys off your b/o or bp.tf price*

Current key stock - 20 (i can easily get more if need be)

Effects I like: Plasma, Confetti, Burning/Scorching, haunted ghost, dbd, miami nights, c9, circling hearts, sunbeams, antifreeze

Effects I don't like: nuts n bolts, bubbling, orbiting planets, most halloween effects (still feel free to offer them!)

I'm indifferent to the rest.

Add me, send a trade offer, or offer down below
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Backpack.tf price.
Add 25% of the paint cost to the original item's value.
No B/O.
1/1 on outpost.
1/5 in the world.
Mainly looking for soldier/scout unusuals
B/o is 90 keys
1/2 on outpost
Mainly looking for unusuals
Merc's muffler - 8 ref
overpay in items
2 keys or it's equivilent in ref
Dark age defender - 14 ref
Not accepting keys, overpay in items
Looking for Hotline Miami 2 (Special edition ONLY) + other games or Hotline Miami 2 (Special edition ONLY) + CSGO keys.

I can also sell it for 22 keys.
Looking for 170 keys pure or a combo of games/dlc's + keys

Do not add me, offer here.

Fully faded. http://img.../KnTTt
Spats - 1 key
Sole mate (Strange) - 2 keys
Degreaser (Strange) - 1 key (Quicksell~)
Courant - 1 key
Gold botkiller knife W/ Sheen - 3 keys
Dead ringer - 1 key

CS:GO keys/items only, I can give discount on bulk buys.
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Higher Bp.tf prices, overpay in items.

The knife is going for 3 keys with the KS and parts.
Purple stash - 3.33
Slate stash - 3
Tinture stash - 2.88
Color No. 216 stash - 2.88
Gold Merryweather - 2.66
VoT spats - 4.33
Cross linker's coil - 1.33 ref

Overpay in items.
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Buying these tokens for a scrap each.

Bought - 5
Hue - 2 keys
Salmon - 1 ref

3 TOD tickets = 1 key

Overpay in items
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2 keys, overpay in items.
Buying games for pure CS:GO keys.

Genre preference:
RPG>Adventure>FPS>Puzzle>Everything else.

(No, they won't be re-sold.)

Farcry 4
Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package
GTA four

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AC Unity (Pre-order) - 25 keys
FC4 (Pre-order) - 25 keys
Only keys, any other offers result in a block.
Double the price in TF2 pure.

Huntsman - 65
Butterfly knife - 97