a very big cat
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Selling this Stout shako for 25 keys.

B/o : 25 keys

Feel free to offer
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Im looking to sell it for 30 tf2/csgo keys.

Feel free to offer :D

C/O :
Peace sign Cowl
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Selling entire Dota 2 backpack for 54 tf2 keys.I accept offers.
Selling items from my Dota 2 Backpack for CSGO or TF2 keys, feel free to send a trade offer.
Selling for 12 keys
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Buying Unusual Quicksells.

List your offers down below, send me a trade offer or add me. Either way is fine
Buying Unusual hats for 10 keys
11 keys pure
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Hello Outpost! Im selling 2 of these wonderfull and beautiful hats.

I would love to see some offers , well no buyouts!

Also, I have seen offers on the Trophy Belt going for 2 buds and more, so thats interesting.

I have also seen offers on the fruit shoot going for 4 buds.

I would love to see your unusual offers or rare vintage offers, so feel free to offer what you have for these unusuals.Thank you and have a nice day.
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Looking To sell both of these Cool Looking Unusual Hats

Selling Both of them for offers

Feel Free to offer unusual hats, rare vintages , or other rare items.

In the case that you are asking, why am i selling them so low , i am trying to get out of the Unusual Trading Market.So if you are offering Unusual hats, make sure they're overpriced.
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Selling Smoking Brown Bomber All Class hat

C/O : Purple Energy Counterfeit Billycock, Gen.TS Brutal Bouffant + TS Hockey Hair + Shred Alert + Safe & Sound

B/O : 3 buds

Selling Phosphorous Ze Goggles.(Themed)

C/O : Smoking Ze Goggles + Smoking Batters Helmet + 7 Keys + TS Bills + 13 Robo Keys

B/O : 7 buds

Offers will be considered, unusual offers must have overpay or must really catch my attention.

Hide = Thank you, but a polite no
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Stormy Storm Crones Dome

All Class, Level 90 Hat

C/O : Blizzardly Storm, Brown Bomber | Phosphorous Ze Goggles , Smoking Brown Bomber , G.back runners. Strange Festive Buff Banner.Vintage Hallmark

B/O : 8 buds

Feel Free To Make Offers, Unusual offers will also be fine

If you are paying the Buyout price for 8 buds, Please add me.

Thank you
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Auction for : Unusual Crones Dome, Stormy storm, Starting Bid 7 Buds!

Or Offers in items BUT OVERPAY

Offer here.

Also accepting Unusual offers
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S E L L I N G :

Fast Learner - 5 refined

Name Tags - 2 refined / each

Private Eye - 1.33 refined

Ellis Cap - 1.33 refined

Description Tag - 1.88 refined

Add me If Interested, Feel free to make item offers, but must be item overpay.
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Selling Vintage Vintage Merryweather for 4 keys
Sharpdresser - 2 refined
Botkiller Rust Medigun Mk.1 - 1.33
Squad Surplus Voucher - 3 refined
Selling Vintage Vintage MerryWeather for 4 keys 1 refined

Selling Sharpdresser for 2 refined

Selling Squad Surplus Voucher for 3 refined

Selling Rust Botkiller Medigun Mk.1 for 1.33

Accepting Overpay in item offers

Taking 1 key as 5.44
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Selling A Vintage Vintage MerryWeather For 4 keys 1 refined.

Vintage Vintage Merryweather being painted Noble Hatters Violet.

Feel free to make offers ! :D

Also Selling Squad Surplus Voucher for 3 refined

Sharp Dresser for 2 refined

Rust Botkiller Medigun MK 1 For 1.33

Also Accepting Overpay in items :)
Or Pure Metal and Keys

Counting 1 key as 5.44

Add me as friend if interested.Or make offers first.Either way :)
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Selling Strange Dead Ringer For 6.33 or 1 key 2 refined
Buying keys 4.77