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Offer away! I am in no hurry.
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Hey guys, just looking for offers at this point, I am open to anything, I will not just shut you down like a dick, no worries there, but might say no, of course.

Miami nights is my favourite effect, so do keep that in mind I guess, but offer anything that is worth around 13 keys or more.
1 key each, or an offer of a new misc. Shoot away!
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Taking offers on a professional kit (cerebral discharge - violet). Offer away!
I am taking offers on this wonderful professional kit for a Frying Pan.
Make an offer!
Direct trade, or offer.
Offer away!
5 keys, or an interesting trade. Offer up!
Offer up, I'm open to a trade in items too!

Will be extra happy (in other words, cheaper) if you offer up a Freshly Brewed victory (Soldier taunt)

I'll be waiting!
As long as your offer contains a mix of those, and or pure, I'll look at it :)
Offer away! I'm looking for around a Buds in price. Will not go lower than that though.

Only the kit. The weapons themselves are just there to help the search, since TF2O doesn't have a system for kits yet.

Also, let's be clear: If you have a Buds, this is a 1:1 trade for me.
Offer away! I'm looking for around a Buds in price. Will not go lower than that though.
Offer away on this already crafted kit! (Weapons not included)

Sheen: Mean Green
Killstreaker: Singularity

I will not consider anything bellow 1 buds, and that would be already pretty low.

Awaiting your offers!
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Taking offers on this professional, already crafted kit. Save yourself the trouble!

Sheen : Mean Green
Killstreaker : Singularity

Offer away, but do note that nothing bellow 1 buds will be even acknowledged.
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2 keys for 5 tickets.
I will add 15 keys for a Das Ubersternmann with Miami Nights.
Offer away!
5 ref, or item offer.
Just the fabricator, the weapon is not included (You could add a scrap for it, I guess)

1:1. If you have an item offer, feel free to offer too! :)
4 buds 4 keys. Pure only. Feel free to offer, but it will probably be refused, unless you have a Das Ubersternmann with an effect that I like.
Taking offers!

B/Os :

Sharp. Volc. Frag.: 12 keys

Rainblower: 18 keys
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For an Australium Blutsauger.
Looking for trades. Miami Nights is my absolute favorite, but I am open to offers! :)
Hi. I am looking for another effect. Change style.

What I am mostly looking for is a Miami Nights Das Ubersternmann. I know, it's an effect that is worth a bit more, so I am ready to add a bit, should you have any demand. Just let me know.

I'd rather have you comment here instead of adding me, but I'm not against it.
14 keys, or an unusual offer of about the same worth.
A 1:1 trade. I am also open to offers. Offer here or add me!
Make some offers on this pure golden piece of awesomeness. I am in no hurry to sell, offer away!

Direct trade : Australium Medi Gun. All other offers welcome!
I am in no hurry to sell this baby. Pure gold, made of win.

I am mostly looking for either low grade unusuals, or another australium, mostly the medic kind, but I'm open to everything!

Comment here :)
I am looking to trade this sheen for the team one. I am open to adding a bit to make up for the color, but it has to be fair.

This one is a violet sheen, by the way :)

Thanks! ~
B/O 4 buds or a Das Ubersternmann Unusual
I am looking for a Das Ubersternmann unusual, with an effect of the same range as this hat, but am not closed to any kind of offers.

Submit your offer! Do not add before we had a discussion here.
Want a strange Grenade Launcher? 6 ref! A deal!
C/O 4 buds
I would like somewhere around 5 buds for this, 5.5 for offers of unusuals. I am looking for a Das Ubersternmann unusual, but am not closed to any kind of offers.

Leave your comment!
I am not really in a hurry to sell this unusual, so I just wanted to know what you fine people would offer for it.

Belgian Detective, effect PAST PRESIDENTS

I am personally looking for a Das Ubersternmann unusual, with a similar tier effect.

Happy bidding! :)
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2 keys is a direct buy. Anything under that, I will have to see if I'm interested ;)

Happy bidding!
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Those are some of the items I want. I can also take ref and keys. No low balls; they will be ignored. Post a relevant trade!
I am also open to trades in items.Ask here first, before adding please!
I am also open to bargaining.
First come first served. Add me for a quick trade ONLY IF I accepted here. I will remove this trade post once I do the trade, so as long as it's here, it's still available.