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Selling these low craft # items for pure or unusual offers. Pure preferred. Prices are:
#59 Nose Candy - 3 keys
#3 Gilded Guard - 18 keys
#11 Strange Trencher's Topper - 6keys
#12 Strange Heer's Helmet - 6 keys
#15 Strange Teutonic Toque - 6 keys
#9 Heat of Winter - 8 keys
#12 Ninja Hood - 4 keys
#67 Dashin' Hashhashin - 4 keys
Will consider any offers if theyre pure or unusual.
Please send as trade offer or add me if you really prefer.
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Taking offers on these low craft # items. Prefer pure but will consider unusual offers if it's clean. Leave offer here or send Steam trade.
Taking offers on the low craft #'s
Tossle Cap 85 keys pure
Boxcar Bomber 50 keys pure

Pure only please send trade.
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taking pure offers on these low craft # items.
send offer or leave offer here
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Selling or trading both of these clean hats
B/O= 110 keys for the Tosslecap, 65 keys for the Boxcar (All Class)
Unusual overpay 20%, will consider Australiums & especially Aussie Black Box
Leave offers here, send trade offer via steam, or add me if want.
Will listen to any offer if reasonable.
trade offer link
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Taking offers on these low craft # items.
Leave offer here or send trade offer
Taking offers on these low craft items.
Leave offer here or send trade offer.
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Taking offers, pure only please.
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Selling these low crafts for pure only
Ninja Hood- 4 keys
Hotties Hoodie- 4 keys
Safeguard- 3keys
Exowear-3 keys
Hashshashin-6 keys
Hunger Force- 4keys
Send trade offer if interested
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Selling Tossle Cap 90 keys pure & Boxcar Bomber 55 keys pure send trade offer.
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Looking to trade for either one of these hats. 1:1 trade or I can add items for higher value hat. No duped please. Send trade offer or leave an offer here.
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Selling the Bonk Helm (clean) 70 keys pure or unusual overpay
craft #94 viewfinder - 5keys
or looking to trade Bonk Helm & Das Nagg for a good medic unusual
Send trade offer preferred but can leave offer here if you want.
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Bonk Helm is clean 1 of 2 is exist. has Halloween spell. - 70 keys pure or Unusual/Australium overpay 25%
Taking offers on the low craft Viewfinder. Prefer send trade offer.
Taking offers on these low craft # items, can leave offer here or send trade offer. Pure preferred.
Taking offers on these clean low craft #'s
Prefer pure but also consider items with overpay or any Halloween items I don't have.
Send trade offer or leave offer here. Please don't add.
Taking offers on these low craft #'s. Send trade offer or offer here. pls dont add.
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Looking for pure or unusual overpay 30%, no 3rd gen,gifted, or duped items. Accepting earbuds as 3.5 keys.
Please leave offer below or send trade offer if want.
Like medic or scout hats with secret,misty skull,cloudy moon, or 13th hour effects best but will listen to any reasonable offer.
B/O for each are:
Pirate's - 65 keys (clean with short history,unboxed by me)
Hermes - 85 keys (clean)
Viewfinder - 6 keys
These are just b/o prices so feel free to make offer.

please be patient with a reply as i usually check my trades 2-3 times a day. Thanks
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Selling for 1 key 10 ref send offer dont add pls.
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More or less looking for offers on these.
Wraith wrap is clean. B/O=40 keys
Pirate's bandana was unboxed by me so short, clean history. B/O=65 keys
Am open to unusual offers or mixed pure, stranges I don't have,Halloween items I don't have (haunted or unique), or low craft # items if I like with overpay.
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taking offers on these pro KS kits, both team shine, prefer trade offer but add is ok if have to
Looking for 6 ref each snow sleeves
1.11ref battery band.
1.22ref for kriegsmachine-9000
1.22ref each U-clanka
Profess. KS Sharp Dresser B/O 10 keys
Profess. KS Righteous Bison B/O 6 keys
Will accept any new haunted items I don't have with overpay
Bill's=3.2 key
Big Kill & B.M.O.C. =8 keys each
or just send a trade offer & if I like I'll take it. Thanks.
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Seeing what offers this might bring. Just unboxed. 1 of 3 currently.
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Fishing for some offers, am the only owner so real short history.
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S. Minigun- 1 key (or current refined equivalent)
S. Killstreak Backburner- 3 keys (with about 5 keys strange parts attached)
S. Concheror's - 1 rec. each
S. Eviction Notice - 2scrap
S. Shotgun - 1key
S. G-Launcher - 2ref
S. Pistol - 1.33ref
--Or will trade for any of the stranges listed at current BackpackTf prices. Send trade offer please. I work during day so please be patient and i'll get to you. Thanks.
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Looking for 1:1 trade if anyone is interested.
Specialized Phlog Kit - 1 key 4ref
Deadly Daffodil (I'll throw in a strangifier for the phlog free))
Specialized Splendid Screen Kit - 1key 4 ref
Team Shine
Specialized Frying Pan Kit - 1 key 4ref
Deadly Daffodil
Specialized Sharp Dresser Kit-1 key 4 ref
Specialized Knife Kit - 2 keys 3 ref
Hot Rod
Specialized Persian Persuader Kit- 1key
Hot Rod
Specialized Machina Kit - 1 key
Hot Rod
Specialized Grenade Launcher Kit - 3 keys
Deadly Daffodil

Please use trade offer or can post an offer below.
Pure is preferred but will accept items if I like them & don't have them. Thanks
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Am looking for offers on this Burning Flames Buckaroo's hat for engy. Looking for primarily unusual trade and prefer scou, soldier or medic unusuals. Will listen to pure offers though. And have the Medic's mountain cap if needed for extra payment. Thanks and please leave offers here and not add me.
Buying these items with pure keys
Paying 23 keys for Gunslinger
9 keys for Caber
add me to trade
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Looking for offers on this Australium Eyelander. Prefer pure earbuds or keys but might consider unusual(s) if I like. Please leave offer here instead of adding me. Thanks

I'm the only owner so its clean
Paying 17 keys pure for a Strange Machina. add me if interested.
  • Completed
Selling this strange quick-fix for 3.33ref or trade 1:1 for TOD ticket. Add me if interested.
  • Completed
Selling this Australium Eyelander only owner has been me 3 buds or will take any stranges listed at rate of
S.Kritz 30 keys
S. Gunslinger 22 keys
S. Ullapool 9 keys
S. Machina 18 keys

Earbuds-17 keys
Key- 6.44ref

Will take offers, unusuals,items with overpay
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Professional Killstreak Short Circuit Kit
Killstreaker: Tornado
Sheen: Agonizing Emerald
Taking Offers
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Blazing bull 2keys
Tail from the crypt 1.66ref
Zipperface 1.22ref
everything else 1 scrap each

will trade with slight overpay for new haunted items
add for trade
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Selling Pyro Set 3 keys or 18ref (only selling as a set)
Haunted Zipperface 1.33ref
Cursed medic soul & each Halloween item 2 scrap each

will take offers with overpay in items
Selling Pyro Haunted set 3.5 keys or trade for Strange Festive Holy Mack. + I will add 1 key or trade for Strange Holy Mack. and I will add 4ref.

also selling - Haunted Zipperface 1.33 ref

-Cursed Medic soul, Steel Pipes, Shoestring Budget, B-Ankh all .33ref each.

ADD ME if interested
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Selling engy set - 1 ref
sniper set - 1.33ref
b-ankh - .33ref
intangible ascot .33ref

Add me for trade if interested
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Selling Entire set (9 total) of Cursed souls for 3 ref. Add me if interested.
1 key 2 refined for entire haunted souls set (9 total). Add me if interested.
Selling these Haunteds for metal or trading for vintage/genuine hats,miscs I dont have or will trade for a Haunted Intangible Ascot, Haunted Tiara, or unique Futankhamun, Sir Hootsalot.

Selling these for:

H. Griffin's Gog = 1 Ref
H. Dead Little Buddy = 2 Ref (Not seen here but i have)
H. Scarecrow = 2 Ref (Not seen here but i have)
H. Scottish Snarl = 2 Ref
H. Pickled Paws = 1.66 Ref
H. Futankhuman = 1 Ref
H. Steel Pipes = 2 Ref
H. Frontier Flyboy = 1 Ref
H. Legend of Bugfoot = 2 Ref
H. Tail From the Crypt = 2 Ref

add me for trade. Thanks!
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  • Completed
Selling this Pyro set for 3 keys 4 ref
haunted dead little buddy- 2 ref
haunted scarecrow- 2 ref
haunted steel toes 1 ref
haunted voo doo juju - 3 ref
haunted silver bullets 2 ref
haunted futank.- 1.33 ref

add me if interested
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Taking offers on a full Haunted cursed souls set. Includes all 9 souls. Post offer below please.
Taking offers on these Haunted items. Please post offer below. The spooky sleeves & shoes are being sold together, everything else can be individually sold. Thanks.
Taking offers on the complete set of Haunted cursed souls. please post offers below. thanks.
buying these items for

Idiot Box 3ref
Frontier Flyboy .66ref
Grand Duchess Tutu 4.22ref
Blazing Bull & Fallen Angel 1 ref each
Voodoo Cursed Souls 1 rec each
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Buying these items for
H. Intangible Ascot 1.66ref
H. Souls 2rec. each
H. Grand Duchess Tiara 3 ref

add me for quick trade
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Taking offers on these haunteds. Please offer and don't add me. Thanks.
  • Completed
Buying each one of these for 1.44ref each. Add me for quick trade.
Looking to trade any of these haunteds for ones i dont have or just taking offers on any of these. Can pay difference if it's more or will just buy any of the ones I dont have if you are just looking to sell any.
Also have to trade:
Haunted medic soul
Haunted demo soul

Also need:
Haunted Buzzkiller
Haunted Steel Toe Stompers
Haunted Holy Hunter
Haunted Griffin's Gog
Haunted grand Duchess Tutu, Fairy Wings, & Tiara
Haunted Frontier Flyboy
Haunted Emerald Jarate
Add Me if interested, Thanks!
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