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Selling Gaelic Garb #20 for offers
C/O: 5 keys
B/O: 6 keys
Looking for soldier unusuals and pures.
Mostly interested in the hats to the right.
Rejected an Aces High Robo Noble before, so don't offer below that.

Miami Nights Lucky Shot (low)

B/O: 8 buds / 10 in unusuals
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1 of 1 on the market
1 of 3 in the world
Selling this Green Black Hole Your Worst Nightmare for pures or unusuals
Don't offer below 7


B/O: 9 pure / 11 in unusual
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Cloudy Moon Yellow Belt
Mainly looking for pures and sniper unusuals

GBH YWN + sweets
Terror-Watt Samur-eye
Time Warp AA
Secret Liquidator's Lid
Kill-a-Watt Anger

B/O: 8 buds quicksell
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Quickselling for 8 buds pure.
Selling for 3 ref.

Merc's Pride Scarf Chemistry Set

The following are the inputs that must be fulfilled.
Bootleg Base Metal Billycock x 2
Base Metal Billycock x 2
Engineer's Cap x 2
German Gonzila x 2
The Samur-Eye x 2
The Conjurer's Cowl x 2
The Pure Tin Capotain x 2
The Glasgow Great Helm x 2
Brain Bucket x 2
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Selling these low tier unusuals for keys and promos

Stormy YWN
B/O: 1 bud + 15 keys
Cloud 9 El Jefe
1 of 1 in the market.

Mainly looking for pures and sniper unusuals
Not interested in robo/new effects

Harvest Marauder OR Cloudy Moon Yellow Belt + Stormy YWN + N&B Hound Dog
Smoking Brotherhood of Arms + O. Fire Drills
Harvest Tyrolean
Gifted Aces High Kabuto + Antifreeze Fez
Roboactive Cold Killer

B/O: 13 buds
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Clean Attendant - 1.55 ref
1.66 ref
  • Completed
Level 99 Compatriot for 1 key
Lv.69 Gaelic Garb for 4 ref
Stormin' Norman - 2 ref
Das Maddendoktor - 2 ref

gotta go fast
cmon step it up
  • Completed
G. Deus - 1 key
cmon step it up
Only 1 key.
5.66 ref
1 key + 3 ref
  • Completed
1 key
gimme dem strange parts
  • Completed
  • Completed
gib me gibus plz :3
Black veil - 2 keys + 2 ref
Dirty VoT veil - 1 key
Veil 1:1 Domination
Dem Haunted Crone's Domes

Violet H. Crone's Dome - 3.33 ref
Level 69 H. Crone's Dome - 4 ref
3.66 ref for a Vintage Shooter's Sola Topi
4 ref - V. Bloke's Bucket Hat
Selling all-class hats and miscs with collector levels

Lv. 69 Dome - 4 ref
Lv. 99 Marxman - 3.33 ref

Add me for fast trade
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bst reteird uncrfts evr buiy nao

Pink Football Helm - 2 ref
Crone's Dome - 3.33 ref

Add me for fast trade
Cape - 3.66 ref

Add me for fast trade
Crone's Dome - 3 ref
Gold Beak - 4 ref
Lime Beak - 1 key + 1 ref
Wintermantel - 3 ref
8 keys + 2 ref
Flamethrower has Allies Extinguished strange part
gimme ye bawtkillas en den i vil hef all de sniper strenjs :3 (except for S.Frying Pan)

Silver BK Flamethrower w/ Allies Extinguished - Silver BK Sniper Mk.I

Coupe D'isaster - Rust BK Sniper

Festive fish - Silver BK Sniper Mk.II

Add me for fast trade
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Not buying at the moment

About time I finish my strange Sniper set
Rust -
Silver Mk.I -
Silver Mk.II -

Add me to trade
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1 scrap or 2 weps each
Selling a bunch of random stuff

S. Frontier Justice - 1.33 ref
Selling this Level 0 Vintage Sandvich for offers
Painted cocks are good too, black or white cocks preferred
Make me moist

C/O: Nope
B/O: 7 keys
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Make me a happy man
I need keys quick :c
Entertain me
Priorities- S.F. Sniper Rifle/Voodoo Juju/Strange Frying Pan

B/O: 1 bud + 7 keys / S.F. Sniper Rifle + 10 keys
Selling these odd-leveled weapons for offers

1 of 12 Lv.3 Soda Popper :3
C/O: Nope
B/O: Dunno

1 of 26 Lv.2 Rocket Jumper c:
C/O: Nope
B/O: Dunno

1 of 52 Lv.1 Ambassador :D
C/O: Nope
B/O: 1.66 ref :3
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