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Selling/trading Collectors Gunboats Chemistry Set.
Open to offers.
Looking for specialized collectors gunboats, add me to work something out.

B/O on chemistry set 70pure
Strange Genuine Professional Killstreak Widowmaker
currently listed on steam community market, can trade for pure
use trade link to send offers please.
spells, send offers using trade link
reply below

sold flair 10 keys
traded bandanna for Infernal Smoke Taunt: Battin' a Thousand
sold bills 5 keys
looking for offers on these halloween spells with highly desirable footprint and paint changing spells. .
Looking for spell painted cosemtics + footprints. Interested in all offers!!
Fountain of Delight, best unusual effect especially for medic. fishing for offers, currently not in my inventory, listed on steam community market.
can sell for pure, just add me
SPELLED Revolver
  • Completed
God tier weapon. Collectors + Strange + best pro killstreak effect + 3 awesome parts.
90 keys, open to item offers.
Professional Killstreak Wrench kit only.

Incinerator/Mandarin - 12 keys
**currently listed on scm**
can sell for pure, just add me
1, 24 keys
2. 3 keys (on scm, comment and ill remove)
3. sold
4. 1 key 24 ref
5. 3 keys
6. 4 keys
7. 2 keys
Send offers, i dont bite. Overpay with items will accept. Interested in spell painted/footprint items.
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  • Completed
Level 69
open to all offers. (1 of 4 existing) NEW TAUNT
ap sap 1.3 keys
festive force of nature 11 ref
Strange Specialized Killstreak Air Strike (MEAN GREEN) -20ref
strange phlog (strange part dmg dealt 2.5/$6.25 keys) - offer
offer below or add me for other items
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Looking for offers
23 keys Festivized strange Sand Cannon (ELITE GRADE). (cheapest on market) SOLD
4.5 keys RL kit SOLD
Looking for pure or 30% overpay (not including paints or parts).
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looking for offers, will consider all of them. leave offer below.
Great skin FACTORY NEW
Currently on the market.

Edit: SOLD
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  • Completed
COLLECTORS market garden

comment offers below

note that it rarely sells and is difficult to find and buy
current highest offer: 9 keys

Edit: sold for 15 keys.
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Looking for pure or 30% overpay (not including paints or parts). Not selling medigun/sappers for bptf price.
  • Completed
Looking to UPGRADE my Strange Festive Elite Grade Sand Cannon (Field-Tested) + extra for a Strange Elite Grade Sand Cannon (MINIMAL WEAR)
Only interested in Minimal Wear/FN sand cannon. No other skins.

Please add me for discussion.
Not interested in selling this for anything else.
  • Completed
cute suite 8.44
anger 6 ref
mecha 6 ref
ascot 2 ref
  • Completed
26.66 ref.

festive for the holiday season :D
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6 keys market gardener
20 ref gloves or 1 key 7 ref
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Looking for these specific items w/ paint Color No. 216-190-216.

Looking for a law & dogfighter painted w/ value of teamwork.
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6 keys, only 127 out there!
Click here ---> <--- Click here
unarmed combat kit - 2 ref
maul kit - 0.66 ref
fabricators, offer
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selling robo parts for top prices.

Click here ---> <--- Click here
Offer accordingly. Add me if you want to discuss pricing.
market gardener on steam market, wont be in my bp.
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Buying lollichop licker only with 216 paint. add or send trade offers.

Click here ---> <--- Click here
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strange specialized killstreak festive gloves of running urgently
Sheen: Agonizing Emerald

Takin offers, the killstreak sheen is holiday themed.

Click here ---> <--- Click here
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8 keys.
17 ref each
B.A.S.E Jumper (level 69) - 1 ref
  • Completed
send trade offers
Brother hood of arms (all class)(indubitably green paint) - 9 ref
The Essential Accessories - 1.3 keys (19 ref) (thats cheaper than
The Superfan - 2 ref
The Fast Learner - 2.33 ref
Polar Pullover - 1.55 (1 ref + 1 rec + 2 scrap)
Soldier's Stash - 6 ref
Law - 5 ref
Companion Cube Pin - .88 ref (2 rec + 2 scrap)

Send trade offers at this link
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  • Completed
Strange Specialized Killstreak Spy-cicle
- Sheen: Team Shine
- Strange part: Demomen kills
- Custom Description:"anybody want to play a bit a freeze tag with me?"

Asking 15ref. Press the double arrow button to send trade offer. One of my favorite spy weapons in the game. 15 ref is a good deal for Team Shine sheen with strange part and a custom description!
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Offer accordingly.
selling last two pages of my bp. lots of robot parts.
Click here ---> <--- Click here

16x Battle-Word Robot Taunt Processor
23x Battle-Worn Robot Money Furnace
9x Reinforced Robot Emotion Detector
21x Battle-Worn Robot KB-808
11x Reinforced Robot Humor Suppression Pump prices
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Strange Specialized Killstreak Air Strike
sheen: Mean Green

Asking 16ref. Press the double arrow button to send trade offer.
scout hat - 4 ref
killstreak kits - offer
mishap - 1.33 ref
level 69 base jumper - 0.66 ref
level 100 air strike - 0.66 ref
companion cube - 1 ref

send me a trade offer using my link, i consider all offers
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1 key + 5 ref

team shine, strange part demomen kills