Taking offers on this lovely Tough Guy's Toque with Burning Flames.

100% Clean ✔
Not duped ✔
Very low history ✔
High-Tier Effect ✔
Awesome Hat ✔

C/O - None

Do not add me, just post your offers below. I will check this trade commonly so don't worry!
Best rename or best rename? Anyways, offer.

Sheen: Team Shine (Quite a wanted Sheen from what I've heard)
Killstreaker: Flames (My favorite Killstreaker, and another popular one too)

For the love of god, please know that it's Professional Killstreak too. http://puu...LE.jpg

C/O - 6 Keys
Just taking offers on my two sexy unusuals. Do not add me, just leave an offer below.

Not interested in any Summer/Robot/2013 Halloween effects.
Looking for about 19 Keys or I'll 1:1 with an Australium Tomislav. (Thought I'd appreciate it if you added in keys/sweets) If you have a professional Killstreak on it, I won't take anything with Hypnobeams on it.
I apologize about this, but I have this trade to get a good Description for my #99 Weight Room Warmer. If I like the description, I'll give you something cool. Maybe a Key, maybe something else.
Hey, I'm looking to buy Half Life 2: Episode Two!


Add me or send me a trade offer if I'm offline!
Buying Keys at 7.33 Refined!

Add me or send me a trade offer.
Fast Learner - 2.66 Ref
Fancy Dress Uniform - 3 Ref
Doublecross-Comm (Lime Painted) - 3 Keys 3 Ref

Add me or send me a trade offer. METAL ONLY!
Looking for offers.
Brand new strange, I'll take 3 Keys.
3 Keys, nothing else.

Add me.
2 Keys
2 Keys only
If paying metal, it's 14.44 Refined
Add me or send me a trade offer
Again, KEYS/METAL only. No item offers.
Keys/Metal only

Shotgun for 2 Keys

Tuxxy for 3 Refined

Add me or sned me a trade offer.
I got a shit-ton of ref in my backpack, and I'm gonna be buying Ellis' Caps for 1 Refined each. If you argue enough, I'll do 1.11

Send me a trade offer or add me if I'm online.
Backpack.tf prices, I ONLY want metal/keys.

Add me if I'm online, or send me a trade offer if I'm offline.

Apoco Fists - 3 Ref
Sharp Dresser - 2.33 Ref
Strange Shotgun - 2 Keys each

Add me or send me a trade offer if I'm offline.

My other trade - http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/18850508

Carbonado Scattergun - 1 Key
Shortstop (Scouts Killed, Critical Kills & Medics Killed parts on it) - Around 4 ~ 6 Refined
Sniper Rifle (Custom Description) - 4.55 Refined
Sandman - 5 Refined
Market Gardener - 2.33 Refined
Solemn Vow - 0.55 Refined
Scorch Shot - 0.33 Refined
Unarmed Combat - 1.33 Refined

Add me or send me a trade offer, thanks.

My other trade - www.tf2outpost.com/trade/18853726
Collector's Professional Killstreak Cleaner's Carbine
Or in short, CPKCC
The Collector's, the Professional Killstreak Kit Fabricator, all completed by me.
Sheen: Mean Green
Killstreaker: Flames

C/O - Professional Killstreak Collector's Reserver Shooter
B/O - 12 Keys

Declined but good notable offers
~ 10 Keys in items

Don't add me, post your offers below please!
Pretty much selling these for backpack.tf prices, if offering items please leave an offer below! Other than that either send me a trade offer or add me if I'm online. Thanks!

Pistol - 2.33 Refined
Sandman - 5 Refined
Boston Basher - 1.33 Refined
Shortstop - Offer (Note there is strange parts attached to it.)

Add me or send me a trade offer!
High-End of backpack.tf

Add me or send me a trade offer.
19 Keys, simple.

Don't whine about my price. It's what I'm paying.

Add me if I'm online or send me a trade offer.

Add me
Welcome! Welcome to Dee's Heavy Unusual trade! Yep, you guessed it right, I'm looking to buy Heavy Unusuals!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~READ HERE BEFORE OFFERING!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Even though I am buying Heavy Unusuals, I still do have a few things I want to point out.
~ I will NOT buy your Heavy Unusual if...

• The hat is duplicated
• The hat is scammed
• The hat is gifted
• The effect is Low-Tier ~ Mid-Tier (I mainly look for High-Tier)
• The effect is from 2013 Summer, Halloween or Robot effect (Meaning I want old effects)
• The hat is a Robot Reskin hat (i.e - Tungsten Toque, Gridiron Guardian, Bunsen Brave. I will make exceptions if it has an old effect)
I want a reasonable offer since I'm offering pure on hats that not many people want to buy.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~READ HERE BEFORE OFFERING!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Current stock in pure: 6 Buds
(Planning to get more in the next few weeks or so)
Please do not add me, just post your offer below. I will check this trade frequently so don't worry!

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make that sweet offer!
Looking for offers on this awesome Tank Buster set! MOST LIKELY WILL TAKE PURE OFFERS. I buy unusuals to keep, not to resell. So I really would prefer to get pure.
If offering unusuals, do not offer me any Summer or 2013 Halloween effects please.

C/O - Dead Presidents Blighted Beak

Don't add me, just offer below.
Taking offers on this badass Tank Buster set! Softcap is clean, non-duped.

Pure > Unusual offers > Mixed offers
(Meaning I'd rather have pure offer than unusual offers, but you can still offer anything)

Don't add me, just post your offer below or send me a trade offer.
'Sup. How's it going?

I'll say this once and very clearly. >I AM ONLY SELLING THIS AS A SET.< I'm already getting tired of getting 4 Bud offers on the Softcap itself. Please don't bother if you're not offering anything under 5.5 Pure or I'll probably ignore/hide your offer. Another thing, don't add me, just post your offers below. I check Outpost frequently.
Another thing, please do NOT offer me any of the Robot effects or 2013 Halloween effects.


Pure > Unusual offers > Other offers

Just in case, I've uploaded a screenshot of the Softcap. Picture is done by me, using Garry's Mod.
That's all you've gotta know pretty much. Now what are you waiting for? Offer away!

C/O - None ATM

Phish attempts - 2
1 of 1 on TF2
1 of 1 on Outpost
Badass Robo-Effect
Badass High-Tier Hat
This bad boy ain't gonna go for cheap!

Important notes
Any offer that is under 10 Buds will be hidden without question.
Do not offer money. I don't have a PayPal account, plus I hate doing those risky trades.
Do not offer any unusuals with the 2013 Halloween effects.
Do not add me, I will check this trade frequently so don't worry about waiting for a response.
Don't even try to phish me, I've already gotten too many of those and it's getting annoying.

Now, make your sexy offers!

C/O - Vintage Max's Head

If you want an in-game screenshot of the hat on Soldier/Heavy/Medic, let me know.
Just taking some offers on these two beautiful unusuals I have.
Note that I'm probably going to be looking at pure offers than unusuals unless if it's a BIG overpay
Any offer with the new effects or robo-hats will be instantly hidden. I'm not interested.

C/O (Hound Dog) - None

C/O (Softcap) - None
Key offers only please.

V. Tossle - 2 Keys 2 Ref
S.F. Holy Mackerel - 4 Keys

Add me or if I'm offline send me a trade offer.
4 Keys, nothing else

Add me.
A nice little decent hat. Looking mostly for pure offers, but I'll take unusual offers as long as it's a good overpay.

C/O - 12 Keys
Add me
Looking to buy a copy of Rust for 5 Keys. If you really want me to, I could add a few items.

Add me!
Looking for offers!

Killstreaker - Flames
Sheen - Mean Green
Hey, I'm buying unwanted Specialized Killstreak Kits for 1 Key pure each, I'm looking to buy 2 of them to complete a Fabricator I have. Add me or offer below!
Hey, I'm looking to buy 2 Specialized Killstreak weapons for 1 key each!

~ They must be either a completed Kit or already attached to a weapon.
~ The weapon must be unique. (No Vintage, Genuine, etc.)
~ The weapon must be clean.

Add me or offer below!
Heyo! I'm collecting Cleaner's Carbines! Yes, I am trying to get a Collector's one. If you have any, please send me a trade off or add me if I'm online!

Currently buying!
Buying price: 1 Scrap each

UPDATE: I already got 197 Cleaner's Carbines in just TWO days! Thanks guys! I only need a few more and I'll be closing up this trade!
Quickselling for 3 Keys
Add me!
Just selling all of those trading cards I got in my inventory for a scrap + 1 weapon each.
Scrap banking. 2 weapons for a scrap, add me!
7 Ref
I got only 1 so.
Add me.
Trade me
3 Ref, add me.
Whoa, some uncommon and rare profile backgrounds and an emote here.

Offer away. Most likely wanting metal.
I just wanted to rename it to this so badly
Don't offer anything under 2 Ref, I'm getting too many random adds and being lowballed.

C/O - 2 Ref + 1 Rec

B/O - 2 Keys
Hey, taking offers on my little fucked up looking Spy set.
I don't have any B/O, so just make a nice offer that I may like.

Ask me for a screenshot if you'd like to see it.
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We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!