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Please do note: This Karambit has a rare blue gem. screenshots are provided below.
In-Game inspection of the knife - steam://run...899519
It also does say it's Field-Tested, but it fairly looks like a Minimal Wear
First owner of the knife had a B/O of 250 keys. Apparently he had some price-checking expert take a look at it and said so. Don't take my word on it, but here's the trade of the first owner - http://www.csgoutpost.com/trade/25420240


C/O - None
B/O - Don't have one at the moment.
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Unboxed this, renamed it and everything.

Do note it has a StatTrak on it, and it may say Field-Tested, but it looks closer to Minimal Wear.

I would gladly 1:1 with this for another AK skin (Classified/Covert skins are preferred)

C/O - None
B/O - Range of 25 ~ 30 keys (Got an offer of 30 keys but the guy retracted)
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I unboxed this, so keep in mind that this is a fresh new knife.
Fade is 85%, but it still is Factory New & No scratches at all.
No B/O so far, but I would trade this for a decent Karambit.

C/O -

Don't offer money please! I don't have a PayPal.
And don't offer any TF2 items either. I had it with that game.

So somebody decided to attempt to scam me via PayPal. But thanks to some good advice from friends, I was able to dodge the bullet.
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It took me about 9 crates to unbox this. Shitty $0.05 reskins and what-not. Then bam, I get this.
Offer me anything, but if offering knives then I would like it to be the specific ones up above only.

And don't offer me TF2 Items.

C/O -
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1:1, or I can do it in bulk if you want.

Add me or send me a trade offer.
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This is Amazon trading only. I don't have a PayPal account.
Offer below, name your prices.
If I like the price, I will add you.
YOU WILL GIVE ME THE KEYS FIRST, then I will send you the required amount as a gift card via Amazon.
If you don't want to go first, then you've come to the wrong place.
Backpack.tf rep - http://backpack.tf/trust/76561198028274698
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Heyo! D here, taking offers on these badass Scout items!
Do note, these are ALL CLEAN! No need to worry about dupe checking!

I don't suggest offering individually, I'd rather sell this as a set. If you're going to offer on individual items, it's gotta be a tear-dropping offer!
I don't have a B/O set for this set(yet), but please do not use this as an advantage to offer something low.

Unusual Backwards Ballcap w/ Burning Flames (Currently the only clean one on market. Other one is duped.)
Strange Festive Scattergun w/ Specialized Killstreak (Mean Green)SOLD
Unusual Taunt: Deep Fried Desire w/ Holy Grail

C/O - 30 Pure for the Taunt & Ballcap (Collecting)
Screenshot of the offer (It's not the fake imgur link, it's the real one.) - http://img...RGrHfd

Don't be afraid to offer! Worst thing that would happen is a polite no thanks, but don't worry.
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Want to buy an Aussie Scattergun with what I got. If you're offering one with a Professional KS, I won't do anything but Fire Horns & Manndarin, or Flames & Manndarin.

If you are going to whine about the Max's being level 1, go somewhere else. This may be level 1, but it's clean. http://backpack.tf/item/1312854934

I can add keys if it's not enough. I have 20 keys at maximum.

Offer here or add me.
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Want to buy Unusual Taunt: Deep Fried Desire in quicksell prices.
Do not offer your full prices please!
If I like the price you sell it at I will consider it.

Do not offer Holy Grail DFD, I already got one.
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Backpack.tf prices only.
Pure only.
Make offers on the painted ones
  • Completed
Backpack.tf prices only.
Pure only.
Offer on the Pro KS Fists
  • Completed
Backpack.tf price.

Offer on painted cosmetics.
  • Completed
Backpack.tf prices
  • Completed
10 Keys.
Since I have 2 keys that are not tradable for another week, I'm doing one key in refined metal.
  • Completed
Current Backpack.tf prices only.
  • Completed
Backpack.tf prices in pure please.
  • Completed
Green - 2.66 Ref
Greed - 1.66 Ref

Metal only.
  • Completed
I have pure keys.
You have a Strange Festive Bat that is not duped.
Send me a trade offer please. I'll just buy it for 15 keys, a fair and square trade.
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Taking offers on this badass Scout set.
I would only like to sell this as a set.
Any individual offers will be automatically hidden. (I'll make exceptions depending on if I like the offer)

Ballcap is duped, I found out after a few weeks when I bought it, and I'm pissed about it. Right now I'm gonna try to get a clean one.

C/O - None
B/O - Around 35+/40 in unusuals
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Scrap Banking. You know the drill. No uncraftable weapons. 2 weapons = 1 scrap.
I can bank in bulk. I have a page and a half full of scrap.
  • Completed
Wanting to 1:1 BUT.

I'd like it to be either Professional KS or Specialized KS.
If the sheen is Agonizing Emerald or Mean Green, you've come to the right place.
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Welcome! Welcome to my Unusual trade!

(Read) ~BEFORE YOU OFFER!~ (Read)
- I am looking for HIGH-TIER 1st/2nd Generation hats only. (Nothing under Green/Purple Energy)
- If offering 2nd Generation effects, I will only take "Harvest Moon" and "It's A Secret To Everybody". Other 2nd Generation effects will be ignored.
- Do not offer me any Robo Hats.
- Do not offer any Medic, Spy, Pyro Unusuals. I suck at those classes.
- Do not offer me your B/O Price. I'm not asking for a quicksell, but a fair and agreeable price would be nice.
- No duped or gifted Unusuals. No matter how good the price is, I won't take it.
- Do note, I buy Unusuals for keeps, not to resell.

(I will add more to this later on)

Don't let that wall of text scare you off! Go ahead and make a post, or send me a trade offer!

27 Buds
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Don't worry, someone will unbox one. I know it..
You just gotta wait and see..
Just wait and see..
And when it does get unboxed? I'll buy it.
I won't hesitate, no.
I WILL buy it.

But yeah, just let me know when somebody unboxes one.
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Taking offers on these two sweet Spy unusuals. (The DCO is for Sniper as well.)

- Do not add me. (Unless you're paying my B/O) Post your offers below and I will check it out ASAP.
- Do not post any links. I won't bother clicking them.
- I do not do PayPal trading. (Yet)
- Do not offer any Robo Hats.
- Do not offer any taunts. (Might make an exception if it's Conga)
- Try not to offer any 3rd Generation effects.
- Pure>1st Generation effects>Other mixed offers

Deep Cover Operator w/ Kill-a-Watt
1 of 3 on the market.
Multi-Class Hat
B/O - 8 Buds (Cheapest one so far)
  • Completed
Taking offers.

C/O - None
B/O - 8 Buds/9 In Unusuals
  • Completed

I want 2 Buds & 5 Keys for this Laugh Taunt w/ Skill Gotten Gains. Nothing else!
Add me or send me a trade offer.
  • Completed
Hey guys! I am selling my Unusual Taunt: The Schadenfreude w/ Skill Gotten Gains
I would say this is a themed unusual, since you can laugh at people who look poor while having more money shoot in the air around you so you look like a real edgy scrub.

No B/O for now, but I will not consider anything under 3 Buds.
Do NOT offer me any 3rd gen unusuals.
  • Completed
10 Keys, nothing else.

Add me or send me a trade offer.
  • Completed

It's 1 of 3 on Outpost right now, and one of them wants 4 Buds.
I only want 2 Buds, and 2 Buds is all I want from this.
And of course, it isn't duped.

Add me or send me a trade offer!
  • Completed

No, I'm not going to pay 2 Keys 3 Refined
No, I'm not going to pay 2 Keys 2 Refined
And you guessed it, no. I will not pay 2 Keys 1 Refined

2 Keys only, add me.
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Heyo! I be sellin' some of this beautiful stuff! I'm mainly wanting pure offers, so if you're offering unusuals I won't accept anything that's not 1st gen effects.

Unusual Taunt: The Schadenfreude w/ Skill Gotten Gains
Themed unusual. Laugh at all the other poor people and become the biggest scrub on the server!
B/O - 4 Buds

Strange Professional Killstreak Kritzkrieg
Killstreaker: Flames/Sheen: Hot Rod
B/O - 45 Keys or 2 Buds & 7 Keys

Strange Gunslinger
B/O - 30 Keys or 1 Bud & 11 Keys

Add me or send me a trade offer if you're paying my B/O.
  • Completed
Quickly selling this Strange Gunslinger for 30 Keys or 1 Bud 11 Keys

Send me a trade offer or add me!
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Hey there, selling this fancy Professional Killstreak Strange Kritzkrieg!
Both Killstreaker and Sheen is very popular.

I am wanting to sell this for 50 Keys. Please don't add me, post below here and I will respond to it.
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Looking to sell my Hong Kong Cone w/ Cloud 9. Though I'm not in the biggest rust to sell it.
Short & Clean history ✓
Cute effect ✓
All-Class Hat ✓

C/O - None
B/O - In the range of 10 Buds / 11 in mixed offers.
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I'm offering 1 bud for a clean Towering Pillar of Summer Shades.
Do not ask for more, I'm only offering 1 bud.

Don't like it? Go somewhere else.

Post here, don't add me!
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  • Completed
Taking offers on my Australium Minigun I found brand new after finishing a tour.

Will automatically hide any unusual offers with Aces High or Dead Presidents unless if it's a REALLY good overpay.

C/O - None
  • Completed
1 of 3 in TF2
1 of 2 on the Market
Other guy has a 2.5 B/O
I want 2 Buds

C/O - None

Don't add me unless you're paying 2 buds, thanks.
  • Completed
That 70's Chapeau (Level 100) - 2.66 Refined
Pomade Prince (Leve 69) - 2.66 Refined
Pyromancer's Mask - 3.66 Refined
Founding Father - 2.33 Refined
The Smoking Skid Lid - 1.66 Refined
Combustible Kabuto - 1.66 Refined
Sub Zero Suit - 1 Key 3 Refined
A Deep Commission to Purple - 3.66 Refined

Send me a trade offer or add me.
  • Completed
Selling this low-history Collector's Festive Wrangler!

I currently have it being sold on the community market, so I won't have it in my BP.

I don't have a B/O, but do know that I won't be considering anything under a bud.
  • Completed
Professional Killstreak Strange Sandman - Looking for 3 Keys
Strange Dead Ringer - 1 Key

Will take item overpay, but offer below first if you are.
  • Completed
1 Key
Add me or send me a trade offer.
  • Completed
Mostly selling these for backpack.tf prices in metal only.

That '70s Chapeau is level 100
Pomade Prince is level 69
Bearded Bombardier is level 100
If you want to offer a bit more on these go ahead.
  • Completed
Deus Specs - 5 Refined
Cross-Comm Express - 1 Key
Lacking Moral Fiber Mask - 4 Refined

Will take item overpay, but offer here if you are and I will think about it.
  • Completed
White Bill's Hat - 6 Keys 2 Ref
TS Bill's Hat - 6 Keys 1 Ref
  • Completed
  • Completed
Hey, looking to buy these strange parts for a reasonable price. Please do not add me, I will either add you or tell you to add me if I like the offer.
And yes, I'm paying in pure.
  • Completed
2.66 Refined

Add me or send me a trade offer.
  • Completed
I'm selling these strange parts! Here are my prices.

Domination Kills - 2 Keys
Cloaked Spies Killed - 1.66 Refined
Kills While Rocket Jumping - 3 Refined EACH
Revenge Kills - 1 Refined
Robots Destroyed - 2 Keys 1.33 Refined
Snipers Killed - 1 Key 2 Refined

Add me or send me a trade offer.
  • Completed
1 key