Selling these weapon skins for metal:

American Pastoral Rocket Launcher: 1.11 ref
Bogtrotter Sniper Rifle: 5 ref
Coffin Nail Scattergun: 3.66 ref
Blue Mew Pistol: 5.33 ref
Lightining Rod Shotgun: 3 ref
Carpet Bomber Stickybomb Launcher: 6.22 ref
Butcher Bird Minigun: 5.33 ref

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Violent Violent Footprint spell + Value of Teamwork Brown Bomber (wich is All-Class hat)
Considering the paint is 1 key and the Footprint spell is supposedly 19 keys (according to backpack.tf), I'd say a price of at least 10 keys would be reasonable.
Obviously feel free to make any offer you want
Just selling some stuff for refined.

Festive SMG / Targe: 0.66
Festive Shotgun: 2.22
Stereoscopic Shades: 2.11
Apparatchik's Apparel (Uncraftable): 1.66
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Just a rec. Feel free to add me.
Looking for offers for this Level 69 parka. Feel free to offer in items, there is a chance I might find them suitable, altough I prefer pure.
Selling this clean, painted Muskelmannbrown Brutal Bouffant for 3 Refined.
Add me to trade.
Just selling this clean Soviet Gentleman for 1.66.