Hello. Selling this awesome karambit for other knifes(No Gut knifes) and unusuals(No robot hats/effects).
More interested in CS:GO Items since TF2 economy isn't steady anymore, although I still do accept TF2 offers.
Interested in Demoman,Pyro,Scout unusuals. Others are also welcome but you will have to make an amazing deal. (unless it's 1st gen).
My karambit is priced at 130€ (165$/450 Lt) I won't take your 110-120€ worth offer since I can sell the knife on the market and get more in return. I can take 5 buds in 1st gen unusual hats, not considering anything below 4!
I have a lot to add for an upgrade, up to 60€ of skin adds.

C/O: 4 Buds Pure.
Post here before adding, I hate scammers.

Weapon skins like Cyrex are NOT for sale, they are adds for an upgrade or a great offer for my knife, I can ONLY sell them for amazing deals.
Selling these 4 awesome clean unusual hats!
Interested in both TF2 and CSGO items, will take knife,unusual and pure offers.

Tough Stuff Muffs: 8 buds.
Towering Pillar of Hats: 4 buds.
Trophy Belt: 4.5 buds.
Ol' Geezer: 1 bud.

Offers below!
Selling this rare festive sapper for 1.5 buds.
Apparently this item will rise in price as Christmas is coming.
It has been sold before for 122-55 euro on the market, I am the only owner selling one right now!
I also accept unusual offers but they must be clean and an overpay.
Post here BEFORE adding me, thanks!
Selling this beautiful p250!
Looks Factory New.
Has a rare expensive sticker worth 15 euro.
So offer accordingly.
Looking for key offers! ^.^
Give me this plz. 420 blaze it. See mi profile, check wat ya wanta. Imma give good deal.
Looking to sell this clean soldier unusual hat!
I'm mostly interested in Downgrades. So if you happen to have one feel free to offer.
Note that I don't give profit for a downgrade, so no lowball offers, I won't even think about it.
Most favourite classes:
Will most likely accept a downgrade of multiple hats of Scout,Soldier,Demo and Pyro classes.
I'm not interested in robot hats/effects or low tier unusuals that are below 2-3 buds.
Keep in mind this is not a 15 bud unusual.
I can add sweets up to 6 buds in cs items.
Hello. Selling this awesome karambit for other knifes(No Gut knifes) and unusuals(No robot hats/effects).
More interested in CS:GO Items since TF2 economy isn't steady anymore, although I still do accept TF2 offers.
Interested in Demoman,Pyro,Scout unusuals. Others are also welcome but you will have to make an amazing deal. (unless it's 1st gen).
My karambit is priced at 130€ (165$/450 Lt) I won't take your 110-120€ worth of offer since I can sell the knife on the market and get the same in return. I can take 5 buds in 1st gen unusual hats.
I have a lot to add for an upgrade, up to 50€ of skin adds.

C/O: 4 Buds Pure.
Post here before adding, I hate scammers.
Looking for Vulcan and Cyrex skins, no battle-scarred, rest is welcome. Offering items in TF2/CS:GO/Steam, check my inventory and post your offer below. I am trading every item in my inventory. Willing to overpay.

I'm interested in CS:GO knifes or CS:GO weapons.
Post your offers below, paying in these two beautiful unusuals.
Give me karambit offers.

My unusuals are priced at:
Kabuto - 708$ or 20 Buds PURE.
Brigade - Sold for a knife worth 130-140$
Clean/not duped.
Post your offers below.
Won't accept invites from people with private profiles.
Uhh I dunno. Probably 140€, or the same in other items.
Interested in anything, from knifes to unusuals.
I can add if needed. If you want an upgrade you will have to add.
Second most coolest knife after karambit. Amazing animations, also looks quite nice,realistic.
Demo,Pyro,Scout unusual priority. Others are also welcome, yet less expected to be accepted.
Selling this awesome looking StatTrak AK-47 Case Hardened MW!
It looks FN, also has a lot of blue. (most blue out of all sellers on the market)
I price it at only 120 EURO, keep in mind, people set higher prices for less-blue ones.
Interested in all knifes and weapon skins, offer away. Make a fair trade offer, If I have to add to your offer state it in the trade section below.
Hello , lads!
Looking to trade away my awesome looking FK Night(MW).
I'm interested in both TF2 and CS:GO offers.
I would take 1st and 2nd gen. unusual hats, not interested in robot hats and/or effects.
I'm also interested in pure(both TF2 and CS:GO), weapon skins and knifes.
Not interested in the Gut Knife, others are all acceptable.
I like CZ,57,Glock,USP-S,P90,AK,AUG,FAMAS,Galil,M4,SG 553 and AWP skins.
My knife price is set at 100€ or 135$ (4 buds) , I can go lower if I find the offer appealing.
Picture: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=300548002
Post your offers below,don't add me unless you have a good deal. Don't accept with private profiles.
Good luck and happy trading!
C/O:74 keys
StatTrak Safari Mesh Field Tested Bayonet + StatTrak Redline Field Tested AWP If I add.
2:1. Looking mainly for Field Tested, could be other. Offer me.
I can add if needed.
Looking for M4A4 Asiimov skin, it could be battle-scarred too. Also interested in P90 Asiimov. Paying in weapon skins. Offer below.
A huge quicksell, massive discount! Nothing else, thanks!
C/O 10 buds pure + sunbeams chieftain.
13 buds pure.

The trade was closed for 5 days, I recently reopened it.

Selling for cheap, only pure .
If you wish to buy my hat with unusuals it has to be over 22 buds,20 in first gen, no robot hats/effects.
100% Clean!!!

Price: 23 buds.

Don't want summer hat lowballs, thanks.
Looking to buy these 2 specific items.

Add me or offer below with your prices. Paying in keys and metal, or items that you can choose from my inventory. Thanks.
Buying Skyrim card collections! Pay fair! Add me. Got pure.
Buying Garry's mod card collections. Paying fair. Add me. Got pure.
Buying TF2 card collections! Paying fair and pure. Add me.
Hey guys. Looking to spend some keys on these new games. Mostly interested in newer games, buying the ones posted above, but also might be interested in something else. Don't offer me low rated and less known video games, thanks.

Not interested in revoked copies.
Hello guys! Looking for a Pyro unusual hat. I have 5 buds pure overall, so offer, since pure is really hard to get by these days! Most interested in first gen. effects, dislike robot effects unless you are willing to overpay. Also only pyro unusuals, that means no heavy,demoman etc.
Mostly interested in the hats posted above ^ so offer.
Your hat shouldn't be duped or gifted.

Also selling my max for 3 buds pure. EVERYTHING IS CLEAN.
Do not add me unless you have an amazing deal
Selling max head for 3 buds, or looking for pyro unusual hats.

This max is CLEAN. x10

Quickselling for 1.7 buds pure.
Offers above 2 in unusuals, thanks.
Looking to get age of mythology row edition. I have loads of keys, offers below. Add me if you are selling it the cheapest on the market.
Looking to sell my earbuds for 19 keys also looking for video games. The ones that I want the most are listed above.

If you didn't realize - Max is clean
Note buds are lvl 42

Morons that could not read: 2
any of these games or both + key exchange for my earbud

Or sellng for 19 keys, note lvl 42.
Looking to buy steam games. My main priority is to get: Age of Mythology>Kotor 2 > Star Wars Republic Commando > Postal 2 > Everything else.

My b/o for these games, of course you can offer.
Postal 2 - 1 key
Star Wars RC - 1.3 key.
Kotor 2 - 2 keys.
Age of Mythology - 6 keys.
Selling my awesome unusual hats!

Burning set sold for Clean C.Moon Kabuto + 4 pure + Sweets.

MY PRIORITY IS TO GET A SOLDIER UNUSUAL or pure/games, I'm quitting.
Do not add me, try to offer here.
Not interested in robot hats, thanks.

Don't offer me if you are going to retract it.
Leave if you are going to waste my time.

Idiots met: 2.
Buying 1 copy of dayz!

Offer! The lowest offered price will win.


Straight b/o at 10 keys. (still collecting the last key.)
Selling these beauties!

Attendant - 15 pure/16 in unusuals
Tyrant - 12 pure/12 in unusuals.

Attendant - 15 in unusuals
Tyrant - 12 pure.
Looking for offers on this awesome looking Scout hat.
Looking to buy Your unwanted SCOUT unusual hats!
I will only buy a SCOUT unusual hat!
Paying in PURE keys.
In stock: 29 Raw keys.
Only looking for a Low-Mid tier scout unusual hats for 1,5 buds.
Looking to buy these specific items. Post below for your price.
Here you can enter some notes for your trade...
Looking ONLY for Pyro and Scout unusual hats. Paying in PURE.
Love the hats listed above so please offer.

In stock: 1 clean max (3 buds+) and 16 keys.
Overall: about 4 buds +/- (with metal and other items)

Preferably 1st gen, wouldn't take a summer one unless it looks good/or an overpay.
Not overpaying, since paying in pure.
If you have a god tier scout/pyro unusual hat I may be able to add one of my two unusuals.
Go gentle.

Hallmark - 12 pure/15 in unusuals.
Tyrant - 12 pure/12 in unusuals.
Hallmark - 14
Tyrant - 12

Max only for add. (still available to add, just made another trade using it)
Only key/metal/pure offers

Fish - 4 keys.
Bird - sold
Hello all. Buying a clean non-duped (that means, no level #1, #7) Max Head.
Willing to pay more than the people are buying for like 40 keys? Offers below, not making prices.
Won't buy overpriced Max Heads of 3 Buds +

Love: Pink,Black,TS painted ones, willing to sweeten the deal if your hat is painted in those colors.
Hey all. 100% clean, not duped, for only 3 buds pure or 5 in unusual.
Hello all. Selling one of my favorite hats in TF2!
It's 100% clean, not duped like most hallmarks on the market.

Promo b/o: 14 buds.
Unusual b/o: 16 buds.
Mixed b/o: 15 buds.

C/O 12 pure x3 times
Burning cowl + 4 pure

Feel free to offer.
Selling this beautiful Tyrant! 100% Clean. Probably cleanest in the world. God tier hat + God tier effect.

The things I want the most: Soldier hats=Demoman hats > Scout hats > Pure >>> Sniper/Spy/Pyro >>> Medic/Engineer>>>>>Heavy>>>>2013 Effects.

Offers below 9 will be completely ignored and hidden.

My price: 13 buds. (Not a b/o, only price, so people can know what to offer.)

C/O: 12 buds pure.

Hats I'm interested the most: Team captains/Bakers/Tyrants/Hallmarks/Glasgows etc.
Probably interested in everything that is popular/clean and doesn't have a 2013 effect.

If you are interested in my offers, please check previous trades.

Remember, for me pure isn't priority, it's hats so feel free to offer your unusuals.

Right. Selling everything for Bp.tf prices.

Muttons: 5.33 ref (since paint is 2 ref : 2 = 1 ref.
Greased: 2 ref
Ellis: 1.11 ref
Air: 1.66 ref
Cool cat: 1 key/7 ref.
Head warmer: 1.66 ref, since UC.
S.Scatter: 2.88 ref.
Haunted Hollowhead: Just 1 ref.

Add me if paying these prices, otherwise offer below. If you want to buy anything with items, huge overpay. Cheers.
Looking to buy these 3 miscs. Paying in pure. Post offers below
Hello all. Selling these 2 awesome hats. Mostly Interested in Demoman/Scout/Soldier hats. Can also add a bud, upgrade, downgrade. You name it.


Wraith: 15 buds. (Was offered 15 in pure 13-14 in unusuals)
Shako: 8 buds. (Was offered 6 pure+,8-9 in unusuals)