1 gone, more to go

Only add me if you are serious about buying my stuff, and by serious I mean actually paying what theyr'e worth and not trying to finesse yourself onto a deal.
Im not setting prices on my hats, I know what Im looking for roughly. so if you are adding me dont ask me for a price, offer and if your offer is to my liking I'll take it!
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Well its out there
Im cashing out my backpack, will be selling hats through mp.tf mainly

Please only add me to discuss prices if you are a serious buyer, THIS IS NOT BY ANY MEANS A QUICKSELL!
These are very high quality hats all of them are either 1 of 1 or 1 of 2 and will go for the right and fair price.

Been fun.
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well its up if u want to offer
all of them either 1 of 1 or 1 of 2
only way im selling is for pure / unusuals I like more (not alot of them out there)

dont add me
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Ye Boi
Only one on the market, other 2 in collectors BP's

Send me a trade offer if intrested - https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=84543563&token=jUlMv8Fn
Check out my other stuff! - http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/29352485#latest
Selling some paints:

Pink as hell: 1 key each, 6 in stock
Lime: 1 key each, 4 in stock
Gentelmann's: 2 ref each, 3 in stock
Slate: 2.66
Olive: 1.33 each, 4 in stock
Salamon: SOLD
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Flippin' Awesome - 5 keys
Deep Fried - 2 keys
I See You - 2 keys
Spent Well - 2 keys
Buy a life - 2 keys
Results are in - 2 keys

Add me if you agree
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Fuck this game, I'm out
Looking for offers

New taunt effect
Yeeee Boiii

My newest purchase and one of my favorite hats right now.

I payed 9 pure (abit more) in cash.

Dont add me to offer

Offer if u want, just checking what i can get.
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Well its out there for offers, so try your best.

This is my favorite hat in the entire game so chances of you getting it are low, very low. but try your best.

Offer if u want

Dont add me to offer
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Ye Boi

My BP isopen for offers, just checking what I cant get and alot of people pressured me to sell so here is your chance to offer.

I payed a Vivid Noh + Time Warp Beak and he added a gifted Auss Scatter.

Offer if u want

Dont add me to offer
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Ye Boi

My BP is up for offers, just checking what i can get.

Payed a Burning Bonk Boy + Burning Napper's + 3 + Auss Scatter, so alot

Dont add me to offer

Offer if u want
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Only selling as set!

No Internet, Moe and Scrap are responding for me. Deal with it.

Special thanks for Scrap, for making this set possibru.
Honorable mention for moe, for being moe.
The power of moe compels you, the power of moe compels you, the power of moe compels you.

[b]Q: Whats your B/o on the set?

A: Alot

Q: How much did you pay for the set / hat?
A: Alot

Q: How much do I need to pay to get this set from you Bubber?
A: Alot

Q: "Are you French?"
A: No, and wtf? stop asking me that.

The most important question: Why is Steerner so good?
A: Because Hax

Umad cuz Ubad: http://i.i...eF.png

Screenshot made by the amazing, MAX! http://i3....fH.jpg
All Hail Based Steerner
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Looking for offers.
Meh offer if u want
Im putting my little Jefe collection up for offers!
Most of my Jefe's are 1:1 on the market (Scorching is 1:2), all of them are 1st Gen effects and all are super rare!

Scorching Jefe
My all time dream hat.
Highest Tier available Jefe on the market
I payed alot for this hat and dont expect it to go for less.
Over the past month i have recived alot of random adds from people who are intrested in my Jefe, im not listing them all because of course those are private offers and most of them are not valid anymore.

Notable offers:
- 50 Pure (Collecting) - I got this offer pretty early after i got my Jefe, its not valid anymore because the guy bought another hat but i will include his profile link. dont take this offer as a factor, but it was valid for a while. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198042238607

- Peace Brotherhood + Cleanest Flies Veil + Flies Larkin Robin - http://img...SEkseA

Flies Jefe
Its official, every Flies Jefe in existance is owned by collectors.
One is with me, one with Jamie and one with Corrilo, both of them are pretty big Flies collectors.

1:1 on the market
Super Rare

Notable offers:

Searing Jefe

If you dare offering me a stupid 4 bud hat i will considre blocking you, i payed more then 4 pure for this hat.

My most recent Jefe!
Rare, 1 of 2 on the market!

Notable offers:

Peace Sign Jefe

I love this Jefe to death.
Clean, im the 2nd owner!

Notable offers:

It took me a while to get all those Jefe's, and alot of resources aswell. im still a bit tent on selling but please offer if u want!

Go Big.

All Hail Based Steerner.
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Be the complete F2P Lord with this amazing Gibus!
Lead your very own F2P Kids army.
Quates like "gib hetz plz" are included!

On a more serious note, i love this hat and i do considre it as my end game hat so offer accordingly, i payed alot.
Keep the offers above 40, i will not sell it for less.

Clean !
All Class!
Short History!
1st Gen Effect!


G fetti Gibus + Demonflame Das Uber + GBH Bunsen
Demonflame BoA + Stormy Drills (retracted) (the guy is bad shit crazy)
Burning Company + Hearts Guad + Smoking Soviet + #125 Medal + 3 Pure
Disco Gibus
DP Law twice
Cloud 9 hong kong cone + gifted demonflame modest
Secret Bomber

"gib hetz plz"
"1 ref for het"
"how do u trade?"
"pyro mmmmmmph"
"buying bills 1 ref each!"

All Hail Based - Steerner
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This set is way to awesome to put in words.

So im just gonna put it here for offers.

Please keep the offers around 40, thats what i payed.

Screenshots coming soon!

Ok so here are some offers:
Vivid Noh + Searing Phantom + Flies Cannonball (Xenos)
Disco BoA + Arcana Tarten (Netsky)
Disco Shaman + idk (dezi - just for the Noh)
Harvest Swagg + Chirop Warpig (Che Guevara - not intrested and low)
Ghosts TC + Sunbeams Sloutch +1 (homer)
Arcana Executioner for Noh (CreamyGoodness)
Vintage Gibus + Clean Burning Lucky Shot + C.Bubbles Fedora (Thund3r)
Possible Time Warp BoA (Xenos, might sell his set)
Miami KE (Yazeed, not intrested)
Disco Gibus for Noh (supersteve01)
PS BoA (ApolloTheLion)
Eerie Crone's (Wolfgang)
Disco Veil + Vivid Modest for Noh + Phantom (Mace Windu)
Stormy 13th + Green Black Hole Modest Scrap for Noh (Monga Puddin)

Undenyable swag.
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My old dream hat is back :D

First gen are preferd and ofcourse pure is also preferd, the hat is clean so offer properly.
Can add 4 buds pure, even more if i like your hat. currently looking for scorching jefe, scorching your worst nightmare, scorching tyrants and sunbeams / scorching kabuto.

B/o: 13 pure, more in unusuals.

Top Offer atm: Clean Burning Lid / add for a Scorching Tyrants

C/o: Misty Skull Tossle (rejected)
Secret Front Runner + sweets (rejected)
Scorching Bicorne if i add abit (currently considering)
Miami Cannonball (low and i hate it, rejected)
Miami Warpig
Sulph Anger + S.Machina
Anti Feeze AA
Vivid CK + NnB Shaman + Blizz Coupe

Go Hard
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Can it get higher tier than that? (yes it can but who cares)
Selling this amazing anger.

God Tier hat
God Tier effect

Dont bother offering less then 25 (dosent meen ill take 25)

Some notable offers from previous owners:
Burning Stash
Scorching Modest

Please keep it on this post, but if u must you can add me.
Stick to 1st gen effects if u can.

Offer big or dont offer at all
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The Only CLEAN Burning Front Runner for sale

I dont mind keeping it, forever, so offer properly
NOTE : reopend do to a demend from my friends.

SFM: http://min...RAEvJM
Screenie made by the awesome Angry Dragon. check his album - http://ang...s.com/

as of recent offers im pricing my hat at around 21 PURE, more in unusuals, look at the offers below, its clean, 1 in existance pretty much and a 1st gen effect. dont like it? go buy other clean burning front runner. oh wait....

Current C/o List:

not keeping C/o's anymore, if i like the offer im taking it

Past Offers
15 pure (rejected)
Secret Jefe if ill add
G Fetti Gibus + he adds, (low, rejected)
Dead Pres KE if i add abit.
Moon Jefe
C9 BoA if ill add
Cauldren Bubbles Gibus
Miami Gibus
Miami BoA if i add
Phus Executioner
Cloud 9 antlers + aces high cannonball (rejected)
Moon Towering +3
Harvest Moon Greased
chiropotera venentsgjodsfpbj Jefe (Scorching Bat, Reject)
Moon Kabuto (rather low for me but i love the hat, rejected)
C9 Brown Bomber
DBD Viewfinder +1 (rejected)
Cloudy Moon Tossle (low)
Dead Pres Killer Exclusive (retracted)
DBD Viewfinder, Twice (rejected)
PS Anger X 2 (one clean and one duped, rejected)
Arcana Greased Lightning (low)
C9 Bonk Boy + PE Batters
Arcana Towering
Houwar (wayyyyyyyy to low but pure offer :)

No links, Only add me if u think your offer is outstanding.
I only Hide lowballs, if your offer is even half decent ill comment on it.
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Looking for Offers.

B/o: previous owners asked for 17. so my B/o for now will be 17, dont be afraif to offer. i love 1st gen effects so they will take priorety

you can add me if your offer is really good.
Im looking for offers.

B/o : roughly 20, but feel free to offer

C/o :
Aces Hong Kong Cone (low)

Go Hard
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if u want to offer on one of them go to their trades.

im looking for a good all class or a high tier jefe.

Front Runner is Clean super rare, Impalar is RARE AS HELL 1st gen effect, high tier hat and effect.

Front Runner Trade - http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17123854

Impalar - http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17613730

im looking for a hat that is worth ~40 buds.

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I present the "Nightwing" set i made for the scout.
We all love him, lets face it.

SFM: http://ang...munII7
Screenie made by the awesome Angry Dragon. check his album - http://ang...s.com/

He was the best Robin ever? yes.
Has the best name ever? yes. how can you compete with Dick Grayson.
Best Charecter in Injustice Gods Among Us? HELL YES

Its the best i could do and i think it turned out pretty good :)

B/o - ill set it at around 12. its the only bat effect greased on the market atm. and 1of1

Blue Side - Classic Nightwing

Red Side - New 52 Nightwing.

All Hail Dick Grayson.
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just offer....
Looking for upgrades. if u want all of them it better be above 25. even if its above 25 dont expect me to take it right away. first gen effects are very much prefferd. i preffer all class hats right now but higher tier scout hat and sniper hat is fine too.

to offer on the front runner alone go here - http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17123854 .

Bud Count : abit more then 4

no links, only add me if your offer is outstanding.
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i want some good offers. and by good offers i meen dont take 1 key from your already high B/o and call it a good offer.
Nothing but pure, collecting for a hat.

only above 3, the machina is rather rare and its also a pro killstreak

Sheen: Team Shine, Killstreak: Fire Horns

Add me ONLY if u are offering pure.
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Swag <(* )
Looking for offers.


1 of 2 in the market

other guy is selling his for 15 pure ONLY no unusual offers, im open to all kind of offers.

B/o: 14-15, more in unusuals


You can add me if u want.
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Looking for offers.

B/o: none


Will 1:1 with australium scatter.

Add me if u want
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So its been almost a month since i got into trading again after a long break and here i am.
Alot of it is Thanks to my friends Señor Scrap , ℳℴℯ❤ and Peter Griffin's 1# fan. <3 you guys.

Just Looking for Offers right now.
You can add if you think i will not be able to refuse your offer :)

Please offer on it as a set.
Misty Skull Ballcap - High Tier hat+ High tier effect, 1 of 2 on the market currently, only one open for unusual offers.

Steaming Bonk Boy - God tier Misc, Looks awesome with the Skull.

B/o: Just Offer. Ballcap is 1 of 2 , other guy selling for 15 pure ONLY.

Notable Offers: Electrostatic Executioner
Miami Nights Brainiac Hairpiece (sold)
Arcana Hats of Cards
Dead Presidents Gibus only for the Ballcap
Terror watt Modest

If offering unusuals, the one's i listed are my preferd hats right now. Looking for a Burning Ballcap mostly.

Screenie made by Uberlegen: http://i6....TI.png
(Previous owner gave me permission to use this screenshot.)

Epic Drawing by one of my best friends Señor Scrap - http://img...Uo9MIo
His Profile, you can ask him to draw something for you - http://www.tf2outpost.com/user/194528. He also Helped me alot in trading, and part of This set is thanks to him.
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Selling each crate for a scrap.

Naughtys: 0
Nice: 19
Dream Hat Status: ACHIEVED

Still taking offers but not in a rush to sell this.
B/o: 12

C/o: Misty Tricorne + 3 pure *rejected*
Kill A Watt Blighted Beak
9 buds (still low)
If you have a really good offer that i could not resist add me, if not post down here.
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Looking for Offers :)

NOTE: i have 3 buds for upgrades so here is my other trade for the jefe+3: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16428665
Guys the amount of robo hats and new effects offer im getting is on the verge of disturbing, so i will say this: OLD EFFECTS AND HATS (NOT ROBO) ARE PREFFERD
B/o: Seeing im getting pretty good offers im updating my B/o to 7-8, the price of the hat is what i decide to sell it for, dont tell me a guy is selling for less i dont care.
Dont post links, im not clicking them one of my best friends just got his stuff hijacked

Chiroptera Venenata Letch's LED
Hellfire Tsarboosh, not too sure of the price but i like the effect so ill note it :) *rejected*
Hellfire Dead Cone+ 1 pure, again not too sure of the price. (low i think) *rejected*
Knifestorm Softcap+ 1
Dead Presidents Black Watch+sweets
Miami Nights Noble Nickel+ sweets *rejected*
Demonflame Front Runner
1 of 1 Demonflame Brim- Full (price?)
Burning Snaggletooth + Massive Sweets
Miami Pompadour
Thank You.
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Looking for this hats preferebly but scout/all classes offers will be good.

NOTE: if u want to offer on the hat alone here is my other post: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16162071
if u are looking for mixed offers on your hat, im your guy.
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Looking for this hats preferebly but scout/all classes offers will be good.

if u are looking for mixed offers on your hat, im your guy.
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Looking for offers.
B/o: around 7
Add me if you want, i dont mind.
Selling this God Tier Scout hat!

Buds/Keys>>Scout unusuals>> Sniper unusuals>> Soldier unusuals>> Other

B/o: Hard to say, around 5-5.5

C/o: Ghosts Tossle if i add (2 keys in sweets) (retracted)

You can Add me if u want :)
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Really need Buds fast.
Quickselling this God Tier Scout hat for 4 buds.

Add me if you want.
Selling this amazing Scout Unusual!
God Tier hat!
B/o: around 5 buds

Offer away.
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Selling this new hat with new effect for 4 buds!
offer here or add me if u want, i dont mind
P.S if its not clear, i am quickselling this hat.
Buying super quicksell unusuals!
got 2 buds at the moment but ill get more.
post here or add me i dont mind
Guys im looking for an Australium Scattergun.
Please if u have one just state your price, nothing more and ill see if i can get it.

Thank you

Note: got an extra pure bud, so that makes it 2 buds pure+cash
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hey guys selling my two strange festives. looking for any offers really i havent played in awile.
buds, keys, scout unusuals are my preference but if u have a cool looking set please feel free to offer :)
thank you.
Looking for the above hats mostly.

No 1 bud hat, preffer no low tier effects.

Not going to pay some crazy B/o. im not asking for 60% off but i dont rly want to pay the full price.

If i had to pick my dream hat that will be a hearts el jefe or a burning front runner :P

Ty and lets see some awsome offers!
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