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I haven't done any trading in a long time, looking to freshen up with a new knife, drop offers if you're interested
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offer up

mostly interested in stained/rust coat m9s and bayos, or any karambits and butterflies
looking for karambitssss
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44 cs:go, 55 tf2

also looking for knife offers, upgrades, etc. have stuff in my inv i wouldn't be too upset to lose.
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sellin these bad boys for 1 scrap each
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add me
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2.33, add me
Clean, very short history, matching paint Kill-a-Watt Smoking Skid Lid.

50 TF2 keys, 45 CS:GO keys.

Mainly looking to get a knife, no overpay needed in a 1:1.
Just got this wonderful, clean and short history 3 of 3 Kill-a-Watt Smoking Skid Lid.

If you're looking to offer pure keys, I'd like 45 CS:GO keys (of any type) or 50 TF2 keys.

Not exactly interested in other unusuals unless it's overpay.

I will consider all reasonable knife offers. I am most interested in a FT Bayonet Crimson Web, if you happen to have one.
↑ ↑ to hit me with any trade offers, click this link! ↑ ↑

Please note this item is also listed on the market. It will not show up in my inventory if you go to look for it! Sorry for the inconvenience.
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I'm interested in finding an owner of a flip knife damascus steel, in either minimal wear or FT. I'll happily 1:1 my gut knife for a MW damascus steel, but you will have to add sweets if you're offering a FT damascus steel.

Here's a screenshot of my knife: http://i.i...r6.jpg - diamond on the upper part of the playside.
Selling my beautiful GK Slaughter MW. Playside is fairly clean, and has a (kinda) diamond on the upper part of the blade. The backside is slightly scratched up and doesn't have anything special on it.

Looking for all offers, items, keys, knives, anything you're interested in selling. Reminder that I'm trying to trade up, only people who really want this knife should be offering.

B/O in pure keys is 34.

HQ screenshot of both sides: http://i.i...r6.jpg
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taking all item/knife offers. not in any rush to let this go.

tf2 items/hats = 30% overpay
csgo items = 20% overpay
csgo knives = varies depending on your offer

• lowball
• give joke offers
• tell me how your field tested turd looks mw
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knife/ item offers

don't waste my time, don't:
• lowball
• give me joke offers
Item/ knife offers please!
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I've got this beautiful full fade/90% fade (needs confirmation) FN GK.

I'm interested in bayonets, and my aim is to be able to 1:1 or 1:1+sweets this baby for a m9/reg. bayo stained.

My absolute preferred offer from one of you, reading this, would be to 1:1 with a reg. bayo, in field tested.

If you're interested in the knife you can add me to discuss here -

I don't check outpost often, so it'd be a very good idea to add me and tell me you're here for the knife.
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Offer up!
I have 4 ref in TF2, and I want to buy your minimal wear skins. Leave offers below with a price.
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Looking for offers.

It's an AWP | Safari Mesh with a Reason Gaming sticker on the scope and a Holo on the a little past the trigger. prices, add me please.

you don't need to keep posting, telling me you added me. not the slightest bit helpful.
sellin' more stuff, prices.

don't tell me that you added me, it's not even slightly helpful. I don't know a single fucking person that checks outpost before opening their steam client anywhere.
Looking to buy all 3, either together or separately.

2.66 for the FL, 1.33 for the Hermes, and 1 ref for the Paint. If you've got any of these, add me please.
Offers for now.

I'd value it at around maybe, 5 keys + 1-ish keys from the parts, so maybe 6-6.5 keys?

Keep in mind the name and description fit perfectly with the sheen.

I'm mainly getting rid of it because I'm over my sniper phase as well as not being able to see the sheen on dx8.

I'll be listing it on the market as well, which explains why it might not be in my inventory.
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1:1, I just want the shit.
Scatter kit - 4 ref
Med. mystery - 2 ref
baggies - 1.66, 2 ref if you're feeling generous
conquerer - 1.66
8:1, I'm in a rush.
5.66 or a name tag + desc tag.
Offers please.
Offer away.
Sellin' dis bitch.

Quicksellin' for 6 keys.

Incinerator and Mean Green.
I made a mistake and crafted again.

2 ref and 1.33 respectively. Take em' together for 3 ref! prices
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buying geeeeeeeeeeeenuine point and shoot.

3 ref pl0x, pls add me.
Looking for some offers!

I'm not really in a rush to sell the Ham, but I'm 100% okay if you want to offer on it, so feel free. Just be reasonable! c:

Bat Outta' Hell is Flames and Team Shine, and the Ham is Incinerator and Mean Green (the ham is also gifted, so keep that in mind when offering!)

Bat B/O: 5 keys.
Ham B/O: 9 keys.

Restarted the trade because I, like an idiot, put unusual effects on the last buds keys and offers making it harder to search.
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Looking for some offers!

I'm not really in a rush to sell the Ham, but I'm 100% okay if you want to offer on it, so feel free. Just be reasonable! c:

Bat Outta' Hell is Flames and Team Shine, and the Ham is Incinerator and Mean Green (the ham is also gifted, so keep that in mind when offering!)

edit: going to bed, I'll be back up in the morning.
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25 keys or an S.F. Sniper.

• Level 1
• Visible
• 1st gen
• Lowest on outpost if I'm not mistaken

c/o because hams are cool:
orbitng fire bonk lead wear + a prof. killstreak bat otta' hell + prof. killstreak ham
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Looking to purchase your finest S.F. Sniper.

I have 1 bud (20 keys) + 4 extra keys which makes a whopping 24 keys. If you have it signed, or maybe if it has some swanky strange parts, I'm willing to add up to a key onto the price.

Feel free to add me, since there's no real need to offer or anything.
25 keys. Lowest on outpost.
Also willing to 1:1 for a S.F. Sniper.

• All class
• Visible effect
• Jiggle-boned
• Clean

Potato quality screenshots: http://img.../kmeKz

If you want to offer some unusual, I don't want any robo hats or robo effects.
Keep the unusual offers above 1.5ish buds.

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Short and sweet, I'll set my B/O and you can offer away.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

B/O: 2 buds
dead presidents prancer's pride (retracted)
stormy storm sultan's ceremonial + keys (retracted)
cloud 9 brain bucket
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1.66 u cheeky scrublords u
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Allclass quicksells.

Most interested in the following:

• Bubbling
• Orbiting Fire
• TF Logo
• Steaming

My stock to pay with is only a bud and a TS Bills, so don't offer a 20 bud KE please.
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Quicksells - go.
7.11 each, I need to buy 4 total.
I've got 18 keys in my BP, and I've also got a shit ton of refined so I can fill in the 2 keys.

So 18 keys and 14 ref for a pair of buds pls?
100% clean, short history too.

b/o at 12 keys, feel free to offer below.

c/o: 9 keys
other notable offers: collector's bazaar (10 keys at the time) + 3 keys
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fuck it, I'll just lower it to 1 key.
Buyin' yo' nasty ass sniper quicksells that no-one else will buy.

Drop me your hat and preferred price below, and we can discuss.

Stock: 10 keys

LOL just realized the soviet gentlemen is for heavy. Whoops.
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unpainted veil is 1 key

painted veil is 1 key and one craft weapon because I'm swag as fuck

dr. whoa is 1.33

hanger is 1 ref
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add me <3
Buying a TS painted bill's for 7 keys.

add me.